Thursday, 28 April 2016

Busy as a bee with a bum full of honey!

I am sitting here killing time while the kittens are off having their little kitty ovens removed (spayed).  I am hoping they are fine, sure they will be, but foster mothers do worry you know.

One thing I do know is they are going to be very hungry babies as they haven't had anything to eat since 8pm last night, you know the whole nothing for ex number of hours before surgery.  This was taken last night while they were having a before bed cuddle with me, check out the dogs in the background!!  Look close and you will see Sheba with her green Dino in her mouth.

This was them playing hard out last night,
bet that won't happen tonight!

Oh check out my latest trade me scores.  The Iron Fist shoes arrived in the post today and the Sylvac vase I collected.  The vase reminds me of my grandmother and nana, the sort of style they had in their homes.

Yesterday I called in on a couple of op shops and found some pretty cool things.  A 1979 tea towel $3 (I was a teenager then), a very cute coffee mug $1, and a pair of New Birkies $4 which are going to my sister at the beach.
I was stoked when I came across this Fitz and Floyd mug $2, I have had one for years and they are pretty out there.  The silver bangles were $1 each, they were all super tarnished but after a clean they look pretty fabulous.  Not sure if they are sterling silver but one of them has been engraved inside which makes me think possibly, as you wouldn't engrave something on a shitty bangle would you.

I may not have bunches of gorgeous colourful flowers in my garden right now, but I sure do have my share of fungi growing.

All growing in the chicken area, not that the chickens are spending much time there. They have totally embraced their title of 'free range' as at least 5 of the 9 are sleeping in the Jasmine growing on the fence at night!
I have plants going to seed and leaves in abundance, oh and look, Bird of Paradise is doing it's thang!!

Last week (you may have noticed this post is in reverse order) I bought this delightful Cobalt Blue Velvet coat at a lovely little recycled clothing shop I visit in Frankton.  The owner is always doing deals with me, to make me more tempted than usual.  I also bought the Peacock velvet burnout shawl, it has bead trim and it is divine!!

Our weather is all over the place lately, the lady and the man in my German Weather Vane are fighting on who is out and who is in these days!

Amongst the remaining flowers and garden art we have some Broccoli just about ready to be consumed.  In fact I had the best raw Broccoli, Cranberry and Pine nut salad with my dinner last night (from the supermarket).

I searched for the colour in the garden and I found it!

My dear friend Lou Lou Belle (Louise) visited me from Auckland last week and gave me gifts.  A hand made crocheted bath cloth and yummy smelling soap, pretty sure it's not because she thinks I stink!!  And some cute as bird shaped clothes pegs that got a trial on my washing. We spent some quality time chatting and laughing, and lunching outside in the garden.  I love my catch ups with her!!

Last Saturday TOF and I went to the spares rugby game that was out of town.  We got to drive on a new road and it was fast,
and scenic!

The game was at a lovely little country place called Hinuera, a farming community and the photographic opportunities were many.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was actually at a rugby game.

The spare went off part way through the second half with a thigh strain, or something like that, but as you can see from the score board, his team won (they were the visitors).

 A lichen covered farm fence.
One of many.

The cutest little church was across the road from the rugby ground.  I see it as a dinky little house I could move and live in, others see it as the place of worship that it still is. Either way it is very cute.

We took the back roads coming home as the countryside is amazing.

We crossed the Waikato River via the dam at Karipiro, which is a rather famous spot for competitive rowing.

Our weekend was a long one in New Zealand as it was ANZAC Day on Monday.  I haven't been to an ANZAC service since the boys were young so I decided it was time to get my butt to another one.  I would love to attend a Dawn Service but I am struggling to find a eager companion to brave that time of the day.

The Anzac Service in Hamilton is held in Parana Park where a Cenotaph and Memorial Wall are.  Last year Bridge Street which crosses the river was renamed to Anzac Parade for the 100th year service.

