Saturday, 1 April 2017

Chin up Princess or that crown will slip!!

Being able to drive again certainly made my chin go up!  The freedom of being able to get around by myself was BACK!!!  So I decided a drive to visit Dawn was a good test run on my driving with the ever so stylish moon shoe.

A visit to her place always fills me with endless visual pleasure, and there is nothing quite like spending time with a good friend, chatting, and drinking tea.

Getting back behind the wheel of my car also meant I could have a lunch date with another friend after work.  Anne and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny day sitting outside at The Sugar Bowl eating yum food and having a good catch up.  The next day after work I called at her place as she had produce from her garden to pass my way. There were Feijoas as well but they ended up at the Heirs place.

Toebee got an upgrade to a bigger basket that he decided was excellent for stretching full length in. Let us call that Basket No. 2.

Lucky I have a collection of Baskets as it was obvious he needed one with higher sides.  So Basket No. 3 got introduced and he has been enjoying snoozing in this.

Then I discovered he quite liked Oscars wee bed, so when the O is not using it, Toebee takes a turn.

As for Big, he is by no means a Basket Case, he prefers to use the floor/ground to stretch and roll and usually ends up laying around on his back with all 4 paws to the heavens.

Remember the Street Art Festival that I couldn't get to, well I printed off the map showing where they all were and set off on my own little tour. I was pretty jammy at scoring really good parks so I didn't have to hobble too far to get  my photos. 

How gorgeous is that dog?

If I had not been following the street art I would never have seen this colourful building or the stenciled pole.  Going down an alley is worth while.

I am a fan of the Banksy-ish style of art and Prince graces the side of a toilet block in a park.
How cool is the roller door art on the left?

This one is opposite our Police Station, must be nicer for them to see rather than the usual Tagging!!  I am so glad I took the time to check this all out. Now I am planning to search out other street art, the stuff that is hidden down alleys, behind building etc.

Signs that Autumn is really and truly here now!!

Last Saturday TOF went off Fishing again.  As I was home alone with out any adult supervision I helped myself not only to his truck but I ate some of his beloved Whittakers chocolate and a glass of his Coca Cola.

We enjoyed more fresh fish and I don't think he noticed the chocolate shrinking in the fridge!

Sunday TOF and I met the Heir and the Spare and their female friends at The Bank, a pub for Lunch.  The Heir had turned 24 on the friday so the Spare decided he wanted to take us all out for lunch.  Such a generous lad!  There were about 5 or 6 of these large Deer hanging on the wall.  Amazing big beasts.  As I gazed up at them I kept hoping that the rest of them had been eaten and that the skins had been made into mats.

Oh and I finally by then had ditched those god dam annoying crutches.  You could even say I am now Crutch-less!!!  I am not quick at walking but each week I am getting closer to full recovery.  One more week in the moon shoe then back to wearing my own as long as they are closed in.  Xray is booked for mid April, so fingers are crossed tightly that those toes have healed!!
If you follow the lovely Julie's blog you will know she has the most beautiful garden and a love for putting interesting things in her garden.  I have been inspired by her and added this small child sized bike and planted a basket on the handlebars.

This week I scored this gorgeous little trike which came home with me, got it's little tray planted and then was parked in the garden to rest.  The girls checked it out, had a committee meeting about it's position and are yet to get back to me with their approval.

Speaking of the girls, we discovered where they were laying the eggs!!  I found 5 in the nesting box but the rest were discreetly placed or is the hidden from us.  I am getting a good crop of Walnuts, the Apples need to be picked, and the Lemons and Limes are ripening.

From my garden!!

The garden is blooming at the moment, enjoying the rainy and sunny days I think.  I am never alone when I am in the garden, Toebee and Big are never far.

We have been treated to some spectacular evening skies of late too.  And some of those girls have taken to sleeping in the Potato Vine again!!
Toebee always joins me on the evening garden time.
He joins me when I am on the lap top too, just trying to help the only way a kitten knows how to.
It must have been a bit cooler the other night as these two were snuggled together sleeping.  I love how Sheba's tail is around Oscar.

