Friday, 15 July 2016

Life goes on but No ManFlu for me

Well that dreaded ManFlu that was squatting in our house tried it's very best to infect me.  NO WAY was I going down without a fight and I didn't.  Couple of nights of hitting the Vitamin C and Echinacea Boost Bombs before bed and I was tickety boo.   
Bloody Man Bugs can't get me!!

I made this Health Pack up for the Heir, as he had a rather nasty strain of ManFlu happening and he is flatting, and it is what a good mum does, she gets the good shit for her boys.  You never stop looking after your kids.

My feathered pets are content to share their garden with the natives, and we have plenty of them.  I personally think they are hanging around listening to the Canaries singing on the deck.  

The Canaries have been renamed again, 
Cheech and Chong now!

 Just a good old fashioned 'Sparrow' tree.

Oscar got a new Manly Camo Jersey.

He had a lot to say about it too.

My outfits have been multi coloured this week due to some new to me things.  I have not worn the spotted scarf yet but there is rugby tomorrow, and the necklace arrived in the mail today (trade me).

I found this over dress at Habitat this week as I happened to be passing by.  Ok so I lie, I was picking up something that they were selling on Trade Me and I won.  

The Spares gorgeous girlfriend has just got back from a wee overseas holiday and she got me this fabulous large shawl/scarf.  I knew I could work an outfit around it easy peasy.  She knows me well, colourful, SPOTS and a Mandela print.

This wicked top I slipped under my blue dress today, but it didn't get much air time as it was a dam cold wet miserable day.

So this is what I won on auction from Habitat, a vintage dolls pram.  Oscar thinks it is his and quite enjoyed being pushed around the house in it.

Meanwhile outdoors I uncovered things in the garden that made me smile.  I love how the pottery house hill as aged over time.

Big follows me in the garden, wanders on the roof of the girls house and then sits on the fence.  He hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest in the girls, I obviously feed him well.

We had a couple of lovely afternoons outside, that is me and the pets, so we spent most of it on the deck in sheltered sunshine.  Me reading and them snoozing.

Sushi had a grand time even was relaxed enough to stretch out and break into a big yawn next to Oscar.  She has one more week left with us.

These boys are getting on famously, but poor old Sheba is still giving Big a wide berth after too many claws to her chops.  I believe in letting them work it out for themselves, a bit like kids.  Don't get involved unless you see the entire situation as it usually takes two!!

I finally got around to visiting my lovely hairdresser and getting a tidy up.  I don't like straightened hair, it is far to tidy for me so I gave it a bit of Wave Envy when I got home, much more messy me.

Judging by the above sleeping positions anyone might think it was COLD today.

Says the Heater Hogger!!

With our changeable weather we get some really cool skies, I love clouds.  It is blowing like a bugger outside now and raining, I am so glad it is the evening and I am tucked up inside.  Hopefully it will be all good tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!! 


Beth Waltz said...

First! First to admire that reversible spotted scarf! And the floral frock combined with spots in more than one outer garment!

It's a pleasure to see your fauna and fowl enjoying their happy home with you, Sue. You lavish loving attention on them all -- witness that amazing CARE package for the ailing heir -- and you're rewarded with purrs and yawns and chirrups. Quite right about the significance of little Sushi's yawn: you've done a grand job of preparing her for a home with other pets.

Polyester Princess said...

Oscar's new jersey is adorable, and look at that cat's face. It's obviously feeling very superior! I'm loving your multi-coloured outfits and that vintage dolls pram is über-cute! xxx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, Love your new top from Habitat ... totally LoVe the pram. Oscar looks way too masculine in his camo top to be pushed around in that pram!!! Sushi is gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend Sue.

Goody said...

Oscar probably thinks the pram is his royal carriage, and you're taking him round to visit the peasants.

You're right about never stopping taking care of the kids. I still grab for the kid's hand to cross the street, and will likely still be doing it when he's forty.

That's a beautiful top you've layered under the dress-I love the way it adds interest without overwhelming the dress.

Leeanne said...

Oscar looks like a wanna be solider in that get up! Mr big is a handsome fellow.

Natural Medley said...

I just love that invisible circled top. And the pottery house hill is so cute with the moss.
Been a while since I managed the journey to your place, and the crowd has changed!
But the photos are still spot on (ha)!
Glad you avoided the flu. Well done!
Xo Jazzy Jack

duchess_declutter said...

Sue I love little Oscars camo outfit - as does he obviously! The scarf brought back from OS for you is totes you!! Gorgeous :) cheers Wendy

Connie said...

You are the best mommy. And you look so darned adorable doing it. Just love your first outfit. Well, all your outfits actually. You really have a knack. Oscar looks so cute. I bet he'll be borrowing your scarves before you know it.

Mim said...

Oh, Big's FACE! What a gorgeous boy he is. And Oscar is looking very macho in his camo. Good to see you're not missing out on the natty new outfit actiom either.

The gently-ageing pottery house hill is lovely.

freckleface said...

You are such a good mum Sue, not only to your boys but to all your beasts too. Look at Oscar in that pram, that is so cute!! I'm pretty impressed with your man-flu avoidance success! Go Sue! I love your new curls, can't beat messy hair! Xxx