Standing on Bridge St bridge I did wonder if it is now going to be know as Anzac Parade bridge, well after all the parade does cross it.  How glorious the Waikato River was looking on Monday while I awaited the beginning of the ANZAC parade.

The parade was led by mounted soldiers.

Followed by the best band and veterans.
 There were Marching Girls,
and numerous groups being represented and an army truck.

And last but not least there were horses representing all the War Horses.

I was pleased to see a hearty crowd of people that like me had decided to attend and honour those that fought for us all those years ago.

Poignant moments like The Last Post, a Minutes Silence, Firing of the Gun (which made me jump), prayers, singing and then the Laying of Wreaths.

Both my grandfathers went to war, and many relatives before them.  Sometimes we get busy with our lives and forget what went on before our time.  I am so grateful I never had to wave off TOF and the lads to go fight in a war.  I think for this reason alone I shall be attending again next year and those after. 

On a happier note, although I miss those funny little extra toes on dear wee Toby I have been told one of the ladies at the SPCA has adopted him, and why wouldn't you.  I better get ready to go pick up my little girls and prepare to give them the very best post operative care ever.

As for my post title today,
my grandfather used to say it when asked
"are you busy?''




Poppy Q said...

You have been a busy girl. I was unable to go to ANZAC day as I was on call this year, but got up at 4am last year. Very moving isn't it?

Awww hope your little ladies feel better once you get them home and give them some loving.

Julie and Poppy Q

Vix said...

I hope those kittens got through their ops okay and I'm happy Toby has a home where you can still visit him.
Loving the blue velvet coat and that groovy tea towel - I became a teenager in 1979!
I love your fungi and Anzac Day photos! xxx

Fiona said...

Glad the Anzac Parade still has a good turnout, I did remember it as my Aussie mate's birthday is that day. Lovely pics as always. 1979...remember it well!

Mim said...

I love Sylvac, and that piece you've bought is particularly nice.

The blue velvet coat is so you!

Thank you for sharing the pgotos of ANZAC day, I think it's really important to remember these occasions.

Polyester Princess said...

Hello there, first visit on your blog. Hope your girls will be ok. Love the Sylvac vase and your peacock shawl. I had to smile as I've got almost exactly the same little weather house. Lovely flower and fungi pics, and I love anything lichen covered. Love, Ann xxx

Jazzy Jack said...

That velvet coat and the peacocks! Yum!
I also take many many shots of fungi. So gorgeous. Also a sign that you are doing something right in the garden, so I hear.
We had 65,000 people to the ANZAC day service at the war memorial here in Canberra. People still respect it.
I love how it joins our countries for a day. Our Anzac Parade which commemorates the various fighters and nurses etc. has flax basket handles either side of the entrance to mark our joint expedition.
Lovely views of my other country!
Give the girls (kitties) a snuggle from me :-)
Have a great week!
xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

I envy you your glorious blue skies almost as much as I covet that blue velvet coat!

The fungi and mushroom photos are intriguing, as are the lichen on the fence. Like cats and mirrors, these odd life-forms always invite closer inspection!

It's good to see the Anzac activities were blessed by good weather and a big turn-out. We're making special efforts here in the States to honor our aging vets, and it's more easily accomplished when the weather cooperates.

Please give the kitten-cats a snuggle for me, Sue, and tell the girls in the hedge I said to enjoy what's left of summer while they can...

Melanie said...

Your title made me laugh! And a velvet coat and shawl in one go? Oooh, that's some mighty find shopping. Not to mention those shoes. Aaaah!
I hope the wee ones are recuperating. I know you'll be loving them to bits.
Memorial days are so moving, I can't stand thinking of what's happened and I worry that remembering isn't enough.

Goody said...

Whatever you do, don't let the kittens try jumping up to the bed after surgery-they'll REALLY be mad at you!

The peacock shawl is a beautiful thing-an absolute treasure. It amazes me that designers can come up with such breathtaking ideas like that.

We have our Memorial Day at the end of May and it is...emotional. Important to go to the ceremonies, but never easy.

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