I went out to see Sue W on Monday as last weekend the hand railing went up on her massive deck.  It was one of those of and on days, warm and clear, next minute it was raining.  We had a Rummakub marathon and Cheese toasties for lunch, she called them Trendy Wendy's after her mum.

I can see an incredible amount of time will be spent using that deck, such a good spot to view her garden and surrounding land. 
This delightfully chubby bumble bee was soaking up the sun and drinking in the nectar from one of the roses, using the petals as steps to reach the perfect spot.

I have re blonded my hair.  I am a natural blonde but some times it just needs some extra encouragement from a bottle as it goes dull.  I don't do DULL!!

The lid was off Toebees biscuits the other day and Big thought he would try and help himself to a snack. He was successful at nabbing a few so I topped it up.
Bring on the expert, Toebee!!  His little face still fits in said jar, talk about smug!  So smug that he is at the climbing stage of his life and can now climb on top of the washing machine where I feed Big, therefore he can now snack on Big cats biscuits!!  Its all sharing and caring with these two, not that it is always consensual. 

If only we knew what they were really thinking.
Speaking of snacks, last night the Heir and his dog Stellar were over for dinner.  This is the line up I get in the kitchen when I get the dog treat jar out of the cupboard.  Stella is on the left, then my Oscar with his wonky old teeth and then Sheba.  What a line up!!

 Well another weekend has arrived and I need to get out there and enjoy it.
 Some already are!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That art is really cool :D I am demanding a Rummikub rematch! ;-)

Goody said...

I'm so happy to hear you're mending well and free of the crutches.

Nope-you don't do dull!

Nancy J said...

Crutch-less is pure heaven, enjoy every day, even a Moon-boot is better, I'm still using one crutch , sometimes both. MRI all clear ( HOW could that be), still a lot of pain. Love your garden views, and the wee trike, so glad all the feathery committee passed the bill!!! Take care, no running, but to drive again, BLISS.

Beth Waltz said...

The nuts and leaves are sooo soothing to the eyes, as I sit sipping my tea and cuddling my cats. It's good to see that the moon boot isn't hobbling your photographic efforts, not with hens in the potato vine and cats and dogs in the kibble bins!

The re-blonding suits you, Sue. My brother claims I'm first cousin to a maple tree, inasmuch as my mane changes color with the seasons. Men don't understand...

Leeanne said...

crutch-less.......well there's worse things in life. Dawn's creations are very uplifting as are the photo's you take of all sorts of stuff! Our neck of the woods is also popping up more and more 'good' street art too.

kiwikid said...

Wohoo crutchless!!!!! Thanks for the art tour, it is amazing, as Leeanne says we saw some amazing art up in Whangarei last year. Wonderful to see the antics of the cats and dogs, and the changes in the garden, love the bike additions.

Polyester Princess said...

I'm glad to hear you are able to get back behind the wheel, Sue, which must make all the difference. I love all the amazing street art. We do have quite a lot of it here in Antwerp too. Dawn's creations are lovely too! Isn't it funny how some cats are "basket cases" (haha, I loved that), and some aren't? We have a perfectly lovely basket, but Phoebe just turns up here nose at it, preferring carton boxes. xxx

chris said...

Hi Sue, I have popped over from Julie's blog, I'm an old Hamiltonian now living in Australia, must say your blog is making me home sick and I haven't been home in 32 yrs, so more things on Hamilton please :-) love your blog. Chris xoxo

Vix said...

Hooray! That's brilliant that you're healing so quickly and are out and about so soon! x

Bibi Maizoon said...

Yippee you're off the crutches!
What fantastic decor your friend Dawn has.
Awww, your fur babies are gorgeous!
What an amazing art scene NZ has.
Looking at your flowers, nuts & fruits I'd guess NZ has a similar climate to the Pacific Northwest in the US?

Mim said...

Look at those spotty ginger cat bellies!

Your x-ray must be soon; I hope all goes well for you.