Thursday, 18 August 2016

At the end of the day, two cakes are better than one!!

Life somehow seems to have got super busy of late, doing what I don't know but all I know is the weeks have been flying past faster than a superhero on a rescue mission.

Lucky for me I love to take photos, it so helps me recap what I have actually been doing.  I said I would go back and watch those gorgeous horse do their jumping thing, and I am so glad I did.

 I fell in love with the cutest little show jumping girl on her sweet little pony.


Pretty sure this horse rolling in the paddock near the jumping part was having a good laugh at not having to be all saddled up and pimped out to go jumping.

Horses are amazing creatures, I think I would actually like to give the old horse riding thing a go, maybe even try the jumping stuff.  Looked like so much fun.

I couldn't take a horse home but I did find a pile of small pine cones.  Not the same I know but they look very seasonal in a basket at the front door.

I have watched a lot of the Olympics on TV.  Our girl Val got a silver in the shot put.  I rather like the mens swimming, phoar!!!

I bought GREEN BOOTS for $40 off Trade Me that went perfectly with the Jellicoe dress I got off Trade Me as well. 
I wore my rugby watching skinny jeans with a dress and velvet coat with Mary Jane shoes.

ORANGE BOOTS and an AQUA SCARF brightened up an otherwise black and white outfit.

Two recently Op Shopped dresses went well together and matched my RED BOOTS like it was meant to be.

The sun made an appearance so Sunnies got worn, with grey, black and redness.

Jack Frost visited one morning and I could see exactly where he had been in my garden.

His work melted away as the sun broke through.

I found some fabric covered small half mannequins on Trade Me and they are perfect for my Brooches.  I think I have ample brooches and necklaces so why not display them all.

 Some Op Shopped treasures.

I was so excited to see my Orchid had finally flowered, I have truly neglected this plant so this has been a pleasant and welcome surprise. 

TOF BAKED fruit puff lolly cake and it didn't last long!!

My Garden thinks it is Spring already.

Seeded plants are still reaching to the sky.

 How beautiful are Hallibores (Winter Roses) close up?

Baby Daffodils that smell divine.
My creepers are flowering and nearly meeting in the middle of the climbing frame above the garden swing.  Going to look pretty fabulous when they get to mingle.
Colourful Daisies that look like they have been painted.
They have, with Mother Natures brush.


 Morning dew glistening in the sunshine,
yeah baby, we had more sunshine!!

My baby, the Spare turned 21 today so I decorated his bedroom and pimped out a supermarket cake.  I don't bake birthday cakes. 

His gorgeous girlfriend baked him a Banoffe Cake and we all agreed that two cakes were better than one!!

We are having a bit of a knees up at our local on Saturday night, should be loads of fun, his friends are hilarious.  More decorating will take place and I shall take lots of photos so you will get a sneaky peak at a Kiwi 21st next time.

Before I leave you all, I found these lollies in a chemist shop.  I bought home the Man Flu ones as the Spare had the sniffles.

Catch you all next week!!


Leeanne said...

The colour explosion! The colour boot get all the good coloured boot bargains!!!! Not fair..........I have recently come to the most life changing decision that life is too short to NOT wear red boots........lucky for me I have some!
Horse riding and especially jumping is lots of fun! My sister and I were very lucky to each have a horse and we had many hours of fun. Dad, a man with not much money always said it was the best money he ever spent. Right I'm off to checkout colourful boots for sale on Trademe...............

Vix said...

We're twins, that's how I display my brooches, too!
What a week you've had, fabulous outfits, horses and sports, baking and a birthday! By the look of those beautiful flowers it looks like Spring's finally on it's way! xxx

Julie said...

Yummy yum ... lolly cake ... my fave :-) Happy 21st birthday to the Spare ... the cakes look divine Sue. Your garden is looking pretty - you will be loving this sunshiney week we are having, long may it last.

Polyester Princess said...

Life certainly becomes a whirlwind from time to time, and without photographs it is indeed difficult to remember what exactly you have been doing. I'm the same, always taking my camera and making photographs. I'm loving the way you display your brooches and I'm on the lookout for a similar rack to display my ever-growing collection of necklaces. xxx

Serenata said...

Oh wow Sue, those red and green boots are fantastic! Just love them! Well actually I love boots...might have to make getting some different pairs my mission for this upcoming winter, that might brighten the winter up somewhat.

Just loved the showjumping photos. Brought back some wonderful memories of my childhood, teens and early twenties. Seems a lifetime ago now! I would advise against riding horses sister still rides and she is discovering she doesn't 'bounce' as well when anymore - two sets of broken ribs in the last year!

Congratulations to the spare, hope he has a fantastic party - I can imagine it will be a lot of fun.

Lovely to see this post.

freckleface said...

I think that your black, white, orange and acqua outfit is perfect, really stylish, lovely colour combo and shape. Mind you, I also love the red boots and violets always make me so happy. Happy birthday to your son, happy cake eating to you! Xxx

Beth Waltz said...

This post is a bountiful buffet of all that's colorful and joy-full in your world, Sue! Thanks for sharing the kids and their ponies, the green boots and rosy red shoes, the flowers, the odd flora -- and the celebration with TWO cakes!

The black-and-white paint with the very clean, very fluffy fetlocks above his clunky hooves brings back happy memories of dear old Victory, a draft horse who worked on a farm, paced the ring in a tiny circus and herded cows before spending his retirement years carting riding students. We loved him dearly and made a special effort to groom him (and his custom made English tack) for show appearances.

Melanie said...

Where to start...? All your dresses and shoes are just a visual party, Sue! You do have the best scores in the shoe/boot department, the best-looking feet in town I have no doubt. Happy B-day to the Spare. What a handsome man. You said it: how does time move so quickly?! And the garden, what a delight. Your photos are brilliant.

Goody said...

Your baby is 21!!! Best wishes to him. And of course two cakes are always better than one.

I am so happy to see your daffodils blooming, knowing how much you need Spring...RIGHT NOW! It will come, don't you worry.

You look so fab in all your colourful finery. Green boots that were made for you, and all cool jeans too.

You know that horse is rolling around in the mud to be passive aggressive. "Ha, ha-they just groomed me...I'll show them!"
Horses can be jerks like that.

Fiona said...

It seems strange to me to see frost and daffs in the southern hemisphere...and it means autumn's on the way here! Shite. I agree with Tan, I think your orange, black and white with a touch of aqua outfit is the dog's whatsits. What no chooks? Happy birthday to the spare. x

Mim said...

The brooch mannequin is an excellent idea - such a good way of displaying them all.

Is that an outdoor orchid? It must be very hardy. (Or, possibly, you have rather better weather than I do here.) I have to grow mine in the bathroom; I'm amazed I haven't killed them off yet.

Happy birthday to The Spare; two cakes are definitely better than one.