Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sometimes life drifts slowly by when in fact it has zoomed past me.

I swear if I blink another week will pass me by.  And then I discover that it is now July?  How did that happen?  The weather has been decidedly shite of late, lots of the wet stuff, warm, but RAIN! 

The other week, not last week, but the one before, little George and Wayne left us.  Both lads were booked in for their de sexing ops so we said our goodbyes and had our last cuddles.

Then I got a call saying "can you take Wayne back", the vet couldn't find one of his nuts!!  This meant having to have a bigger op the following week, so while picking him back up I was given a brother and sister, Sushi (girl) on the left and Dylz  (boy) on the right.  They moved in to the kitty condo and the three of them just got on with it.

Pretty cute but I have to admit that three kittens are a lot of work and make an awful amount of poo.  The kitten season is nearing an end so these may well be the last babies for a while.

For some odd reason I seemed to wear black and white more than once, which isn't like me when the weather is dull.  The rain was starting to get to me, which is also not like me.  I was brewing a bug but didn't know it.

A dear friend of mine, Vicki turned 50 on the Friday of that week which meant good fun pressies were a must.  I had arranged with her hubby to just drop in on the day with out her knowing.  What they both didn't know is I had managed to get another of our friends down from Auckland!!

Denise, Vicki and I have know each other since our youngest kids went to kindergarten together, and those little ones are all turning 21 this year.  We had such a great afternoon/evening with Vicki and her family, there was family out from Canada that we got to meet as well.  Yay for good friends I say.

The weekend passed by with me unwell, but I figure it was natures way of telling me to get my shit together and chill.  The weather was wet so it was a good chance to stay under a blanket and catch up on recorded tv programs.

This week we said goodbye again to Wayne, he had his surgery and recovered well, thanks to his surrogate mother Oscar.  I even found Wayne trying to feed off Oscar much to his disbelief and shock at the entire experience. Them nipples are as dry as!! These two really did love each other.

Meanwhile, Big has completely taken over the house and lays on the floor like this in the evening.  Little Sushi got sick so I have been giving her antibiotics daily.  As for Dylz, he just wants to be cuddled now that his full on playmate has left.  Dylz goes this Monday and Sushi will be on her own until she is well and gets her op.

This week was incredibly busy for me at work so I only got to visit a couple of Op shops on Friday.  The Hispanita Shoes were $4 and the magazines were free.  That was all I walked away with.  My op shopping mojo just wasn't with me, or maybe there just wasn't much on offer to excite me.  

From there I went country.

It was time for a catch up with Dawn and see what she had been up to on the creative side of things.  I also had some stuff of my own that I had made ages ago to under glaze.  All will be revealed when finished.  These Cat bird feeders are brilliant.  I think they would look amazing hanging along a fence.

Most of this was in the process of being made last time I visited so it was wicked to see them all finished and ready to be sold.  

The tiny Shadow Windows are super cute.

I fell in love with the Planted Totem, was it the spots, the stripes, or just the entire look?

The Dr Seuss style wall hanging is just so cool.

I love the bright coloured houses, these are an oldie but a goodie, she just hasn't made them for a while. 
BUT OMG!!  These Shadow Boxes are the best, and I get the feeling they are going to sell out fast.  The detail is amazing.

In fact, I bought a second off her!!

Yesterday and today the sun finally came back.  So nice to finally get some washing line dried and hopefully the ground will dry out a bit too.  The garden still has fat sparrows, falling leaves and the odd bit of colour sneaking through.

The Spares rugby was in town today and right next to one of the older cemeteries in Hamilton. There was a flock of birds in there that took flight to the larger trees that border the rugby ground.

Such a distraction from the game for me.

The good news is, his team won their game, the sun continued to shine for the rest of the day.  The temperature sure did drop of this evening and I am guess a bloody good frost will happen over night.  Makes everything look pretty magical and it should kill off a few dirty bugs going around.

Have a good weekend everyone, and remember this:



Serenata said...

The way time flies and goes by so fast is just plain scary I reckon! I couldn't believe it was July either!

Love the pottery - amazing work.

Sounds like the kittens have been keeping you very busy indeed.

Goody said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope you're better soon. Being sick in winter is just the worst. You look great though, for what that's worth. I like how you do black and white.

The Owl and the Pussycat is one of my favourite poems, and I must have read it aloud hundreds of times when Danny was small. The shadow boxes are too adorable for words and the birdfeeders...oh goodness!

Julie said...

Great post Sue ... yes it sure has been wet, wet, wet this past week here too. I love the shadow boxes Dawn is making, they are amazing. Sorry to read you have been unwell, there are bugs everywhere at the moment. Hope you feel better this week - at least the sun is out.

Leeanne said...

I hope you get better more ricecakes! I enjoyed the collection of photo's of all sorts.......cute kitties. You should have seen Simon the last couple of days a complete lunatic!!! keep warm xxx

Poppy Q said...

Sue , the black and white outfits suit you and I think your hair looks great now it has returned to your natural colour.

The kittens are pretty cute and you are doing a great job of raising them. I bet Mr Big is really at home now.

Polyester Princess said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Sue. xxx

Mim said...

Those shadow boxes are ace, and I love the Dr Seuss wallhanging.

I hope you're feeling better now.

Three kittens is definitely a lot of kitty krap to clear up. I hope your foster kits aren't as stinky as our rescue kittens were!

freckleface said...

I remember all the cat poo. That and the sick were the worst bit. But all the cuddles made up for it. What a lovely birthday surprise you sorted out Sue, well done! Good friends make life worth living. I think you look great in black and white. Get well soon! Xxx

Beth Waltz said...

What fun you're having, Sue, mixing and matching the black-and-white separates! Nothing boring about your outfits here!

The kits are fortunate to have you for a foster mom. It's difficult for healthy kittens to find homes, even more difficult for ailing babies to stay alive. Bless you, and foster parent Oscar!

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