Friday, 19 February 2016

A week in my wardrobe...

...well five days!

Spent the day with the Heir and he laughed at my head scarf so I broke his nose.

Actually, someone else broke it for him early Sunday morning, I just got to spend time with him in A & E three times.

This was taken after the swelling had gone down and the bruising was subsiding.

He is ok, just waiting to see if it is crooked or not. 

Time to wear one of those new to me frocks, and I like it!!

The great escape continues, more inmates have discovered the way out. 

An extra layer was required, but not for long.

I attended a two hour lesson on taking my big camera off Auto!  So much to take in, in such a short time, thank goodness for information sheets and having Sue W there with me.

My subjects after class were my sleeping dogs.

I really and truely love Macro!

The girls have got their laying mojo back and using the designated laying area.

TOF does smile, and desperately needs a haircut!
The moon tried to hide but I found it.

 Finally, Friday!!

Patchwork pants and a coat worthy of some close ups!

Another head scarf that didn't get an outing but the necklace did.

Festival Season is about to start in our glorious Hamilton Gardens.

Plenty of fabulous things to see, just have to choose.

Sue and I visited the Hamilton Gardens to practice what we had learned the other night, trying to keep our focus on movement ie: water.  But that is a post for another day.



Connie said...

Oh that was fun. You are one busy Sue! Gosh, you have the best collection of frocks!!! So envious of your thrifting and photo skills!

Leeanne said...

Would Frocks be your other favourite F word too?

Beth Waltz said...

Never mind the lad's opinion: he can't see properly with that swollen nose. The head wrap is just the thing for a summer day! You do look good with the up-do's.

What a nice portrait photo of TOF actually smiling! (Reminds me of the senior archaeologist on Time Team.)

Nice for you that the girls are laying again. We're looking forward to pattern and motion studies of feathers as you experiment with the new camera.

Goody said...

A broken nose sounds painful.

Your head wraps look lovely-sons should be ignored when it comes to fashion decisions.

You've inspired me to go turn off Auto Mode on my camera but I doubt I'll get anything as interesting as your water shot-that's really cool.

Fiona said...

Ouch, a broken conk! If it's crooked he'll just look more rugged.
I love the headscarf wrap, you look v. bohemian and arty.
Great shot of TOF...was that in manual? I use aperture priority mostly, a bit of a cop out... I should learn how to use manual. Bloody fabulous necklace! x

Melanie said...

I just danced through your post. Thank you! So many smiling faces and happy chickens and a jolly moon. Hahaha! OOh, broken schnoz. Ouch! It adds distinction but I hope it heals back to its original.

Mel Baker said...

What a fun post! Oh, another "F" word!!!

freckleface said...

You certainly have a full and exciting life. A broken nose sounds painful, poor fellow. Love the bohemian hair scarf. Woo hoo, he smiles. Mine does occasionally too, but not for long enough for me to snap him! My favourite f word is food generally :) xxx