Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spring has so Sprung!

I love what I call the in between seasons, Autumn and Spring.  But I forgot how changeable the weather is in Spring.  It has been all over the place.  This makes for difficulties when deciding what to wear when I'm getting dressed!!  Layers are definitely being used daily. 

On the sunny days the top layers get removed and the hair gets tied up.  The sunny days have been accompanied with the Equinox winds.  So warm if you get a sheltered spot.  But look at the sky, BLUENESS reigns!!  Everything is on turbo growth in the garden, I LOVE IT!!

All the colour makes for one very happy gardener!!

The girls are enjoying Spring so much that we are back on hide and seek with their eggs.  I have found a few of the favourite spots but I am sure there are others I have yet to find.

On a dull Sunday TOF dug the garden arches into the ground and I got busy moving plants and putting in edging I had scored off trade me at bargain prices.

Stepping stones have been placed, Big supervised from an elevated position and I now only need some bark to complete these areas.

I placed an old gate near the Lavender so it has something to contain it. All seating is ready for those long hot summer days that are getting closer all the time.

On a day that was dull and slowly disintegrated into rain, the furies followed me outside in the afternoon. 

Some Lavender got caught up with someone mowing the lawn so it ended up inside. Such a beautiful perfume was the bonus!

I threw on an old coat so I could continue to be outdoors.

My Sweet Peas are already starting to flower, so a couple of them made their way indoors with some other fragrant things.

I drove through to Cambridge to see my SIL and BIL and of course their baby Ginny.  OMG she has needle sharp teeth!!  I was sniffed from top to toe when I got home.

Now for my op shopped treasures of late.  Colourful drinking glasses that hopefully will survive the dishwasher.  I swooped on the old bottles, they are getting harder to find these days.
Old Medicine bottles are equally scarce, I love the old labeling!
Of course there were CLOTHES!!  An op shop that was closing down had everything at 20 cents!!  I found the two things in the middle from that shop but gave them $2 because I didn't want change, and at a $1 each that was still super cheap.  The oil burner on the left is the one I scored at Waihi that I mentioned in my last post.  The Red slip dress is TCD and ridiculously cheap and perfect for my layering.

TOF and I clocked up 24 years of Wedded Bliss (hahahaha) last weekend!! So we had fish and chips out at Raglan all with a lovely sunset!!

I don't buy Dog Toys for the dogs, I get bags of second hand soft toys for $2 per bag from Save Mart.  This is the only time you get to see Oscar with all the toys.  Sheba claims them all within minutes of their arrival and is not up for sharing! Cheaper way to have pet toys, and we all know that the destuffing of them will take place very soon.

The very adorable Ms Gaia has flown back to Australia, but yesterday she came round with her parents for her farewell cuddles.  The most laid back little bub I have meet for such a long time, probably because she has such cruisey parents.

My afternoon was spent out at Sues in the Country.  Ava on the left has grown so much.  Max is looking so old now compared to the new  chic in the  house.

The weather was perfect for a wander about the 'Estate'!!

Old Max was showing off his jumping skills
while we laughed at Avas attempts!!

It was because of our sons that we got to meet,
and become such good friends,
much to their regret at times.

I bet he got squashed after I headed home!!

How amazing does this look in close up,
Mother Nature I thank you again for your wonders.

This weekend is a long weekend in NZ but with only loose change in my purse I am thinking my time will be spent at home in the garden.  Not that that is a bad thing!!  We have sunshine today so fingers and toes are firmly crossed that it continues for the other two days.



Nancy J said...

6C start to our day here, almost " light the fire again" cool!!! Hot sunshine, seeds planted, watered, runner beans need to be soaked, lawn is mown, cherry trees in blossom, a beautiful time to enjoy everything nature gives in abundance.

Nancy J said...

I forgot to say!!! Love your garden goodies, flowers blooming, chookies laying, new garden doing so well, a piece of paradise up your way for sure.

Goody said...

Happy Anniversary.

I'm glad to hear Spring is finally arriving in full force-the garden looks magnificent (as always).

Those old medicine bottles are terrifying! "Oh, your piss may turn blue but no worries, you'll be all good as new in the morning." Scary.

Poppy Q said...

Enjoy your long weekend. Ours has been sunny so far but a bit chilly with 6deg tonight. Hopefully we get some more sunshine tomorrow.

Polyester Princess said...

Your wonderful photos make me long for spring, which is still a long long time away here ... I love the in between seasons too, and I'm layering like mad, with the cold and misty mornings developing into reasonably warm days. Congratulations on your 24th wedding anniversary. xxx

Melanie said...

Oh, what a wonderful burst of spring joy. Your garden is absolutely bursting with life and colour. Happy Anniversary to you and TOF as well. Great thrifting finds - I can't believe how inexpensive these things were. Sigh. But I guess being right downtown adds onto the prices here - that said, the proceeds go to good causes. Autumn has come on strong here and I thought I didn't mind it much until I see SPRING!! at your house. Hahaha!! Enjoy, Sue!

Beth Waltz said...

We're living in sepia tones here in the American Midwest, Sue. "All the days are gray..." and there is nothing more brown than a field scrubbed clean of soybeans. However, you're right about the bright blue sky! * Very much looking forward to watching your garden develop during our winter! Love the pops of color!

Julie said...

Wonderful Op shop treasures Sue. Great photo of you two Sues & the lads. Enjoy the long weekend ... at least the weather is great for a change.

Raewyn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Great seeing your photos and all that you have been up to... you make a plain old gate catch look spectacular!!! Hope you got some more good gardening in before the weather changed -yet- again!

Mim said...

Congratulations to you and TOF on your anniversary.

Your garden is looking fab already; I can't wait to see how it develops as the spring turns to summer.

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