Sunday, 28 August 2016

Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.

Well the party is over, no more 21st to be had.  We had a bit of a do, a knees up, a partay for the Spare to celebrate him turning 21.  It was such a great night too.  He had so many friends there and we had a few of ours plus my sister and her family over from the beach.  I had to make a speech as TOF isn't a speaker, OMG I was bogging it.  No need to, it was fine, and I never have to make another speech again, so my speech making days are DONE!!

And they made me use a microphone! My audience laughed a few times so I must have been entertaining somewhere in my talk.  The venue was upstairs at our local tavern and it was excellent.  The bar staff on duty were amazing and the food was THE BEST!  Curtosey vans took the party goers into town, so with a quick clean up we were out of there by 1am. TOF and I then realised we hadn't had dinner, only a savoury so we did a detour through the golden arches of a drive through Mc Ds.

So my baby is all grown up now.  He has gone from baby bottles of milk to a yard glass full of beer!!  No more birthday parties to be had for the lads now, well ones that we put on that is.

The other day the Heir and I took the dogs for a walk in my favourite place, Tatua Arboretum.  He had never been there so it was nice to show him around.

It was a nice Sunny Winter day,
very mild and perfect for a wee wander.

I found the colourful things!

The Heir loved the Chickens and Roosters like me.

I went to a Book Fair the other day and found these ones.  I am half way through reading The Mistress Of Spices, and it is a lovely read.  The Scandinavian one is gorgeous of course. Who doesn't need a book on Happy Thoughts?  Probably me because my head is constantly full of them.  But I think Growing Old Disgracefully will be my new go to book, SO FUNNY!!

Does anyone know what this plant is called?  I snapped this off a shrub at a mate of the Heirs, the mate had no idea what it was.  All I know is it is gorgeous. Any ideas??

Biggles Mc Big Cat pretty much sums up the last few weeks for me.  It has been pretty busy and has had some up and down moments, but nothing I cannot handle and nothing to worry about. Sometimes you just have to put your big girl pants on and get stuck in!!

 I got a bit bored with my hair so it has gone back to Blonde today.

Quote from 'Happy Thoughts'

Freedom is not
worth having if it
does not include
the freedom to 
make mistakes.


Live joyfully and peacefully
knowing that right thoughts
and right efforts inevitably
bring about right results.



Julie said...

Looks & sounds like a great party there Sue. And Yes ... you probably WILL have to make more speeches ... when they get married you probably will have to ... as I did, as my Mr doesnt "do speeches" either. Sorry I dont know that plant but you are right, it looks wonderful. As do your new book purchases. Hope you have a great week Sue x x

Goody said...

Somehow, I don't think you're quite finished throwing Birthday parties, though perhaps on a less grand scale. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time.

I hope whatever's causing you to pull up your "big girl" pants passes by without too much frustration. Ultimately, we're only responsible for ourselves, but if people are behaving like __________(insert whatever insult fits the bill)it can be trying.

Polyester Princess said...

It looks like you had a great party, and congratulations to your son on his 21st birthday. But as Julie says, your speeching days will probably not be over just yet ... Lovely photos of your walk, and of Biggles Mc Big Cat (love that name!) xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Well done, Sue. You successfully planned the event down to the last detail, omitting only food for yourself and TOF. Reminds me of my brother-the-diplomat's tale of attending a grand occasion with his lady where the food service was less than anticipated: "Sis, do you have any idea how tricky it is to get a limo through a McD's drive-through...?"

BMcBC is plumping up nicely! And the roosters at Tatua are not skinny pullets! Good times lie ahead in the spring: keep the faith.

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to your lad! It looks like you threw him a great party.
Mr Big just gets more and more handsome, doesn't he? x

Raewyn said...

Sounds like a great 21st - we breathed a sigh of relief when the last of ours was done and dusted too but ahem there may be other speeches in your horizon at other family do's..... I feel like I should know that plant as I've seen it around! Gorgeous photos as always :-)

Mim said...

That looks like a good party!

Big is such a lovely cat. He looks very content.

Melanie said...

Oh, the Spare is all grown up. What a shock. And you have done such a brilliant job raising him to fly on his own. What a brilliant party and I'm sure your speech was funny and moving, all it was intended to be. And so the seasons change. Beautiful nature shots. And blonde again - why not? It looks gorgeous on you too. Now, where are my big girl pants...?

freckleface said...

Party time, well done Mum. You did well, now relax :) The Scandinavian book looks beautiful and The Mistress of Spiced intriguing. Isn't it lovely to sit down with a good book? You look lovely as a blonde, just in time for Spring! Xxx