Friday, 22 July 2016

This house is kitten free...

Yes the last foster baby Sushi got returned today and will be up for adoption tomorrow.  Apparently the kitten season has been a really long way this year, so the break will be good for the SPCA.  As for me, I think I will miss those little balls of fluff and cuteness.  But give it a couple of months and it will all be on again.  Life goes on without kittens, work, work, chores, chores, and of course play time!  Oh and some sorting of old things for the Spares 21st which is next month.

Apart from going through a gazillion or so photos, I came across some of his story writing.  The one above is one of the best for sure, I think he was about 6 or so. 

Last weekend on our way to rugby (another good win) I finally got some photos of my favourite Bridge in Hamilton through the trees while sitting in a line of traffic.  There are 6 bridges that cross the Waikato River in town which connects the East and West parts of town.  But the Fairfield one above is my favourite one, I think it is the arches.

The only nice thing about the weather that day was the Rainbow above the University when it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the game.

Saturday night TOF and I went into town to a 21st Birthday Party.  We scored a handy park near the Museum and got a close up look in the rain at the latest Sculpture to be erected in town.  Obviously I need to go back in the day light for some better shots of what looks like a Lego waterfall.

The Birthday girl is sitting next to me, gorgeous Melissa. She and the spare have known each other since Kindy days and Her mum Vicki, sitting in front is one of my awesome good friends.  Our other good friend who is equally as awesome is Denise.

Denise and I couldn't resist having our photo taken with the fabulous cousins from Canada, the nicest young peeps I have met for such a long time.  Makes you want to be twenty again so you can join in on all the fun they were having!!

Me and my girls, when we get together the laughter does not stop.  Some call us trouble, I say we are FUN!!!


At the beginning of the week I drove on out to Dawns and came home with a Tree necklace that I wired together.  Her Studio is full of stock all ready to be delivered to the numerous outlets that she sells through.

The Brown Boyz are very cool, the dude on the left split his pants so he will get sold as a second.

More of these Guys, now sporting earrings.

Inside and outside the Studio is full of colourful temptations.

I am in love with these Handle-less mugs!!

Taz was trying her very best to assist.

 I wore a new to me brick red over dress and multi tights,
with some old favourites.

Oh and I was beyond happy when I discovered flowers in my garden.  My Kaka Beak tree is smothered in buds like those in the bottom photo.  Just like Red Beaks, hence the name.

Our weather has been so mild that even the Spring flowers are flowering.

We are still getting the cooler evenings and poor Oscar has some competition for Heater position these days.  Big is so smug when he wins pole.

Today started off Foggy and the sun tried desperately to shine.  I went to visit Sue W at her place in the country where all is quiet except for the sounds of nature which by the way is in abundance!

I love wandering around the farmlet hanging out with her animals.

There were so many of these beautiful little Fantails darting around, so hard to get a photo as they just will not stay still.

Her Roses are still blooming and Maximus Giganticus dog followed us everywhere.

I am calling the bloke on the left, Donald Rump as he had a pretty good comb over.  The other two are Sues ageing pet cows, and old Isobel was enjoying her chin getting scratched.  When Sue threw hay to the girl Kara picked some up and threw it back, I did have a good laugh at Sue covered in Hay!!

We wandered across to the farm next door to visit the neighbours. 

And there was a barn with BABY CALVES in it!!!  So tempted to bring one of them home in the back of my car.

Before you know it the day had all but gone, so I waved good bye to the Lock Ness of Karakariki and headed back into town, feeling revived from my country visit.

Now the weekend is upon us and it is looking like a nice relaxing one.  That is after tomorrows game of rugby.  If the Spares team keep winning they stand a chance of being in the final.  GO EASTERN SUBURBS!!!  Hope you all yelled that out.

And remember this:
Hmmm, a Tutu at Rugby!!


Polyester Princess said...

Oh, I bet you will miss those kitties! I had to smile at your son's story, going to feed the lions AND his brother ...That studio indeed is full of tempting goodies! I'm loving your black and red outfit, although the blue and orange one is a winner too. But what's the Loch Ness monster doing out there? xxx

Goody said...

At least he didn't want to feed his brother TO the lions-a small but important difference!

I love the fact that even your trees are sporting beautiful necklaces.

Happy Birthday to Jak!

Thank you for the fantail photo-never saw one. They're cute little things, aren't they?

Have a great weekend, and GO EASTERN SUBURBS!!
(I even used *two* exclamation points).

Nancy J said...

No kitties, it will be quiet, but guess a lot more time to do things.Love the farm scenes, and a gorgeous tutu!!! Yes, we have snowdrops out, good timing, as when I was a child, they always flowered on my and my Mum's birthday.( the same day). Hyacinth bulbs are up, freesias have extra long leaves, and daylight hours are longer, even if the mornings are a tad cold.

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous photos and fun post Sue - have a great weekend!!!

Leeanne said...

Love the pottery pieces, especially the tree necklace, groovie idea! You will have a slightly quieter house without the furry babies. Orange boot love! Happy weekend...............Simon says h-e-l-l-o from 'his' biscornu!

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, I too love the Fairfield Bridge the bestest. Hope you enjoy some peace before next batch of kittens arrive. That story of the Spares about his brother is just priceless .... gosh I did laugh so much. Loved all of Dawns new pieces. Have a great weekend Sue.

Beth Waltz said...

Can't decide which photo is more interesting -- the decaying stump or the perky little fantail. The kaka beak tree is fascinating, nothing like it here in the cornfields! But I'm charmed by the notion that somewhere on this planet there are two old pet cows, living out their days in peace, with an occasional chin skritch.

Vix said...

I love that sweet little fantail! What a fab photo! xxx

Mim said...

Pet cows - what an excellent idea!