Sunday, 14 February 2016

Frocks, frocks and more frocks.

It would seem I have been on a bit of a frock purchasing bender of late having got them via trade me and at the op shops.  Can a girl have too many frocks is the question? I think not would be my answer!

This is my favourite frock of all time but after a few summers of wear it is starting to get slightly tatty, as in pulled threads and a ripped lining, not that you can tell.  Bet you are all loving the rest room selfie, taken at the  Airport during the week while I was out there working hard swanning about. Tis a cushy little number the airport job and so many of you bloggers overseas do fancy rest room selfies that I decided to give it a crack! Obviously I don't visit fancy rest rooms. Anyway, back to the frocks!

Three new additions to the wardrobe here for starters.  All second hand and fabulous even tho the photos do not do them justice, just believe what I tell you.  Left and right were found in recycle clothing shops and the middle one in an op shop, oh and all three are good quality brands and as new in condition.

This blue frock I have owned for a few years and I found the matching jacket in my local Salvo store. Pretty stoked and it looks wicked together.

This one arrived in the mail in time to be worn out on the weekend.  I purchased this one off trade me.  I had a hen party thingy to go to for a lovely bride to be whose wedding I am the photographer at.  The theme was cocktail/Hawaiian so I threw some flowers in my hair, and on my feet.

 Do you recognise these Ms Goody, from Eat the Blog fame??

Found this little green bug climbing up my drying swimsuit the other day.  So pleased we put our little pool off, I have been dunking daily!

I dragged out another old favourite my long crocheted skirt the other day. Gorgeous skirt but it does tend to get caught on things and it grows longer as you wear it so safety pins are a must to hitch it up so I don't trip.

 The girls congregate at the gate when I take photos against the brick wall.  

Once the gate is opened they almost run over each other to get to the Blackberries.  Lucky we always get a bumper crop as they strip the lower part of the vine.  I wonder if their eggs will become flavoured?

 Pansy love.

A little demo from Sheba on balance, wait and catch, but no release.

 Yeah yeah, Sheba is clever!

This afternoon the spare decided to go to Raglan for a surf and invited me a long for the ride. 

This was 6pm and the day was starting to slip into evening time.
 While he surfed I took his car for a drive where the views are lovely.

He treated me to a good old kiwi Sunday roast, Fish and Chips! We were joined by a flock of locals. TOF stayed home to watch cricket and eat corn beef!!

 Just in case you to were looking up at the moon.

Farewell Weekend!!



Nancy J said...

Monday morning, almost too hot to sleep!!! Lovely garden pics, super new outfits ( Memo to ne, must come and visit your fav op-shops) the girls look good, and Raglan, a great place for surf and other things. Keep cool if you can. Do you have friends or family in Chch? They must be so scared, up to 90 aftershocks, some large enough to call quakes. I read of one home, their pool emptied water into the house, which is waiting for demolition from Feb 2011!! How cruel.

SAM said...

It seems Australia and the UK have much better charity shops than US. I find clutter and decade old styles, not vintage, just old. I'm giving it a go today though.

Beth Waltz said...

Odd to think I was indeed looking up at the moon and thinking that some folks whose blogs I follow might be doing the same...For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it was a cold clear winter night, which made your display of cocktail/tropical frocks all the more attractive!

Isn't it brilliant when one finds a matching piece for a favorite separate miles, sometimes years, apart?! My own prize in that contest is a long gown and dressing robe, a deep burgundy satin with emerald highlights, not only purchased on separate occasions but also manufactured in different countries.

Curtise said...

As always, Sue, your posts are a burst of colour, good cheer and fun! Loving the colourful frocks (and no, you can't have too many!), the beautiful scenery, flowers and creatures. And what selfie doesn't benefit from a toilet in the background?! Xxx

Mel Baker said...

I love the blue frock; how nice to find the matching jacket.

Goody said... don't have doors on the toilet stalls at the airport?! What do you do if you have to sit there and grunt something out? I think my bowels seized just thinking about it ;)

Moving along...(see what I did there?)

Oh, I love them all-you have the best taste. The crochet skirt is beautiful, even if it is work keeping it in place.

Oscar really puts up with a lot from Sheba-that's true friendship.

Jazzy Jack said...

Love the airport selfie! Never done one myself.
I always love your hen shots. Lucky they don't live over here. All blackberries are weeds and sprayed!
I hear you about crocheted skirts. Gorgeous but high maintenance!
Beautiful Raglan Beach...will visit one day.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Vix said...

What an array of fabulous frocks, pets and sunshine! Here in the UK its been a bastard freezing weekend (but at least we've shared the moon) xxx

Connie said...

However did you get that shot of the moon? I saw it shining like crazy the other night and I almost started howling. You certainly have cornered the market on frocks. Lovelier and lovelier. And you do look sweet all flowered and gussied up.