Sunday, 12 March 2017

Enjoying life and then next thing I am broken!

At the very beginning of the week I decided against my better  judgement to tackle the housework! I am not a fan of the domestic duties but after mowing the lawns outside I thought I may as well drag the vacuum cleaner around the inside of the house.  With sorting one thing and another we finally have a dining room again!!

There are strict instruction that this is not to be used for storing things on any more, even I have to obey my own order!!

It would appear that some of the residents got the memo and used the chairs while others break all the rules.

A picture tells a thousand words, or something like that.

What is it with cats and tables?

Some say Oscar is a total basket case but at least he is not sleeping on the table.  Any way it is nice to be able to sit and have my breakfast un interrupted, who am I kidding, those cats join me!!

Lucky for them
I love them all.
How big is Toebee these days?

My charity shopping of late has had me find pants or things for TOF and the lads.  In the above left two photos I have some spotted pants that are very lovely to wear but I found they seemed to grow during the day, making them baggier by the hour.  Not so sure I like that. On the right are some Purple 7/8 ones with cut out detail at the hem, comfy, non growing so they will be kept.

The large silver locket I was wearing has an old photo of my dad as a small boy being held by his dad.  Nice to have him close to my heart some days.

At the end of the week once my work days were done and the play days had arrived we three gals got together for lunch at the Hamilton Gardens. 

We lunched outside with the view of Turtle Lake to quench our desire to tour the gardens.  The day was overcast but humid, not the most pleasant for wandering but with Chris and Sue W on board it was always going to be fun.  So here is a photographic tour of the gardens which at the moment are FREE to visit.  There is talk of charging tourists.  As long as the price is affordable I think it is a good idea.

I have been coming to these gardens since my sons were small,  The Piazza has always been a favourite starting point, and who doesn't love a big bowl of water?

Japanese Garden of Contemplation.

English Flower Garden.

Nature at work.

Chinese Scholar's Garden.

Indian Char Bagh Garden.

Where we were treated to a little bit of Bollywood.

It is so good to have the one friend that never fails to amuse me.
Thanks Sue W you are a STAR!!

Italian Renaissance Garden.

My absolute

Te Parapara Garden - Traditional Maori Garden.

The best ever Bronze statue of The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Tudor Garden.

Chinoiserie Garden.
Tropical Garden.

Outside the Pavilion there are these HUGE pots of colour, I kept thinking how amazing one would look on my lawn!!

We then wandered along the edge of Turtle Lake back to the car park.  Sue and I said our good byes to Chris with intentions of going back to mine for a cuppa. I remembered a new Childrens Play Ground that had been installed that I had not seen, so out of one car park, along the motorway into another car park and off we went again.

Makes me want to be a child again!

A line up of pottery Bird Houses were peeping out of the garden, I might have to go back with my big camera, the days photos were recorded on my small one.

The amazing man made tree trunk leads you through to what I would describe as a Magical Garden.  I crawled through the tunnel stopping in the middle to take a photo, popped out the other end to see Sue W walking through a GATE!!  I need not have crawled, but I would have missed the fun.

My Princess Di pose, maybe not the Taj Mahal, but in my eyes still a very beautiful wee building.

There are of course many other gardens to visit at the Hamilton Gardens but the humidity was a bitch, another visit on a cooler day can be had.

The weekend arrived and we have been drowning in RAIN ever since. Not as bad here in Hamilton as it has been terrible on the Coast at Whangamata where my sister lives.

Rain has never stopped me from getting outside!

The rain and the humidity make the Fungi grow in the garden.

Life went on in the garden in the wet.

TOF had picked Tomatoes and Chilies from his vegetable garden and suggested I make him Tomato Soup and add some Chili to it.  So I did but apparently it was more like Chili Soup!!  Bit heavy handed I was with the HOT STUFF.  So it has been bottled and now it will be sparingly added to other cooking. Oooops my bad!!

With all the rain we went for a drive to see how high the Waikato River was. Not as high as we expected to see, but still a beautiful sight.

Perfect weather to be a duck that was for sure!

We have a Trig Station in our neck of the woods so we wandered up the hill to it and I so enjoyed the views over our City.  I may have to revisit this on a lovely fine clear day.

A garden of carpet Roses had been planted more than likely by the City Council.

Back home to relax when the rain had ceased for a moment.
Kicking the ball for Sheba

For some reason I missed the ball and kicked the garden edging, resulting in a 3 hour Accident and Emergency visit and two broken toes.

I am beyond excited at the prospect of these for six weeks!!! 

So consequently my blogging may be rather boring from here on in, I shall do my utt most best to find a way to humor you all at me expense!! Day one and I am already so over it all.  Hopefully I will be able to get to work, it is a desk job after all, just not sure about driving, my car is a manual. Sure one of the lads will come get me if need be.

Wisdom: kick balls maybe!!





Nancy J said...

Oh No!!! I am also on crutches, something wrong with my right knee, saw the specialist on Thursday, finally, and have an MRI, and he says " You will need surgery, but I can fix it!!!" Then he said " I wish you were 20 years younger!!!" Can I swap with you, toes for a knee? Hope you are staying dry, not like Auckland today and Coromandel the last few days. Red bows, they are so pretty, and will lighten up your office.

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos as usual Sue. So sorry about ya toes... massive OUCH there! I hope the next 6 weeks go fast for you.

Natural Medley said...

I hope the kitties and puppies give you lots of cuddles during your convalescence!
I really enjoyed the visit to the gardens and seeing the extra bits that have gone up since we left a few years ago.
I almost felt like I was just around the corner, and if I hurried I would catch you all up.
Chilli sauce can be very useful, so I imagine that is why you subconsciously made it.
I love that shot of you with Toebee!
xo Jazzy Jack

Vix said...

Oh no! You need to bling up that slipper with pompoms! Poor you.
Loving Hamilton Gardens, I remember you visiting before. The Indian section is gorgeous. Have you still got the outfit you worn when you visited when the boys were babies? I want it! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Ouch! Poor you! Here I was enjoying your lovely photographs of that wonderful garden when bang .... I ready the end of your post. I love the slippers with the big bows, though. xxx

Julie said...

Oh NO Sue !!!! Not broken toes!!! You poor girl. I am so sorry to read of your mishap. Toebee is growing like a wee mushroom. Please thank "other Sue" for giving me such a great laugh at the video. I am sure that girl missed her calling in life!!! She shoulda been on the stage that one!!

Goody said...

Aw geez.
I hope you're feeling better soon. I've broken toes, and they hurt like the Dickens.

Beth Waltz said...

And there we were, gliding along, admiring the flora and fauna, petting the cats, enjoying a leisurely wander in the woods -- and then, wham! and ouch! Poor you, Sue! Not the least of the injury is that toes are so small to hurt so much! Vix is right: get busy with the pom-poms.

Mim said...

Oh, your poor toes! Someone else will have to do your housework for a few weeks. I hope it's not too painful for you.

Those gardens are stunning. I wonder how many gardeners they have to keep all that in order? It must take a lot of work.

kiwikid said...

Loved your visit to the gardens, have to put that on my to do list for next time we are in NZ. L I ved the dancing too!! Hope your toes heal quickly and are not too painful for you. Toobee is very cute still.