Friday, 15 January 2016

I would rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck!

So we have had some sunshine, oh yay!!  But then the rain is predicted to return again by the weekend.  Upside is the garden gets watered and I kick back indoors catching up on indoor activities.

Meanwhile outside in the garden everything is just blooming, I so love this time of the year as the garden is full of colour.  This Potato Vine is super hardy as it gets a major prune every so often by TOF, I think he would like it gone but I love the flowers.

One of my girls decided my flax plant made a grand bed and was having a fine old time until I went to take her photo.  Those poor plants are doing better than expected as Sheba lays on them too.

Sunshine equals sleeveless frock, sandles, and sunnies!

I told you the garden was full of colour, and it is so hard to pick a favourite.  But just like my lads, I love all plants in my garden equally!  I don't do favourites, all are amazing.

Turns out I grew some orange poppies!

Hopefully plenty of seeds will fall and self sew in the vege garden for next year.  Such a magnificent flower, but it is starting to droop because of the weight in the head.  The girls will enjoy feasting on it when the petals have fallen.
Not long now and we will be eating Blackberries and no doubt I will be making Jam.  We have a bumper crop and the rain is helping the growth.

I found this gorgeous Mexican frame at Hospice in town for $1, thinking Frida K needs to be put in this.
Last night I rescued this Hedge hog from out the back where the dogs were and were barking their bums off.  No wonder it rolled into a tight ball!
Dressed in blue and turquoise with day two wavy envy hair!  My necklace used to have a crucifix hanging on it that broke so I have mixed up the faiths by adding the hand with an all seeing eye.  I think all faiths should be able to go side by side and not force beliefs onto each other.  I lean more towards Buddhism if I had to select a faith, more of a philosophy based on kindness.
I think the water tower paint job is finished, if not it is very close.  I intend stopping and photographing the individual water conservation messages one day.  This was a quick snap out the car window while stopped at the intersection.
I called in to Habitat this afternoon and found a very Orange Tunic for $6 and a 50c book that may inspire me to make something, or not.

Old linen tea towels with crocheted trims at $1 each seemed to good to leave behind and I have a couple of friends that use these so they will find a new home.
The Koru garden had got quite manky so I striped it out, put new soil in, added some moss type plants and some river stones.  Hopefully this will be more manageable, but in the mean time it looks very tidy.
The dogs and I are still up, tho bed time isn't far off, it is 12:43am after all.  This Menopausal woman is struggle with the even hot flushes so I am sitting under the ceiling fan.  How long does this go on for?  I am so done with the hotness!!
How true is this?!
and this!!
No cakes just Candy Canes!
Someone needs to tell someone
Christmas is done!
Good night!!


Fiona said...

So lovely to see your vibrant garden. Here it is cold wet, grey and cheerless. Fab makeover on the necklace. x

Goody said...

You have my sympathy with the hot flashes. By the time I'm showered and dressed I'm soaked with sweat and need another. It is maddening.

Someday you must make a list of everything growing in your garden-I'm fascinated by all the plants and flowers I've never heard of, much less seen.

Connie said...

Sue, you really are THE Summer Girl!!! Your garden is quite enviable and the critters seem as happy as can be. You may have joined the hot flash club but you look as cool as can be.

Mel Baker said...

All that gorgeous color!! It is time for the candy canes to go!!

Beth Waltz said...

What's truly miraculous about your photography is its sensual depth! Your POV is so intimate that one can hear the girls scratch and mutter, feel the prickly hedgehog spikes, even sniff the dogs smelling's miraculous and marvelous! Even the sticky candy canes.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Such a lovely garden. I want to live at your house. I do NOT have a green thumb....:)

Jazzy Jack said...

I love to see blackberries. They're all sprayed here as weeds.
Lovely necklace!
And alll your flowers!
Well done!
Xo Jazzy Jack