Friday, 1 April 2016

There shall be an eternal summer in the grateful heart.

Crikey I blinked and a couple of weeks seem to have slipped past me.  So bare with me while I try to remember what happened, trust me there will be no correct order here.  But I think I should start with something to make you have a good laugh at my expense, the best sort, I laughed at myself too!!

One morning last week I decided to wear this new to me second hand top/dress/tunic, take your pick.  I quite liked how it was looking with my petticoat skirt and shoes so as I wandered out the front door to head to work I thought, beautiful morning, lets have some morning photos.  Photos done and dusted for my blog so I went to get my keys, as in car and house and #%*@ me, I had locked them inside.  No need to panic, I thought I would just go round the back and go through the pet door in the back door we have.  Big enough for a large dog so should be big enough for a short wide woman like myself.

Yeah, nah!!  My arse was too big and I couldn't get any further than this!!  Luckily for me the Heir was on holiday so long story short he came over and rescued me.  Not from the pet door, I backed out of that, but he let me inside.  I have never locked myself out, but hey, first time for everything!!

The trio of gorgeousness is keeping me busy and happily entertained on a daily basis.  I am still convinced they will all be going to new homes when ready.  SPCA is super happy with their progress and look forward to me raising more babies for them. They have gained so much weight, little porkers.

Every afternoon when I rush get home from work I spend a couple of hours outside with the babies.  We are all  making the very most of the weather being pleasant while it is still on offer.  My garden is getting ready to change colour and pack up it's bags for Winter.  The babies have an outdoor run to kill time in.

One thing my garden has plenty of is these flowers, so a bunch of them made their way inside into the purple spotted jug.

Toby extra toes is going to be the one that will be hard to say toodle pip to.  Who ever gets to own him is going to get one awesome lovable cat.  I am weakening when it comes to him but I really cannot have another cat, I couldn't stand loosing him on our busy roads.

I spent some time in our glorious Hamilton Gardens last weekend and the colour is still happening there.  Reason for being there was I was the photographer at a friends wedding.  As luck would have it the weather was beautiful just like the bride.

It was lovely to spend time with a young couple that are just made for each other, so loved up.

They had a good bunch of attendants so the photographing was fun.

Men in suits and lovely ladies in purple, all mooching about in the beautiful park like gardens.

It is always a very long day being the wedding photographer but a pretty nice way to spend a day, with happy smiling people!! 

Half the fun is playing with the photos I've taken, Sepia is always a good look.

On one of my days off this week I went and visited Dawn, I hadn't been out there for a couple of weeks and she did not disappoint me, she had new things to show me.  Like her Piano she has painted in blackboard paint and made into a display unit.  This is the corner in her studio where she can display her craft.

These are a few of her latest offerings.  The huge pot on the top right has already been sold, it will look amazing planted up.  As always I spent a couple of relaxing hours chatting and catching up, her home is perfect for chilling out at and I needed a good natter and laugh.

From her place I ended up going to the Base, a shopping centre, as Dawn had this cool Cuckoo clock and I just had to have one.  Not only did I buy a clock, I found myself buying the above colourful cow picture and five Citronella candles.  All in the sale area of Bed Bath and Beyond, a shop I quite like calling into.

How wicked is this cow!!  Not the one in Blue!!  The multi coloured one.

This was the sky that greeted me this morning!

Today for work I wore this beaded Indian top that I got yesterday from this super colourful shop in Frankton.  I got chatting with the young Indian man working there and ended up seeing his wedding photos and photos of a few traditional festivals.  So much colour and fun.  I like the idea of Holi, the festival of colours, looked like serious fun.  He told me traditional stories related to the festivals, I left feeling happy and informed.  India seems more colourful and loving than I thought it is a bugger that I just don't do crowds and heat.  

I have managed the odd sneaky visit to some of my favourite op shops over the last two weeks, but not as many as I normally do.  The kittens are saving me money!!  TOF will be pleased.

Can you see the fairy that I can see on my bathroom floor?

We turn our clocks back this weekend 1 hour, that really does signal the final end to Summer for me.  I have been in denial for a while.  So you Northern folk take good care of Summer for us Southern folk while we get ready to hunker down under layers of winter woollies and blankets!!

Have a lovely weekend,
I have a cup of tea
and an awful lot of blogs to read and catch up on.

See you all again soon,




Poppy Q said...

Sue we missed you and your colourful posts. The kittens look like such sweeties and i am sure keep you very busy.

It was so dark here this morning, although not cold you do sense that summer is finally over and autumn is heading our way.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Leeanne said...

my dear your rear end is not too big, simply that the dog door was not wide enough! How does one give back those cute fur balls?????

Rachael @ Thrifty Cottage said...

Glad to see all is well as I was checking for updates. We got a new fur ball in our family a couple of weeks ago too and she is a lovely little cat (3.5years old but like a kitten in personality). Your little kitties are very cute and its wonderful to see them get bigger. I love Dawn's pottery. Hmm, I wonder if any of my relatives in NZ live close to Hamilton - they could bring me over a piece her in Aust next time they visit. Have a great weekend :-)

freckleface said...

Haha! That's funny. Like the fact that you managed a selfie whilst in your predicament! I've felt like that in changing rooms, with half a dress on and not quite sure how to get it off. Pussy cats! So adorable, obviously very happy in their foster home. Oh, you do wedding photography! That totally figures. Looks like a great day out. Don't worry, we're all prepped and ready for summer to be handed over and will take very good care of it for you! Xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Bless you, Sue, for starting the most difficult day in my work week with a glimpse of your world through the pet flap! When the illegitimate offspring of canines begin to bark at me, I'll remember this view and smile.

Fiona said...

Hilarious Sue! At least you didn't get stuck. Lovely photos of your garden and the Japanese anemones. Sounds like the puss cats are very at home with you.
Summer.....bring it on! x

Vix said...

I've locked myself out before but never got wedged in a cat flap. Brilliant.
Those kitties! Tortie looks like our Polly Piglet and Toby and Snow White are gorgeous and so big. Go on, have a house cat!

Goody said...

Glad you're back.
Next time, window.

Dawn's studio looks like a magical place. I like the fellow with the bird.

Thank goodness you found some time to shop-and find treasures to show us.

Nancy J said...

The kittens are gorgeous, I would do that fostering but find it way too hard at the end to give them to their permanent homes, Love your flowers, I looked at our Japanese Anemones the other morning after some water overnight, and the half closed flowers were so beautiful.I have so many pink ones, over 5 feet tall now!!! Seeds are almost ready to post, just waiting till the Verbascum ones are totally dry on the tall stems.

Julie said...

Oh Sue your photo of you stuck in the cat door did make me laugh so much. My son had a large dog that used to do that & then get stuck. Thanks for making me laugh this rainy day. I love, love your purple polka dot vase full of flowers ... just wonderful. Happy weekend to you Sue x x

Mel Baker said...

Note to self: build dog door in case keys get locked in house. Build dog door wide enough for butt to fit through.

Have a great weekend!

Jazzy Jack said...

Yes, yes, I totally see the fairy!
Hikarious selfie in dog door. We thought about one but thought about the burglars. Maybe we would catch one in the door!
Gorgeous pottery and I adore the piano use. Very creative.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Jazzy Jack said...

PS I do love those wedding shots. Well done!
Xo Jazzy Jack