Saturday, 9 July 2016

Six days on......

...and I am still here.  Hey thanks for wishing me well, I was actually only crook for  a few days (poohs and spews) but I am back to fighting fit, well not fit really, to be honest, quite unfit, but WELL again.  Now this house is overflowing with Man Flu!!!  Of course I cannot catch it as I am not a man!!  But to be on the safe side cut onions are being strategically placed around the house and I am drinking Vitamin C and Echinacia boost bombs.

We are down to one foster kitten now as dear Mr Dylz went in for his op on Monday.  Little Miss Sushi is such a shy little thing so a lot of handling has been happening this week.  She is well now but still loves being wrapped and snuggled and I don't mind it one bit.

I wore my new to me $4 shoes that I found last week on Monday and let me tell you, they are so comfortable, but then again, they are Hispanitas, a Spanish brand.  Kind of a reddish pink colour that just went well with all the other  colours I threw on that morning.

Turns out that Big is a lap cat after all and you so know he is on your lap, especially when he starts to prod.  He has been spending more time indoors these last few days as it has been cooler, with a few favourite spots to snooze in having been selected personally by himself.

Two of my favourite things in the garden are in abundance, my Daphne and Lemons.  I love taking a bunch of Daphne to work to go on my desk.  Oh and the lemons are so good in hot water and honey to soothe sore throats.

Our old Peach Tree is covered in Lichen and Moss, such magical stuff, I keep looking for the Fairies that I am sure are living in the garden.

Of course we have had a few more wet days, well it is supposed to be Winter and Rain is a byproduct of the Season.  I am constantly fascinated with water droplets that get left behind and wet cobwebs, the one above was in a bucket full of water.

Orange, Black and White with Spots happened for me on Wednesday, a cold, wet, down right miserable arse sort of day.  I was thankful to be at work inside with a heater on.

Oscar was on the whiffy side of things so I gave him a hair cut and a bath.  Poor little dude was rather cold after his little poof and pamper session so I went and bought him a jersey.  He isn't overly excited about my choice but he is warm.
"I am a DOG not a doll!!"

Sheba has found her inner mother and has taken a shine to Sushi.  I think it is because she is so quiet where all the other kittens have been full on and quite confusing to Sheba.  All I know is it is real cute to watch.

Thursday was bloody cold thank you very much.  Lucky I have nice long coats to slap on over what ever I end up wearing.  Coats and Boots are my Winter Jam!  I haven't been to the op shops much of late, there hasn't been much on offer that has made me go wow.  But on Friday I did call into the SPCA shop en route to Sue Ws place, as I was being her rural delivery mail person.

This sweet little, and I mean little, apron was only $2.  I did also find and buy a merino long cardy/jacket and a nana coat.  I call it a nana coat because it is taupe, a colour I associate with being a nana, that and powder blue.  Apart from being Taupe, it was only $8, brand new and perfect for cold afternoons on the sideline at rugby.  In fact I wore it today and it did the job perfectly, nana coat or not I was warm!

Speaking of rugby, that is the spare getting his face pushed into the earth.  Another good game sadly resulting with a loss to his team.  They were coming second in their division but after today this won't be the case.  Never mind, there is always next season.  Glass half full, that's me.

This is what I ended up wearing today and to his game.  I am not the traditionally dressed rugby mum on the sideline, but today I tried my best and wore a pair of jeans.  I am not really a jeans person these days, when I was a couple of dress sizes smaller I occasionally wore them.  These are nana jeans!!  Elasticated top!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Seriously comfy for the job required, and far too long in the leg.  For some reason manufacturers think that the wider a lady is the taller she is too.  WRONG!!!  I just hacked off a couple of inches and left them raw, they aren't going to be worn that often so they don't warrant hemming.

Anyway, here is something to make you smile.

Okay then,
I am off to decorate!!




Connie said...

Nana jeans! That's my girl! The baggier the better, I say! You look as cute as can be with knitted flower in your hair. Probably keeps your ears warm as well. Same for Oscar. He looks hysterical. I had a good laugh on that one. I love animals in clothing. It totally cracks me up.

Goody said...

Oh dear, Man Flu is no fun. I'm glad to hear you're getting better though.

You look great in jeans, and the headband is a lovely way to keep warm without messing up your hair. Sometimes I too wonder who these Amazons are that wear such long trousers-I certainly never met any.

Great photos of your garden-the cobweb in the bucket is particularly nice. Have you ever considered selling these as prints at a festival or art show? You're quite talented.

Fingers crossed for a quick exit of all flu bugs from your household.

Poppy Q said...

You look great Sue - nice outfits.

We miss your posts and check in every day to see if you have written anything.

Nice and frosty here this morning.

Julie and Poppy Q

Polyester Princess said...

How sweet Little Miss Sushi is, and I love Oscar in his jersey! As always I'm very much enjoying your garden and nature photographs too xxx

Mim said...

Aw, Oscar looks really cute in his little dog-hoodie. And it's nice to see Big becoming more of a lap cat too.

Melanie said...

Sue, I am sorry to hear that you were under the weather!! But now you are better. Whew!!! Oh, I've missed your blasts of positive energy - I'm such a dolt. So many adorable creatures. Absolutely lovable. And you are gorgeous in your colours. It would be a dream to grow my own lemons. Keep warm and safe from contaminated flu men. Hahaha!! I love the last photo. It did make me smile.

Vix said...

Sushi and Sheba make an adorable pair and Mr Big just gets more and more gorgeous.
Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Has your winter been worse than usual? Our Summer still hasn't started!
You look great in jeans. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Quite right about the idiot who thinks wide hips mean long legs! Here in the States one scours the thrifts for Gloria Vanderbilt jeans -- they actually fit and wear like woven steel.

I share your appreciation of mosses and lichens, especially when viewed through an excellent close-up. Thanks, too, for the sweet portraits of the kits and dogs. I'm sure your online photos will help the fosterlings find families.

freckleface said...

I like the sound of nana jeans, nice and comfy :) although I still don't think you look like a typical rugby mum. Far too funky! Gawd, illness and winter all wrapped into one. These are a few of my UN favourite things. But you keep smiling, which is always lovely to see xxx