Friday, 2 December 2016

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!!!

It is officially the very first day of SUMMER!!!!

I am so busy at work at the moment and am also pre occupied with a member of my family not being well, nothing terminal, but still something that is occupying my mind.  So if I don't get around to blogging much you will know why.  Nothing for anyone of you to concern yourself about, all will sort its self out in time.

This time last week I did get a day out and about among the op shops with my friend Rose.  She had a couple of days of work so we went out for a day.  A successful one with nice lunch and ducking and diving into shops during some rain.

Sheba was overjoyed with her two balls that I scored from one of the Salvation Army shops at a dollar each.  No sense buying new when she just chews them to bits, with a lot of love and drool.

Although this all looks to the untrained eye like Winter clothing, it is all very light weight.  Perfect for layering on and off during the year.

Expensive magazines at 50 cents each, a bag for taking to the supermarket as I don't do plastic bags, and a lonely Russian doll.

And the cutest tin tea set in a cardboard case for only $2.  This will go into my toy box for those little visitors to play with.

 I am so enjoying all the daisy shapes and colours in the garden.

The warmer weather means the garden swing is being put to good use and summer frocks are getting worn.  I have been setting the kittens up outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  The chickens are super confused as to what those fluffy things are.

Sheba found NEMO and then set about destroying NEMO.

Oscar just rested on the swing with me.

TOF and I went for a drive out to Raglan on the weekend.  The weather was dull and windy and our destination was a cantilevered look out on the road to Ruapuke another west coast beach.  Last time we went here I crawled to the edge so I was determined to walk like a NORMAL to the edge and be brave.

And I did it!!  Mind you I rushed ahead of TOF so I could be on the platform by myself.  It is pretty high up over bush covered land way below to the ocean edge. But the views are spectacular of some very raw nature.

View through the railing and over the edge all through my camera.


We wandered down a worn track in tall grass where the views of stormy weather was gathering.

Then back up to where our car was parked.  There are two walks you can do up to Mt Kariora, a 2 hour and 3 hour, neither appealed to me.

Back to the car for me thank you  very much.

 Selfie time living on the edge of that platform!!

The road is narrow and more like a gravel track that winds it's way around the cliff edge in places.

Lots of Native bush, farm land and the odd car coming towards us, that we would pull over so they could get past.

I was glad we had driven TOFs 4WD as my car would not have liked the gravel at all.

From there we headed to Whale Bay back in Raglan. 

Sitting above us on a power line when we parked was this Tui.

The tide was low so the rocks were all exposed.  I love rock pools and the shapes of the rocks at Whale Bay.

So many magical things to photograph for me, I even found some baby Swan plants growing on the reserve land so I helped myself to two of them, trust me there were gazillions of them.  Hopefully they will grow and attract the Monarch Butterflies to my garden.

Climbing the stairs back to where our car was parked a bird suddenly flew past me.  It was then that I noticed it's nest, so with my little camera held above the nest I discovered three little eggs.  Either a brave or silly place to build a nest.  Hope the eggs survive long enough to reveal some baby birds.

The actual real reason for the Raglan jaunt was for me to purchase another gorgeous bag from Soul.  I had been saving up my dollars and was finally able to get the back pack I had my eye on.  Another beautifully hand made quality leather bag made locally.

 Big so unimpressed!!!

When we were in Raglan I went into Tony Sly Pottery shop.  You either love it or hate it, I actually quite like his stuff.  I have two friends that have full dinner sets.  I have a small bowl I found at an op shop for $4 and then I bought this lot off trade me the other day for less the than cost of the large bowl brand new.  Perfect for those salads that we are starting to eat.

I ate that Raspberry, the first for the season.  TOFs garden is doing well, the Lettuces are all ready, the Corn is getting taller and the Strawberries are full of promise.

I stick to my shrubs and flowers.  My Magnolia has been flowering leaving me with these cool looking pods.  The hot colours of fire are coming through now.  How vibrant is the orange in the Cigarette plant.

There is still an abundance of pretty pinks and purples in my pots.  The Sweet Peas are still flowering and being picked for anyone who visits.

I think I would be happy to have a hedge of Hydrangeas.

I visited Dawn to view her latest creations.  The Bumble Bee and flower is so cute, and then there are the Rain Chains!!
Then there are all the Native birds.  Clockwise from top left, Kiwi, Tui, Fantail, Wood Pigeon, and my favourite the Sea Gull.  

I know he isn't made of clay but
Dawns pooch Webb 
is such a photogenic boy.

These two are about a week away from their goal weight so they will be moving on to their for ever homes soon.  They have provided me with endless entertainment and cuddles.

 Joel is a climber, full of adventure with the loudest purr ever.

Madden is far more chilled and going to have the fluffiest coat.

So that is me at the moment.  I will try to post again soon.  Might just be photos as my head is all over the place with work and other things.  BUT in the mean time, here is some wisdom.





Goody said...

I hope the ill party recovers quickly, and life gives you a bit of time to relax.

I don't blame you wanting that backpack-it is beautiful. I rather like the pottery as well, but green is my favourite colour.

You and your garden are looking colourful and bright. I hope you have a lovely summer with just enough heat to keep it from being too much.

Raewyn said...

Hope things settle down for you Sue. Just love hearing about your jaunts and adventures, and gazing at all your beautiful photos!

Leeanne said...

Hi Ya! Looks like I need a visit with that fancy new little suitcase for me to play with :-) I have some Soul shoes still going strong after 20yrs! LOVE your photo's.......keep em coming when you can. xxx

Vix said...

It's officially the second day of! At least we can live Summer vicariously through you!
Hope the family member makes a swift recovery.
I'd like to steal that rucksack off you (preferably stuffed with kittens!) xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for using your time and talent to share these close-up views of NZ's other-worldly flora! Had I the opportunity, I'd gladly poke along the paths with you -- and poke my nose into those fascinating flowers, too!

Brave you, walking out on to the viewing deck! But how fortunate That TOF was driving a 4wd up that narrow gravel track: better him than you, or me.

The kits are growing into handsome, chubby lads. Well done, foster mum! Love is a fine supplement for growing babes, and for ailing adults. Hope all is soon sorted out for your family member with the medical problem.

Polyester Princess said...

We are quite close to the darkest days of the year, so it's a bit mind-boggling to think that at the other side of the world it's summer! I hope you are having a good one. Your summery photos are cheering me up no end, so thank you! I think you are VERY brave to get on that platform. I would be the one on hands and knees ... I get vertigo even looking at those photos! xxx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, just playing catch up. Great photos as always, love your new Op shop finds. I love Tony Sly pottery ... my friend has a huge bowl of his & she keeps her wound up homespun balls of wool in it ... it looks amazing. Hope those cute little furballs find lovely homes Sue. Happy December to you.

Curtise said...

How lovely to see you, Sue - blonde and beautiful! Flowers, views, op shop finds, AND kittens? You spoil us!
Hope the poorly family member is doing better. xxx

kiwikid said...

Hope the illness had gone and all is good and healthy again. Really enjoying your photos, good on you for being brave and getting to the look out. Where can you get that amazing pottery?? Love the seagulls too, also the wood pigeon. Hope the swam plants grow ok for you, once you have them they stay forever!!

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