Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Time to pack away the shorts and jandals...

...well  until the weekend anyway.  Can't really turn up to work so casually attired can I, not that any of the lads would even notice or mind.  So today it was back to work after three glorious weeks of sleeping in, (yes I actually did) reading books, catching up on recorded programs, visiting, beaching, and generally faffing and chilling.  It's been grand but the time has come to return to earning a living.  The op shops are open and there are bound to be bargains to be found so a bit of cash in my wallet would be helpful.
TOF and I went and collected these huge pavers, 600mmx600mm on  Sunday that I purchased via Trade Me.  There are 41 of them in total and the plan is to lay them out the back in an area we did ages ago that needs to be redone, and made bigger. I scored the lot for $80. I was useless at helping as I couldn't even lift one.  Good old TOF and the dude we got them off loaded the trailer we had borrowed twice as it took two trips.  Huge round of applause for the labourers.

Last week I found this cute little old chair at Habitat for $3.50 and it is perfect for Joe to use.  I love the battered and lived in look it has so it will be not getting any pimping.  Joe says THANKS!

My friend Diane came in from Raglan on Saturday and we went to the Gordonton Country Market.  Not many stalls, I guess they are doing the beach circuit.  But I did come across this gorgeous plant.  A Bromeliad to be exact with the name of Aechmea Gamosepala.  Just look at that awesome flower!!  $6 and there are three plants in the pot and apparently it will produce more.  I like the idea of this popping up around my garden.

Speaking of my garden, finally Maggie the Magnolia has flowered.  Only one at this stage but I'll take it!  This tree was planted at least four years ago and I had almost given up on ever seeing flowers.

 My garden buddies.
Or is that
My watch dogs!!

We have had plenty of rain to help the garden grow of late and it also makes everything look rather magical in my eyes.  I love droplets clinging to plants for dear life before they slide gently to the ground.

The rain has buggered up plenty of holidaying peoples holidays, but you cannot do anything about the weather apart from accept it and deal with it.  And then get your camera out and take pics!!
Mind you, I haven't been in a tent.
I'm pretty sure I'm a glamper not a camper!! 
My Pohutukawa is at the end of it's flowering now.  The major burst of red is all but over but I quite like what is left once the red falls away.

Thanks to Sue W we had a tasty little feed of peas from her garden.  Don't they look gorgeous all tucked up in their pod?  I planted a row of peas and ONE has grown.  Thinking not many peas will be picked off that.  Sigh!

Thanks Leeane for the gorgeous card (mwa, mwa).
The fragrance of Carnations has lasted well.

On the subject of cards, this lovely one from our Vet Clinic arrived today.  All part of the service with our vet and pretty nice.

 Waiting for dad!!

Time for some words of wisdom accompanied with flowers from my garden.  I do not know the name of these but I have been saving the seeds.  Nancy J some will be heading your way soon.

The last of my Poppies have unfolded like tissue paper from their pods, and same with my Gladdies.

The plaits, shorts and jandals are on hold but my breakfast compliments of my girls will continue to be the same each morning.  You cannot beat a fresh free range egg on fruit toast and an old enamel pot of tea!!



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

5 little peas in a pea pod pressed, one grew, two grew and so did all the rest......except for the ones in Sue's garden ;-D Hope Steve liked the peas :D Nice card from the vet *sniff* :-(

Leeanne said...

RED CHAIR LOVE!! Sooooo blimming cute! Your garden is looking great. I like your photo's of the droplets of rain on them.

Connie said...

Peas in a pod really are the prettiest thing. And that crazy flower. I've never seen anything like it! And there you are looking like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm eating your fresh egg breakfast.

Nancy J said...

Our vet service down here also sends cards, and words from them. Maybe part of their job, but it the personal touch that show they care. Beauty garden flowers, seeds for me?? I have some for you, the single red poppies have yet to dry in their pods.Back to work, Haha!!! Wait till you retire or get to my age, you work every day at something. Enjoy the sunshine, we had drizzle, very light, all day. Greens up everything in sight, and this morning I looked at leaves on a plant, and one droplet hung on at the very tip.

Julie said...

LoVe that red chair Sue - yes that would've had to come home with me too. Your new pavers will be great when they are down ... you got a bargain there.
Beautiful cards you received for dear old Tex. Thinking of you Sue x x x

Poppy Q said...

It is always nice of the vets to send such a lovely and thoughtful card. It must be a hard part of their job.

Like you I loved having a couple of days off and jandals and shorts are my uniform too, although not plaits. It has been hard getting up early to an alarm clock and having to put my uniform back on.

duchess_declutter said...

So sorry about Tex Sue. So glad he had such a happy life with you all.
I love our free range eggs too - but can I just say that I have NEVER thought about having them on fruit toast before!!! Will have to give it a go! cheers Wendy

Goody said...

A pink and blue flower?! My brain just screamed, "YESSSSSSSS!" I hope they grow well for you-I've never seen anything like it.

Paving stones are the best, aren't they? Sure beats the work of making a foundation and pouring cement. I can't wait to see the photos of the finished project.

Love that teapot-tea always tastes better in a nice pot.

Beth Waltz said...

Beauty -- or perfection -- lies in the eyes of the beholder, especially if they're your eyes, Sue, peering through a camera's viewfinder. Joe's chair is perfect, the bromeliad is beautiful, but best of all is the portrait of a very happy dog and her ball, "waiting for daddy."

Jazzy Jack said...

Beauty in flower form!
I love your breakfast...and philosophy.
Xo Jazzy Jack