Sunday, 6 March 2016

Oops, I've done it again.

Taken a week to blog, and we have gone into another month, apparently it is now Autumn in my neck of the woods!  I do like Autumn and Spring, both provide my world with colour.

I love the changes that leaves go through, and I found myself collecting and stuffing them under a pile of magazines.  I remember when I was still at school, I had a massive heavy English book that was stuffed full of leaves and flowers being pressed.  Dad ended up making me a flower press when they all fell out onto the floor at home. 

At least when this colour fades from my garden there will be colourful leaves everywhere for me to get excited over.

I tried very hard to avoid going to any op shops last week as I was going on a wee road trip at the end of the week.  But I lapsed and found this useful rectangle cushion, and yes it is useful and being used.

I had a call from Dawn to say she had emptied her kiln and my things were ready.  This is my tiger onesie bunny, which I might have on my desk at work.

I am pretty tickled with my pet stones, just need to wire them and hang them in the garden where my two buddies are now resting.

Four yummy things on toasted Vogels bread 
makes for a divine lunch, just saying!

No op shops but some wicked purple shoes 
found there way to me via Trade Me!!

 Oscar impersonating a Russian dog doll, wish there were some inside him.

 He reminded me that he is a bloke and prefers the cow boy look!!

I gave TOF a haircut,
turns out he is mainly Salt with a patch of Pepper at the back!
On Thursday morning I did a little bit of sewing, lets call it Duvet Couture.  I made some harem style pants from a Batik Bali patchwork duvet cover, all this before I packed my car to go away for the night. 

En route to Whangamata I did stop in Morrinsville and visit the Hospice shop there, it is always good and I did find the frock on the left and another Winter tunic that is in the wash.  Then I stopped in Waihi as I wanted to have a proper look in Gevadi, which I did and only purchased more hair tie things.  I was parked by the SPCA op shop so it seemed like the right thing to do by going in!  Dress on the right is what I came out with.

Once I was at Whangamata I did a quick visit to a couple of places before heading up to my sisters where I was staying for the night.  I had such a lovely time getting plenty of snuggles from my gorgeous little great nephews, and cuddles from the dogs.

My sister has a fish pond with gorgeous water lilies in it.  I love the softness of the colour her pink one has.

The weather was gorgeous, warm and clear blue skies, it was so good to be on the coast again.

Somehow I didn't make it onto the beach this time!

My sister and one of her little grandsons,
so like his dad.

The reason for going to the beach was to help celebrate my god daughter turning 21.  Isn't she just gorgeous, and yes she is very tall and I am extremely short!!  Oh that is my improvised birthday cake, cream rice, fruit, nuts, and white chocolate, all I could find in the food cupboard at their beach house!!  It got some laughs!!

Me and my god daughters mum Leonie, this is what cradle to the grave friendship looks like.  We have know each other that long and I love it and her!

So it was a flying visit to the beach but I had the best time in the shortest time, I love catching up with these people and that place!

On Saturday TOF and I went for a drive to watch the Spares first game of rugby, well a pre season game, and OMG it was hot, not rugby weather at all.  That is one of his mates sitting injured already!!

The Spare is on the ground in the left photo, number 14, and stepping out with the ball in the photo on the right.  He said he surprised himself with how he went, I knew he would be really good, but then again, I'm his mum!! 

Today we went to Frankton to check out the Thunder!!  The vintage bikes remind me of dad, and the one on the right is actually one of his old friends bikes, Hugh Anderson, a racing legend round these parts.

It is the first time this event has been held and I think it could turn into something I might annually attend.  I do like the old cars.

Trillions of motor bikes were parked up as there had been a massive bike ride to it, a fund raising toy run.

We sat in a cafe and had ourselves some refreshments while watching things going on out the window. 

There was a Miss Frankton Thunder and a Burlesque show but we missed both of these.  There was also a Tattoo competition, maybe next year I will be better organised!

Who doesn't like a line up of old minis.  I learned to drive in a mini.
Each end of the main street were stages, and the band on the makeshift one above was bloody good, harmonica heaven!  Oh and who knew Batman rode a bike? 

This is me Tomorrow,
I have such a fun life!!



Fiona said...

Love the purple shoes, (they look dead comfy) pet plaques (still looking out for one for Prudy) and headscarf wearing pooch...I think he's more HRH than Russian doll. Your god daughter is a stunner, good luck tomorrow...ouch! x

Nancy J said...

I can see what is in store for you today. Lovely op shop goodies, my favourite places to visit, And the stones for Texas and Ben, they are lovely .Down here, Autumn continues its fast march into the year, leaves changing and falling, autumn flowers in bloom, seeds almost all collected for you.

Leeanne said...

Lovely keepsakes for your beloved animals. Good luck tomorrow!

Goody said...

For a moment I thought you had a photo of my grandmother, but then I realised it was just Oscar in a babushka.

I was thinking of you today when we stopped at the farm store to see the shipment of chicks and ducks. I'm not ready for urban chicken farming, but I do like to go and have a visit at the store.

Great purple shoes, and that cushion does look useful.

Those are beautiful memorials for your dear pets.

I hope autumn gives you all sorts of beautiful things to photograph and enjoy.

Mel Baker said...

Your lunch looks delish!! Good luck tomorrow.

Vix said...

Those trousers are fabulous, what a great creation! The shoes are gorgeous, too.
What a stunner your god-daughter is!
Oscar is rocking that headscarf. xxx

Mim said...

That all looks like great fun, especially seeing all those gorgeous old cars. (I'm guessing rust is less of a problem in Oz than it is over here.)

The pet stones are a nice idea. I've still got my cat's ashes in a box in the dining room, not sure where to put them - but then, we've still got the mother-in-law in a box in the dining room too!

Beth Waltz said...

The new shoes are spectacular -- but I truly envy you those gorgeous harem pants. Well made!

Good luck with the procedure tomorrow. We have a new imaging gizmo here in the local hospital. It's absolutely painless, so much so that I enquired of the operator if she was 100% certain it was supposed to be so easy. (Yes, of course, it costs more than the usual.)

freckleface said...

I wouldn't worry; I actually think once a week is the perfect timing for a blog post. Your god daughter is a true beauty and these long standing friendships are gold. Love your pet stones, what a sweet way to remember them. Harem pants are a bit of a favourite and yours look ace. Autumn is it? That must mean it's nearly Spring here. Yippee!! Xxx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, love your pressed leaves, adore your new purple shoes :-) But Oh My ... those pet stones are just wonderful. Perfect to mark the spot. Have a great week Sue.

Curtise said...

I'm only managing it once a week myself these days - I mean BLOGGING, Sue! Honestly, your filthy mind...
As always, your posts are a ray of sunshine and colour. Loving the purple shoes, the bright and cheery clothes, the pets and people, and your oh-so-beautiful god-daughter.
Hope the mammogram goes OK! xxx

Anna Parkes said...

Hi, nice to meet you. Hope the mamm-o-cramm went ok. My boobs are so small that the nurse has to drag the skin from my ribs and shoulders to make a full offering, ouch! I love those purple shoes and think the colourful jewellery was a great find. We visited NZ a couple of years ago and toured around in a camper van for a month. It was heaven. We love both the N&S islands and have friends who live on the South island. Love your blog x
Anna's Island Style