Sunday, 5 March 2017

Weekend to Weekend with Birthdays in between!

Last weekend was one of those beautiful sunny ones with a gentle cool breeze.  Perfect weather for putting up the Hammock I had bought for $40 off trade me a few weeks ago.

TOF had to test drive it first.  I wasn't sure he was going to get out of it, a good sign of how comfortable it was.  I can admit to spending quite a bit of time lying on this chilling, listening to the cicadas, people mowing their lawns, while the chickens were all scratching around and under me.  Was a weekend for being outside.

The Hammock and the Garden Swing both stayed up for a good few days while the weather held. Both spots got a lot of use.
All the pets joined us out in the back yard, Oscar looking slim and lovely after a quick poof and pamper by me.

There were enough Tomatoes to make another batch of Tomato Sauce, and the Blackberries are ripening daily.  Those I pick and freeze, so Jam will get made later in the year. It was so warm I wore braids on top of my head, something I used to do all the time when I was younger.

Maybelle and Dorothy got locked out, or did the others get locked in?  Either way they had a meet at their gate for a discussion.
Check out my Lettuces? Far too many for us but they will find homes with the lads so nothing will go to waste, then their are the chickens.

TOF and I went to Bunnings to get a garden rake and we wandered through the plant section.  Of course we came home with a box of ten plants, all 80cents each!  So I planted them all in a large pot that I had got from the Dump shop for $8.  $16 for instant colour!!

I added my garden Angel and put the pot on our front porch.

Monday was Sue Ws birthday so Chris came over from Cambridge and I drove us out to Sues.  We were treated to Blueberry Muffins made by Sue W.  Plenty of good banter was had and a mighty fine salad was devoured.  We ran out of time to take Chris around the acreage, but there will be other visits.

Chris had three of these wrapped up and told Sue to choose one for her Birthday.  I loved this one, so Chris said 'Happy Early Birthday' to me, like a couple of months early but who am I to say no to something so gorgeous, and made by Chris herself!!  Clever lady.

I bought a bunch of flowers for my buddy for her Birthday even tho she has lots of lovey ones growing in her garden. OMG look at my wiggly fringe!!  Best I go see a professional and get that straightened out.  A visit to my lovely hairdresser is a must to fix up my wigglyness!

Speaking of my lovely hairdresser, this is her beautiful little baby girl Maia.  Her big brothers think she is pretty special.  I love the tiny fingers and toes, the perfect skin, the smell of a baby, cluck cluck cluck!!!  At least I can go and have a baby fix while waiting for my turn to become a Granny.

We all know how much these two love each other......
.....well it would seem like the others are slowly getting to enjoy Toebee too.

I went for a drive out to Gordonton through the week.  As I parked at my destination I noticed this Book Box.  I mean how could you not, and what a grand idea.  No lock and key, just relying on people to be honest, I like that!

The Mandarin Tree is the most delightful Gallery owned by the equally delightful Claudia.  Her companion is her three month old puppy called Lola.  Dawn sells her pottery here, this is why I know about this place. Claudia is an Artist that makes artwork out of recycling old Beehives, which I forgot to take a photo of, next time I promise as they are very cool.

I have shown you all this before, a massive cup, saucer and spoon that Claudia made out of Willow and wire.

Outside is equally as colourful and fabulous as inside and if you are local you need to call in and check this Gallery out.  Thank  you Claudia for letting me take photos.

I purchased the Lime Green Wind Wand!  There were lots of colours and shapes making my decision difficult, but I can always get more can't I.  It fits in with my garden art for sure.  I am enjoying the colour in my garden at the moment, so many things are flowering, long may it last!!

Even at night the garden is enjoyable, just ask Toebee, he loves his evening adventures!!

In fact he pretty much spends most of his time outside these days.  Only comes indoors to eat and sleep, which is still often!!  I keep him inside at night, something I want to do forever, as we live by a busy road.  I am trying to keep Big in but he isn't overly keen on this new format to his life.

