Friday, 14 April 2017

Pretty sure we have had enough rain now!!!

Although the rain is very good for the garden, it would seem we may well have had too much.  At least we live inland so we have not been hammered as much as those on the coast.  Thankfully today started with some welcome sunshine!

A couple of weekends ago when the weather was pleasant and the annual Balloons over Waikato had been and gone, we were treated to these two floating over our house.

There is something about a hot air balloon that I like, I am not sure I am brave enough to go up in one, so like Toebee I am happy to gaze upwards when they are near.

I found my sewing machine and added a ruffle to white pants to make them longer, while enjoying the smooth sounds of Rag n Bone man, a talented English singer.  I also helped gather the huge crop of Feijoas from my friend Annes place and all found happy people to eat them.

My good friend Leonie was in town so we took the drive out to Raglan where we enjoyed a delightful lunch and some equally delightful views.  The weather was brewing.

We got the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Debbie that had reeked havoc for  our neighbors in Australia.  Our back lawn turned into a pond for a few hours but at least we were safe and dry.  Other parts of our country did not fare so well.

Someone slept through all the rain!!

The Waikato River was very full, in fact so full some of the walkways were under water.
Park benches were in the water, not near it!

Walkways that were flooded were gated off for obvious reasons.

But in the garden at home things were growing thanks to the watering, like the baskets on the bikes.

The girls were hunting worms that always come to the top after rain.

I rescued some drenched flowers for inside.

And Toebee took to his basket!

En route to visit Dawn I went to the boat ramp on Waikato River, it to was seriously flooded, and amazingly the car park was closed!!

She had hurt her back and made some interesting Moons while taking Tramadol, so we called them the Tramadol Moons!! Cannot wait to see them finished.

On my way home I drove around Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton,
it too was very full.

I came home with the oil burner that Dawn made and I coloured I put Vanilla melts in the top. She also gave me the little house that she didn't like.  I had some structural damage but with a tea light candle in it all the lights came on in this little house.

I wore this dirty green colour frock that I had bought off my favourite place, yes Trade Me!  I even got to wear shoes that day, so much easier than the moon shoe when collecting eggs and walnuts.
Starting with simple flat shoes for now!!

Even tho I have plenty of bulbs mine are mainly Daffodils.  So I invested in some other colourful ones, like Tulips, Anemones, Ranunculus, and Freesias.
They are all currently under a protection program,
from Toebee!!

Poor old Cassie doesn't know if she is coming or going these days.  She is my oldest bird in the coup, no longer laying eggs and spends her days looking lost.  I wonder if she has Dementia? All I know is she seems happy in her own little world.

Some of the girls are still laying, sometimes in the beautifully soft wood shaven beds provided, other times randomly in the garden for me to discover.

Dorothy on the left and Coral on the right have taken to roosting at night in the Jasmine/Potato Vine .  These two are quite mad as they still do this in the rain.  The other mad thing is that Dorothy is a bit of a Bruce Jenner at the moment, having a transgender moment and has taken to crowing at 7am as she thinks she is a Rooster!!  Only in my garden!!

 Flowers at night look too good not to photograph.

Same with the sky when we leaving the Supermarket the other night!!

And because I love all things colourful I put a grey dye in my hair, in some lights it looks quite Blue!!  YAS I can join the old blue rinse brigade now!!!

Big is bulking up for the cooler weather that is on it's way.  He is still the Biggest cat on the property and lets the small one know this often.  As long as he has his own personal space all is well.

Oscar enjoys his personal space too and if invaded he lets the small cat know.  Small dog syndrome alive and well here.

Then there is Sheba who is still IN LOVE with the small cat.  The playing is more like Big Time Wrestling at times but these two have the best fun and spend a lot of time hanging out together.

All that playing is exhausting for them both!!

The Sun made a brief appearance, long enough to catch up with the very lovely Leeanne who was in my town, so we did lunch and a couple of op shops.  Always good to catch up with another blogger, especially one as talented as her good self!!

I visited a favourite Recycled clothing shop through the week and walked out with these gorgeous colourful jackets.  Thanks Christine and Nadia!!!

I test drove one the other day for work, and I am happy to report it is wicked!!

I purchased this snazzy thing on line for making buns in your hair.  Works really good but you know what, I could have gone to a dollar shop and purchased a couple of those wrist snap things and taped them together at one end for a whole lot less money!!  You live and learn!!

Another Tropical Cyclone arrived, Cook was it's name.
More bloody RAIN!!

The garden got ANOTHER drink!!

But even in the rain, the girls still need to get fed, eggs need to be collected and Walnuts and Limes need to be gathered.  Even the Dahlias needed rescuing!!

The sight of the Toi Toi in Frankton near the Railway yard made my heart sing.  So in the rain I went and took photos of them so you too can share in the joy of all that colour flapping in the wind.

I have the same colours at home!!

Our evenings are getting cooler, I know this because Big is starting to sleep on my lap! Toebee Sleeps where ever he drops.

Every time I go out in the garden I get followed no matter what the weather or what time it is.  Toebee is my constant companion these days when I am home.

That is the truth!!
You will never be alone if you have a pet.

 Tobee and the Heir chilling together and totally in sync.

Last night while it was raining (thanks TC Cook) the Spare came round and we played Rummikub.  Toebee was only to pleased to lend a hand at selecting the tiles.

This morning my personal assistant came with me to collect eggs and walnuts.

