Friday, 11 March 2016

I'm a mum again!!!

Well to tell the truth I have just become a Foster mother.  And the real truth is I am foster mother to three very gorgeous KITTENS!!!

These two bundles of fluff and excessive cuteness are sister and brother, girl on the left and boy on the right.  The little boy is one of those polydactal kittens, probably spelt wrong but he has extra toes!  The third kitten, not in the above photo is a little white girl.

Time for some kitten overload photos.....

So we have temporarily named this little one Gypsy,
just look at those huge blue eyes!!

This one was know as Toes due to his extra digits 
but we are now calling him Toby,
he just loves cuddles and sleeping on me.

And this is little Pixie,
quite shy but slowly coming round and getting braver by the day.

So how did I become a Foster Mother?  I called into our local SPCA on Wednesday on my was home from work.  Planning on applying to be a foster mother to kittens  and ended up bringing these babies home.  I have them until they each weigh 1 kilo, that is when they can be spayed and then they will all be up for adoption.  At the moment they are all under 500g so this might take a couple of weeks.  SPCA provided me with pretty much everything,  but I have added stuff to make their wee lives comfortable and fun.

Of course before Wednesday I had a couple of busy days.  On Monday my dear friend Louise came down from Auckland to visit and we basically just hung here and chatted and laughed.  It was as always bloody great.  She had made me the above bright and cheery basket, and isn't it awesome!!  My Louise is one talented woman and always busy creating something fabulous.  You may recall the Frida Kahlo doll she made me.

Poor old Cassie is the last left from my original girls, thinking she must be about 8 now.  On the weekend we had her buddy Aggie, the last of the Barred Rock passed away.

I adore old Cassie, she has got pretty old age pensioner of late but I love her heaps.  The rest of the girls are laying well at the moment and actually using their nesting boxes, I call that a RESULT!!  I noticed a lone sweet pea was blooming, late but appreciated.

On Tuesday I found and purchased this Russian Doll from the recycle shop I used to work in.  I was mighty impressed to find that there were eight dolls in total.  Even the tiniest one opens.

Tuesday was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was all black and white and hair french braided!

I scored well at the op shops in Frankton that day too.  The basket, book, pin and tiara were only $3 all up.  And who doesn't need a Tiara?  Then I found the black Minnie Cooper shoes tucked at the back of the shop for $6, mary jane style and they are going to be perfect when Winter shows it's ugly face later in the year.

On Saturday I got all excited about Spotlight having Vogue patterns for $10 each rather than the horrendous prices they normally are.  Anyway turned out that I was early for the sale so they put my above selection of patterns under the counter which I picked up on Wednesday.  I now have a wicked selection of things to create, and believe me I do have a cupboard full of fabric!!

I didn't have work on Thursday so it was good to just chill with my foster babies at home.

But of course I did dash out for an hour and came home  with this wicked Chess Set that I scored for $8.  I used to play Chess with my dad when I was a kid at our beach house.  It has been a while since I have played but I am sure me and TOF are going to have some good challenges.

The funny thing is I had an old lady trying her best to get this off me in the op shop.  Bleating on about how she had been searching for one at garage sales, blah blah.  Actually I had been looking for one forever!!

Snooze you loose remember.  It was just lucky for me that I spied it sitting up on a shelf.  
Oh look, that is the frock I got last week when heading over to the beach!!  I scored the mohair blanket from another op shop, perfect for the cooler evenings that are getting closer every day.

Autumn is definitely upon us in the Southern hemisphere.  Plants are changing colour and leaves are starting to drop.  The mornings are cooler and likewise the evenings.  Makes sleeping so much easier.  I suppose it won't be long and the winter woollies will be pulled out of storage and it will be all boots and coats!

Dawn gave me this set of bendy striped houses last week,
and they look perfect in my garden.

** Have a lovely Weekend when it arrives**
Mine is here!!



Vix said...

Oh my gawd, those kittens are gorgeous. How can you ever give them back?
Fab outfits, great plait and those patterns are ace! xxx

Fiona said...

I wouldn't mind betting that not all those kittens will be returned!
They are gorgeous. I've just sown my sweet peas, they are on a bedroom windowsill and I'm willing them to germinate, you can have our winter...I'm so over it. Love the Russian dolls. x

SAM said...

What cute babies! You look fab in black and white with the French braid-classiy though laid back.

Beth Waltz said...

The French braid up-do suits you, Sue! Vix is right: a longer length works for women of ANY age if they choose to make the effort.

Those feline infants are exquisite beauties, down to their tiny toes. I can't think of a more pleasant way to spend a day than lap-napping a litter of kittens. We'll look forward to lots of photos of them -- a friend of mine who fosters sends "baby pix" on to their new homes so that their forever families can ooh-and-ah over how cute the 20-pound tomcat was when he weighed 500g.

Mim said...

I have serious kitten envy now - just look at those little cuties! Pete and I adopted a pair of rescue kittens last year, and we absolutely adore them.

As for the chess set - you found it and picked it up, it's yours to buy! That's the rule of chazzas.

Nancy J said...

Fab op-shop goodies, and the kittens, so good there are 3 for company? toilet training??? when Boris arrived, he had no idea about that, we think now his Mum was moving them to another place, and he got left behind. he was about 5 weeks old we thought.But very soon, he had learnt where to go in his litter box, and all was happy again!!! ( Does this indicate there were some clean-ups??) Hope you are warm further north, cold here this morning, about 6 C at 6.45 a.m.!!!

Melanie said...

When I see kittens my heart melts! I hope you get more kittens when these ones must move or I don't know how you'll manage! Gorgeous basket and bendy houses. And of course some brilliant scores at the shops - especially those shoes. Cassie is a formidable old bird. Enjoy your weekend! Oh yes, love the braid.

Poppy Q said...

I wonder which of the kittens you will keep. You know you won't be able to return them all.

It certainly is a bit chillier here too, time for another quilt on the bed and to pull out the ugg boots for the evenings.

Enjoy the weekend and pat a kitten for me.

Julie and Poppy

Goody said...

Kittens! That's EXACTLY what I needed to see this Friday afternoon-what better way to start the weekend than with "Cute Overload"? I'm horribly allergic to cats, but love them anyway. I sort of miss the farm cats giving birth in the storm cellar beneath the house (we'd hear meowing through the floor and knew something was up).

The pattern on the far left with the handkerchief hem looks like the sort of thing that would be great in a jersey material-if you're good with knits, which I sadly, am not. I can't wait to see what you whip up from your fabric stash.

Have a great weekend.


Julie said...

OOOOhhhhhhh Suuuuuue .... just look at those darling little faces ... melt the most hardened of hearts. They are adorable. I am sure you wont be able to return all 3 when the time comes ... we shall see. I am not sure I would be able to. Lovely to read a recap of your week & some fine & dandy purchases have been made I see. Have a super weekend with your new furry friends Sue.

Mel Baker said...

What a wonderful thing to do for those kittens. I bet you are going to have a ton of fun with them.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh those kittens ... I'm in love :0)

freckleface said...

Oh my goodness, foster mum to kittens, that might actually be a dream job! They are so adorable and so tiny and so cute. I'd be calling in sick to work! Love the Russian dolls and those Mary Janes, they are seriously top purchases. Your french plait is beautiful. You obviously have really lovely thick hair. Xxxx

Connie said...

Oh what lucky kitties to take up residence at your house. Looooove little kitties. And I must say, you look a bit like a Russian Doll yourself!

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