Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I am taking my fostering job very seriously

I am so enjoying being a foster mother to my excessive bundles of cuteness!!  I am super busy with them but they are such fun, huge time wasters, but fun.  My life isn't all about these fluffy babies, true, I still have work and other things to do.

If I was in a position to keep one of them it would be this dude! Toes has so much personality and just loves attention.  He would far rather be snuggled with me than playing with the girls and man can he whinge!! Look at that adorable face.

Our weather has still been quite lovely so TOF and I made an outside run for the babies using one of the garden cloches that we have.  We made a little house out of an old beer crate to go on the end, and they are enjoying their daily outside stint.  I have to take them out in the carry cage because trying to carry three kittens wriggling and meowing is nigh on impossible for me.

Share fluke this photo of Toes protecting his little sister from the big scary black dog the other side of the cloche.  She is desperate to play with them but I think she would kill them with her enthusiasm, where as Oscar just wants to lick them, he is being very paternal.

 The excitement is all too much for this girl.

The girls couldn't give a toss about the fluff balls and are going about their daily business as per usual.  We have about three dust  holes on the lawn thanks to this sort of goings on.  Guess we will be filling them in and throwing some lawn seed out soon.

One minute I had three french braids in my hair, the next I had dyed it again and feel my normal colour is just around the corner.

My Mammogram was a piece of cake and with good results.  So worth getting your girls out and getting them checked.  For a few minutes of discomfort you know you are doing the right thing for your girls, and they don't sit funny in your bra for the rest of the day  either!

 HA!  Society has gone mad I say!!

Met Sue W for lunch last week at the Village Cafe out at Whatawhata.  She had just had her hair styled in the hairdressers at the village so her new do deserved a public outing.

Lovely venue, we chose to sit outside, and the food was scrumdiddlyumpshish!

The heir and the spare are loving the kitties too!

The cooler evenings are fabulous, likewise the moon and my solar lanterns.

There is still time for the odd op shop visit, two new frocks for me.

Last week the hot air balloon festival was on.  No matter what age you are they are still pretty cool things to see.  There was only four novelty balloons this year and on my way to work in the morning I got to see them all.
Not sure how many there were in total, but they look so beautiful all floating across the early morning sky.

 Oscar is in love with the babies and they are in love with a card board tube.

I went to this gorgeous young mans third birthday on the weekend!


The sun is still shining but the legs need cover.  Rain has been predicted for tomorrow.  As long as it is back to sunshine by the weekend, as I have a wedding to go to!!

Instead of picking flowers I gathered Autumn leaves today, don't you just love all those colours.  I sure do, amazing how Nature still looks beautiful in death. 

 Every living thing eventually dies.

 Tomorrow they go to the SPCA for a weigh in and a check with the vet.

Words of Wisdom:

So true!!



Beth Waltz said...

First?! What beautiful babies they are, Sue! Little Toby bears watching: he's wriggling his way into the hearts of your family, using all his toes to gain purchase.

Your French braid is lovely, exactly the right mix of elegance and casual to suit your style of layered clothing and colors. Much like the bouquet of leaves!

Fan of the feathered girls that I am, I do appreciate the action photo of the dust bath. One of the fall tasks for us kids was to trudge around with shovels, filling in the hens' "bathtubs" so the horses didn't break a leg, and filling in the dogs' burrows in the flower beds so our mum didn't break an ankle.

Mim said...

Aw, such cute babies.

And good news on getting a good result from the mammogram - I always feel the same about smear test results. It's almost as though until the results come back, it's schroedinger's cancer, both there and not there....

Connie said...

You are such a good kitty momma. Actually you're a good momma all around!! And cute. I love your tunic and Phoebe pants. We visited Ernest Hemmingway's house in Key West, Florida and the place is just full of sweet 6 toed kitties that are all related. Maybe Toes is a cousin?

Nancy J said...

The kittens look such fun, and I know lots of work. Your leaves with one week feather, a perfect photo as we enter Autumn well and truly. Rain, wind, I hope for you and the wedding guests it is mild and fine.

Mel Baker said...

It looks and sounds like your entire family are having fun with the kitties. Glad the mammo went well and the results are good.

Leeanne said...

Woohoo....I'm getting close to being a mermaid! How are you going to part with those cute bundles of fluff??

Fiona said...

Superb snap of your chook having a dust bath Sue.
Good news indeed on the mammogram. x

Goody said...

Okay, so I'm a mermaid-I'd better get to a pool of water quickly!

Your kittens are giving me the cute-overload again, and the photos of your lads playing with them are adorable.

Sue W-that's a GREAT haircut.

Glad your boobies are healthy.

Julie said...

Ohh Sue ... I keep coming back just to look at those bundles of mischief. they are soooooo gorgeous. I am not sure you are going to be able to part with any of them !!! Glad your mamo went all okay. Love the new hair colour too. Have a great Easter weekend Sue. Give those fur babies a gentle squishy hug from Auntie Julie x x

freckleface said...

Congratulations on the mammogram result. I haven't had one yet. I've heard they're a bit painful, but got to be worth it. Those babies are just adorable. I would get nothing done. I'd just want to snuggle and play with them. Looks like that's the effect they have on everyone! Your hair looks lovely. What's your natural colour that you're going back to? I love the harem pant look, so cute! Xxx