Monday, 2 May 2016

Book me a room, but make sure it has a view

Thanks for your comments re those bundles of fluff, they were pretty groggy when I picked them up from their ops on Thursday.  They were supposed to be kept quiet and rested, well all I can say is GOOD LUCK with that!  Complete with over sized cones they managed to fumble about and pull the off the shoulder look quite successfully.

On Friday en route to visit Dawn I stopped off at a couple of charity shops and a divine bakery.  But I didn't make it out to Dawns place as my car decided that it didn't want to go.  My engine light had been flashing on and off the last few days and my car was booked to see my mechanic later on Friday. YEAH RIGHT!!  My car chose to stop at a set of lights and not start again. So with my hazard lights a flashing I kept trying to kick her into life again.  Next thing I hear a siren and see red and blue flashing lights in my rear mirror, CRAP, it's the FUZZ!!  Actually it was a lovely policewoman seeing if I required any help, bless her. About then my car decides it was time to start, thanks!  With a slow drive to my mechanic with a car full of goodies I set off.  Turns out the engine light means SOMETHING IS WRONG, no shit batman!  Home I came and parked the car up all weekend as it was now booked with an Auto Electrician for Monday (today).

Borrowed from google images

At least I managed to find some pretty good stuff while out shopping and managed to console myself with a delicious lunch meant for two, sorry Dawn.

I found three hand made patchwork hangings that deserved to be rescued.  All priced between $1 and $2.50 each.  Hard to believe someone threw out something so beautiful and this is my style of patchwork.  I scored the best ever Jester like teapot cosy for $7, again beautifully handmade and in dyer need of saving.  Another scarf, as a girl can never have too many scarfs can she.  Or shoes?  Or.......well anything she desires when she shops second hand!!

On Saturday TOF left at sparrows fart, 4:30am, to go on a fishing trip, the Spare headed off with a mate for a surf and I was at home with no car to drive.  The day was a beauty, the sort of day that required to be seen through my  Macro lens.

I was fascinated by the amount of bugs living inside the Nasturtium flowers. In fact some had entire families residing in the brightness of the petals.

 A Beautiful Big Bumble Bee was dancing about the last of the flowers.

Decaying and going to seed,
humans never look this good at either of these!!

Bugs were hiding everywhere!

TOFs old garden spade got pimped with flowers.

 This has to be the last Sweet Pea.

 Budding Lemons!

We seem to have quite a few of these wasps in the garden, pretty as this one is they are not kind to the bees.  If I can find the nest I will get TOF to deal to it.

The sunshine was playing with the shapes.

 I love my world in close up.

That handle so needed pimping don't you think!

I found the builder of that web.

Saturday night was the girls last night in our home, and they put on a special show of cuteness and togetherness.  Yeah the resting was working a treat.  On Sunday I returned the little darlings to the  SPCA.  Gypsy the tortie was going to be held for a lady that knows Sue W, and I am sure someone will fall in love with Miss Pixie.  I thought it would be hard to say goodbye, but it wasn't.  My job with these babies is done and I collect my next lot on Tuesday, pretty exciting!!!

With no kittens to distract me I ended up cleaning the house! I know?!!  We have a dining table top again!!  The lounge got changed around slightly as it is getting close to needing the gas heater at night.  I hung the patchwork wall hangings on branches from the garden and used braid from my stash.  The dogs look confused?  Missing the kittens? No I think they are wondering what the hell is wrong with me, they know I HATE HOUSEWORK!  Generations of Daddy Long Leg Spiders got sucked up the vacuum cleaner.  There are only so many of them you can handle watching you take shower or use the loo, they were the reason for the cleaning.  While TOF baked I then went and mowed the lawns!! Mind you he was smoking fish outside from the previous days catch, he had plenty of success and we dined on fish for our dinner.  We will again tonight.

With no kittens to cuddle and Oscar had deserted me for the evening I snuggled under my vintage eider down.

One walk with the Spare and the buggers hung with him all night, traitors!!  But they are mine again today, I FEED THEM!  Who do you love??

I dropped of my car this morning to the Auto Electrician.  I was about half was in my walk home when it suddenly dawned on me that my house key was still in the car. CRAP!! Not again, will I ever learn?  Do I turn around and go back, or do I hope like hell that I have left the back door unlocked.  We all know what happened last time I locked myself out.  Thankfully the door was unlocked so I fell into the comfort of a chair on the deck.  Oh and yes, that too got a sorting.  Plenty of sheltered sitting for chatting, reading or just drinking, tea of course.

After my efforts around the home and my walk this morning I rewarded myself with one of TOFs treats he had made.  I doubt very much any of it will last very long.  Maybe this is why I couldn't fit through the pet door last time?

Look what I got!

PS: Considering the option of hiding a house key outside, but what are the chances I won't remember where it is hidden?  Might be time for that room with a view!!!


Leeanne said...

I so enjoyed your photo's! You have a real eye for capturing nature at it's best. Bummer about the car. Cute little patchwork scores from the Opshop. Sounds like you deserved the yummy baking and the certificate for all that house work..............did the Queen present you with the Certificate?

Polyester Princess said...

Shame about the car packing in just when you were about to visit your friend, but hey, you did find some lovely things! The patchwork hangings are divine. Your macro photos are AMAZING! xxx

Mim said...

You've taken some fab photos. Well done on doing the housework, too. I like some housework, but the hoovering and ironing gets left until it becomes desperately needed.

I hope Pixie finds her forever home soon.

Mel Baker said...

Can't wait to hear all about the new visitors. Even though it isn't safe, I am glad you left the door unlocked. Hope the car is going to be ok.

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, yes, we ignore that 'check engine' light at our peril -- although my mechanic told me that so long as it's flashing, it's OK to drive it to the shop. If the light stays on, PARK it now!

We're all enjoying your new lens, Sue. Who would have guessed at the world of life happening inside the nasturtiums?

Julie said...

Hi Sue, have been thinking about those bundles of fluff of yours & wondering how they were doing. You sure do take amazing photographs .. some of your nature pictures would look great printed off & made into cards I think. They are just stunning. I love your new wallhangings & Yes, they wouldve had to come home with me too I think. Have a great week Sue ...typical damp foggy morning here over in my patch :-)

Goody said...

Yep- I found out the hard way about the engine light (I always thought it was an optional sort of thing).

Your side deck looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax-the wicker furniture is lovely.

You now have me freaked-out by what lives inside a nasturtium flower! I'll be taking extra care washing them out before tossing them in salads. I'm so blind I've probably been consuming insects for years without knowing it.

Jazzy Jack said...

Gorgeous macros! Especially those nasturtium insects.
A flower would make a lovely bed come to think of it!
Glad your little ones are fine. Looking forward to meeting the next lot.
I just fancy a sit on your comfy deck with a nibble or two...yum!
xo Jazzy Jack

Melanie said...

Your garden photos are beautiful. And the wee kitties with their cones. Poor things, but I'm happy they are off to new homes. I vacuumed a silverfish yesterday. I felt bad about it, wondering if it had to struggle through the hose, etc.
Yes, engine lights are not just for decoration, darn. Ha. And I laughed about the pet door. I know we do these things so we can eat treats later to feel better. Hahaha.