Monday, 12 December 2016

Life goes on, and then it is time to decorate the tree!!

Day after day you wake up and go through the motions of another day. I on the other hand wake up excited to face another day, every day is a gift remember.  None of us know how long we have and that is a good thing.  Who would want to know anyway?  Not me that's for sure.  I like to think I am a cup half full kind of person, who welcomes each morning looking for the good things.

Well I found some!!

I rescued this Bee off the lawn and placed it in the middle of a flower, within seconds it was covered in pollen and very alive.

Close up flowers make me marvel at nature's skills.

The foster babies have gone, hopefully to their forever homes.  Our local SPCA that I fostered from has now closed due to a lack of finances and with the kitten season upon them they just knew they couldn't do a proper job being so under funded and under staffed.  Hopefully they will sort things out over the next few months and I will be back doing one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, oh and fun!!

Oscar will miss them.

A beautiful Sunny Saturday was spent out at Raglan giving a pre view of the gorgeous weather that will be gracing us daily very soon.

In about a month or two these lush green hills
will be brown from the Summer sun.

A return trip that evening to have dinner with friends
gave us a lovely sunset.

I puppy sat the puppy for  a couple of hours which was very easy with my dogs to help and a good sunny day so the entire time was spent outdoors.

Oscar is not keen on those long legs that get waved in his face,
but Sheba LOVES little Stella.

Frocks are getting worn, some new to me and some old favourites.

Flowers get picked, Fruit gets gathered when collecting the eggs.

And Big spends a lot of time meditating!

It would be fare to say I have had some successes at the charity shops of late. I love the change of season when people sort out their clothes!!  Oh and I got me some HOT BUNS!!

I visited Sue in the country and we wandered the estate as we always do.

This year I decided I wanted a real tree for Christmas.  I don't like the thought of buying one that has been shaped and then chopped off at the base, only to be thrown away when it has turned brown.  So for a similar amount of money, well maybe even less I bought a potted Pine Tree.  It smells perfect even though it doesn't look perfect.  But it is perfect to me. I reckon we should get a couple of Christmases out of it before it will retire to the country and be  planted to grow super tall. It has Pink Flamingo and Jandel lights, and an assortment of fairies and animals decorating it.  And my gifts I have bought have been wrapped and placed, all done and dusted!!

I love my decorations, a selection of things that bring me pleasure.  Like these three, the one on the left and on the right were made for me by my arty farty friend Louise.  The one in the middle was sent to me when my friend Leonie lived in Germany.

Anyone else have a cow on their tree??

I love Fairies and Angels so they are everywhere among the branches, keeping my whimsical animals in good company.  Can you see my old dog Ben wearing Angel wings, he now is an Angel Dog.  Have you got a tree up and decorated?

My Hydrangea is absolutely smothered in huge flowers this year and it looks pretty nice just on dusk. I am waiting for my Pink one and my White one to flower.

Wishes at night look

I don't usually buy Christmas cards but these two made me laugh, and we know a Gary so that is for him. 

I hope you are all ready for Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not.  All I know is that I am glad that I have done all I needed to do as it is getting mad out there with people driving like idiots already and people rushing and getting grumpy in shops.  I want to yell out "Slow down and be happy, it's not the end of the world".  But instead I shall retreat to my garden and avoid the nonsense people cause themselves which is so unnecessary.

So remember: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men,
                                       except Garry, Garry is a  prick!!!




Nancy J said...

Love that thistledown!! Did you count the time as you gently blew? And the tortoise, he is one for this time of the year.What scenes in your garden, a delight to see every morning. COLD down here, only 5C earlier, Hugh had to check the runner beans just in case!!

Julie said...

Thanks for the great laugh today Sue .. which I SO needed. I loved the cards & yes I do know a Gary - he is my brother & he would laugh at that too !!! I think Big is sitting there working on his christmas wish list by the look on his face.

Vix said...

Guess what? Our weather has been so unseasonably mild that the tortoise is out of hibernation!
Gorgeous garden photos and adorable kittens. Your finds are fab. xxx

kiwikid said...

Your post made me laugh too, I so enjoyed it!! Your flower photos are beautiful and well done for rescuing the bee! Good to hear the kittens have a forever home, and congratulations on the op shop bargains, that is wonderful shopping. Love the Xmas cards, they are a classic!! The dandelion photo is just amazing!! Love your tree and no we do not have a cow on ours...mine was put up by my wonderful Kiwi friend who is staying at present. I found you via Julie. happy Christmas.

Goody said...

Aw poor Garry!
I laughed so hard at those cards.

I'm a bit of a grump all year so I try to make an effort to shut my mouth at the holidays-it isn't like it will kill me. Alcohol helps-god bless spiked egg nog.

I like your Summer look, and what a great idea getting a potted tree-I'll bet the house smells lovely.

You're even kind to the bees-I'm glad I know you Sue, you're a good one.

Leeanne said...

"Visit Sue's blog she's bound to give you some laughs"................that's my moto! Glad you are Bee lifesaver too. You have some nice new colourful outfits to see you through your glorious summer........I can see you smiling from here! I'm with you on staying away from the shops at this time of the year........why do people get themselves all in a fluster??? CHristmas or no, it's just another day in paradise so enjoy it!

Polyester Princess said...

How lush those hills look, and so do your garden photos. Oh, and look at you in your summer frocks! Good on you for saving that bee. We always get bees who get stuck under our awning, and need a help to find their way out again. It's almost a full time job in summer. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Good for Sheba, playing with the pup! Outside, and with other larger dogs -- that's the ONLY safe system for pup-sitting!

Do you look for laughs in the greeting cards display, too? These are real finds! My recent pet discovery is a photo of a very wet, very disgruntled owl, captioned: "I am tired of acquiring wisdom. Somebody bring me a drink and a whoopee cushion." (- Cornelius Talbot)

The Charlie Brown pine is a wonderful solution to the tree challenge, Sue. There are several animal angels swinging on mine -- as one of them used to do many years ago when he was a wee kit.

freckleface said...

Yes, I definitely think of you as a half glass full kind of gal. Well done for rescuing the bee. We need to look after them. Babies have left home, what a shame, they were ADORABLE!!!!!! Ooh, you've got your tree up and doesn't it look great. Yes, I don't buy a real tree any more, because I don't like the idea of a real live tree being chopped down for a couple of week's pleasure, but your solution is GOOD! Enjoy! xxx

Jazzy Jack said...

I love a real tree in a pot. We did this for years before I downsized to my sculpture.
So much to love in this post. Glad to see you are keeping calm out of the rat race!
I particularly love the dandelion? shot. And the funny cards. That dog mask! Ha!
Xo Jazzy Jack

Raewyn said...

One thing we need, a cow in our tree - how could we have let pass us by??!! I like the idea of a potted tree but around here there are so many wilding pines we don't mind taking the odd one out...if we can find one that's not too scraggly!

Curtise said...

Lovely to see you in trademark Sue colourful frocks, and of course your close-up garden photos are always a joy.
What a shame about the animal shelter closing.
The photos of Big and his crossed paws are fabulous! xxx