I was so pleased to  see sunshine this morning, will help the garden dry out and those cities that need a reprieve from all of this rain. 

 Nature is amazing!

So it is Easter this weekend which means....

Enjoy your four days and indulge how ever you wish to,
be that with your god or with chocolate!!


Toebee is in his climbing stage.

***Be happy people***



Nancy J said...

What a few weeks of deluges, winds, and the same all over again. The stream at the back of us rose, but still had 3 metres to go to the top..Safety was assured. then last night gale winds from midnight to 2.30 a.m. Fire siren went off, just twice, after 2 a.m. usually we can here the engine as it goes down the road, either north or south past us, but the gale winds made so much noise in our trees, couldn't hear it at all, LOVE your new outfits, you do have a way to find those stunning outfits, and shoes!!! Must be so good to have that moon boot relegated to somewhere else. I am finally walking without crutches, but still have a LOT of pain. Quilting is going well, and our families are all safe and secure.
Easter, enjoy your weekend up northwards, we have friends from Hamilton staying tonight. Hi to all the pets, 4 legged, fluffy two legged ones, and anyone else at home with you.

Natural Medley said...

Wow, that is some rain! Apologies for sending you our cast offs!
I love all your ceramic garden art. It looks so jaunty in amongst the leaves.
Toebee and Sheba are so hilarious together.
I love your shining locks.
And of course your stunning photos!
Stay dry this Easter, and yay to the moon boot's demise!! Xo Jazzy Jack

Fiona said...

Lovely to see your gorgeous furry and feathered friends and your lush garden with it's fabulous flora. We haven't had any rain down south in the UK for a couple of weeks now...most unusual, but not complaining!
Your new coat is superb and bang on trend according to today's breakfast tv.
Enjoy the break and all that chocolate. x

Poppy Q said...

Glad to hear you are not too swamped. We got more Rain tonight than when the storm passed over.

Love all the furry family photos. They are quite the gang.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break.

Julie and Poppyq

SAM said...

So much rain. As always, love your photographic journals.

Vix said...

I thought of you when the Beeb was talking about your storms!
We've got rain but nothing like yours - thankfully!
The kittens and cats and dogs are all fabulous. I love your added trouser frills - great idea and I'm very impressed at how your foot's healed, it's not even swollen!
The new coat is fab.
Love Rag & Bone Man. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

You sure had your fair share of rain, but I'm glad to hear you weren't affected by it too much. Good to see that your foot has healed so quickly. Any shoe is better than the moon shoe, obviously! Your new coat is great, and as always I love your flower, nature and cat photos. I still can't get over how cute Toebee is! xxx

Julie said...

Great post Sue ... always love seeing pics of your furry creatures. They are all so gorgeous. Dawns pottery is looking amazing as always, love the house all lit up with tealights. Yes as I type this, it is raining again here this morning. The Mr has cows down with milk fever & is out in the pouring rain. I am waiting for a brief break to duck out & plant tulip bulbs. Happy Easter to you over there Sue xxx (my choccy egg supply is diminishing .... I am worried ...........)

Leeanne said...

Where to start so much eye candy..........thankfully not one of me! Was super nice to catch up and attempt to 'save the world'.
Dawn has some lovely stuff, might have to visit there with you another time. Love your photo's, keep em' coming!

sallyhicks said...

What a great blog Sue, loved so much but you in great shoes again the best. But a Bruce Jenner hen takes the cake . My old English nanny was full of sayings. One was a whistling woman and a crowing hen is neither good to man or men. Fancy recalling that after all these years but apart from gorgeous toi tois Toebee stays my favourite. What expressions he can put on and as for his long neck looking up at the balloons he not just the most darling kittie in the world. I see he is using his new basket now , when he has not collapsed on the spot somewhere 😋

Goody said...

I'm so glad the storms passed you by without too much damage (pictures on the news made it look like all of NZ was under water ). You'd never get me up in one of those balloons either!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and the garden dries out enough to sit in it.

We have some confetti-filled eggs we're going to go up the park to smash tonight. With tennis rackets! That's how we do Easter. OK, I admit it, there was some (much) candy consumption as well. I made chocolate covered raisins-so that's ONE of my 5 a day ;)

chris said...

Hi ya Sue, Happy Easter to you and yours, hope your drying out over there, toebee looks so cute in his basket. love the toi toi in Frankton, I dont remember them being that colourful so thanks for getting wet to take a pic.
I miss eating feijoas, we use to steal them from a house that backed on to Swarbrick Park, in Frankton, the tree over hung the fence :-)
Love the grey hair, I would love to let mine grow out instead of hiding it with brown dye lol. Take care Sue, hope there are no more TC heading your way. Chris xoxo

Bibi Maizoon said...

Gosh NZ is beautiful! It reminds me of my native northern California!
Love tose Tramadol Moons!
What sort of chook is Cassie?
Those are some gorgeous finds from the chazzas!
I put a haircolor on I found at out local dept store here called "Diamond Blonde" Yup, it's of the silvery blue rinse brigade bent too.
Love all the pics of tyour furbabies & have a Happy Easter!

Beth Waltz said...

Your version of the 'blue rinse' is lovely, Sue. No doubt it will go well with your colorful new garments (especially the one on the left).

Nice to see your furries and feathered ones out and about enjoying your beautiful (though sodden) yard. Dear little Cassie is probably going deaf, one doubts she could ever see through her fringe.

Those Tramadol Moons! I'd need three bottles of champagne to even attempt that loony smile!