Sunday, 3 September 2017

Why, these are a few of My Favourite Things!

Julie Andrews sang about her favourite things in Mary Poppins, and let's face it, we all probably sang along with her.  Spring is starting to Spring about this part of the world which is making me extremely happy.  The colour is returning to my garden, YAY!!

So here are some of my favourite things,
what are yours?

Avocado and Manderines,
obviously not together,
but such great things to have for lunch.

Catching up with my incredibly talented friend 
and seeing her Native Birds.

Coming home with more clay treats to hang on my garden arches.

Walking around Lake Rotoroa on a sunny day with Sue Webber
and rewarding ourselves
with a coffee and this gorgeous view.

Baking cake,
in fact a Banana Cranberry and White Chocolate Cake to be exact.

Finding cool shit in the Op Shops,
all found over the last month.

Getting my grown up glasses,
 no more ready readers for me,
real prescription ones for work, home and driving!!

My abundantly flowering Kaka Beak!! 
A must for any NZ garden.

All the glorious colour returning to my garden,
the stuff that makes my heart skip a beat or two.

Being up early enough to get a glimpse
of the sun coming up through the trees.

Happy sleeping pets.

Dressing up Oscar!!

Dying the under part of my hair HOT PINK!

Moving, re-arranging and adding to my Wall of Whimsy.

Having Toebee on my lap when trying to use
my laptop most evening.

Enough sunshine to get Shadows!!

Treating myself to bought Tulips and Iris's
because I cannot bring myself to pluck the colour from my own garden.

Finally getting to have a guest room 
because my Day Bed arrived early,
so decorating has taken a back seat.

Totally enjoying this entertaining ball of fur and fun. 

Being grateful for having such a good life, surrounded by family, friends and enjoying every day given, and having help with staying BLONDE!!

See you soon,
stay happy, stay well,
and stay kind!!



Nancy J said...

Lovely to see spring has sprung up there. Super collection of pics today, and the last words from Regina, so true.

Fiona said...

Love your new specs, don't think I'll get away with readers for much longer. Great finds at the op shop, the title of that book is hilarious and what a great little basket. Lovely puss cat shots, hoping to have another furry foster feline here soon. Wise words indeed to end your post with. xxx

Poppy Q said...

Not so spring like here at the moment, but it will be along soon. Your hair is looking great .

Goody said...

Love the frames on your specs. I've been in grown-up glasses since I was 40 (a looong way back now). They go on in the morning, and only come off for bath and bed-don't even think about them anymore.

I completely understand buying flowers rather than cutting your own-they look so perfect where they are. I love your pink and blonde hair. Enjoy your spring.

Julie said...

Gosh Sue, Toebee has grown so much. I almost confuse him with Big sometimes. I love that cake you made ... looks delish!! Love all your op shop finds but that book caught my eye .... about mowing lawns!!!! "What to do when a lady faints" .... looks most interesting reading!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Spring! Glorious Spring!
It's still the hot, humid, muggy, & buggy Monsoon here in Nepal. Waiting for the rains to stop so I can plant my Winter garden.
Love your new glasses & Op shop finds! That Kaka beak plant is gorgeous!
Just finished blonding myself & whipped up a batch of lavender tinted conditioner to keep the brassies away.
The Toebster is a cutie!

Mim said...

Those native bird sculptures are fab. And, of course, it's always wonderful to see your pets.

Keep spreading the happiness!

kiwikid said...

How Toebee has grown! He is a big grown up cat now. Lovely to see spring coming to your part of the world and all the wonderful colour. You have amazing op shop finds.

chris azzopardi said...

hi ya Sue, wow what a fabulous colorful garden you have, have been munching on a few mandy's of late but now the imperials are fading away:-( not keen on avo's but their skins are great for dying. I can't wait for peaches to come into season.
Your cake looks yummy, and love your hair, wish I had blonde stuff lol, the kiwi birds are cute, well we have freezing cold wet conditions here in Melbourne at the moment, so looking forward to a few warmer days, not hot ones, just warm, take care Sue. Chris xoxo

Beth Waltz said...

What fun you're having "springing", Sue! Flowers, cats and delightful treasures abound -- the hot pink rinse nicely balance the grown-up glasses.

Thanks for the words from the wise woman. At my mother's funeral her adult granddaughter remembered that whenever she cared for them and they attempted to evade school, she'd urge them on saying, "You'll feel better when you get there." "But we never do," they replied. "Yes, I know," said the wise woman, "but you got there."

Polyester Princess said...

Your friend's Native Birds are so cute! It's lovely to see colour emerging in your garden, while ours is slowly but surely dying down. Love the hot pink in your hair, and Toebee's antics. My, isn't he growing big? xxx

Chris H said...

Awesome post, so positive and colourful!

Vix said...

Great to see signs of Spring appearing! I'm reluctant for our seasons to change, our Summer has been crap weather wise!
Lovely to see the pets and the blooms in your garden. xxx

sallyhicks said...

Love everything, your beautiful flowers,your pretty apron, and always your animals. Is that Toby with his little pink tongue? I too find it hard to tell who is Toby and who,is mr big. I too don't like picking flowers. They last so much longer in the garden but nothing like a bowl of early daffodils reminding us that spring is here.

Name: Lynise said...

As a complete musical fanatic, I love your post with your favourite things, but Julie Andrews was singing this in the hills of Switzerland in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins was the loveable Nanny who sang Superclofregelisthatkeepsmealloudoshes. ( sp) lol