I came home form work one day to a parcel, nothing odd there for me, but this was a surprise, a PRESENT! I could smell the divine-ness inside before I even opened it, I bet the courier van/posties bag smelled beautiful. If you recognise the Golly wog sticker then you will know this parcel was from the very lovely Julie.
Inside were two containers of her Potpourri, one floral and one citrus, hence the divine aroma.  She had written a Thank You card on behalf of Toebee for giving him a home.  It was my absolute pleasure to take him on and really think that it is our house hold that is lucky to have such a gorgeous wee kitten.

The floral one I halved, some is now in my little Lead Light Terrarium and hanging in our lounge. The other half in the jar I have taken to work.  So thank you Julie because both home and work smell beautiful!!

I bought these two large pots with the plants in off Trade Me for $30, and met the most amazing old lady when picking them up.  Her garden was so lovely.  I some how feel I will be buying more potted plants from her as she is selling off lots of her large planted pots, all at very good prices.

I managed to poke my nose into a couple of charity shops after work one afternoon and found the three things on the left. The frock on the right was a Trade Me purchase.  More glorious colour for my wardrobe!!!

Today TOF and I picked up all this bark, the best ever score from trade me, as it was only ONE DOLLAR!!!  The girls have scratched around in it since I put it down, they think they are helping spread it for me!!

TOF obligingly took over the blowing of bubbles so I could try to photograph the crazy Toebee chasing them.  He was so funny and so confused at these things that floated out of reach and disappeared when he touched them.

It left him totally exhausted!!!

We all enjoyed the moments when the sun shone this weekend and retreated indoors when it rained. Apparently Summer is nearing an end, and Autumn is next on our Menu!! 
This wee bloke sure know how to sleep and in the funniest positions!!

Life is one big Yawn or is that one big Laugh!!

One things is for sure
Toebee is LOVED!!

Wisdom time:

 PS: Happy Birthday to Kerry, Jenni, Dawn and Sydel, all had a birthday this week.


Mim said...

It all looks so lovely! It's great seeing all your plants and flowers and animals.

Natural Medley said...

Someone has been having a blast on Trademe! I love all your garden ornaments. Very inspiring.
But mostly I love Toebee and his mate snuggling. sooo cute! xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day -- lazing in that hammock while, as you say, watching the clouds drift by and listening to the chickens and other sounds of life in the neighborhood. Toebee is a treasure!

Polyester Princess said...

You are a really talented photographer, Sue, with such a keen eye for detail. It seems flowers and animals are your speciality. Oh, how I'd love to spend a day lounging in a hammock. Need some better weather, as well as a bigger garden for that, though ... Can't believe it's blackberry time in your part of the world. I love blackberry picking. I'm also quite taken with your idea of planting letuces in a wheelbarrow. I might steal that idea from you ... sorry! xxx

Leeanne said...

Your neck of the woods is looking mighty fine as is that lovely garden you visited! ToeBee is growing so fast! So nice you have some good friends to share some special times.

Julie said...

So much loveliness in todays post Sue. Your new pot of colour & your angel is beautiful - if it should go missing at any stage ... it may well be at my place!!! Belated Birthday wishes to other Sue. ToeBee is growing up fast ...I could look at photos of him all day long, he is so cute & gorgeous & I love the way he totally relaxes when asleep. Glad you enjoyed the p.p. Have a super week - you be careful of that hammock too ... thats how I broke my neck in one of those !!!!!

Chris H said...

What a lovely post! So much to see and admire. You and your trade me/op shop treasures. I so need to do more op shopping!

Goody said...

I need my eyes checked-I thought that giant sculpture was a bird's nest (terrifying to think of what might nest in something like that)!

Birthdays, babies. pets and flowers-sounds like a great week.

Curtise said...

Oh I am a sucker for a tabby kitten and gorgeous photos of flowers, so this post makes me happy! Good to see you enjoying the company of friends, babies and pets, and of course you glorious garden and the sunshine too. xxx