Thursday, 26 October 2017

The return of some Sunshine with patches of Rain.

We have had some glorious days of late and of course we then get a run of rainy days just to gives us a good old shake up and let us know our Seasons are still trying to decide what they want to be.  On those glorious ones I am out and about or in my garden.  Instead of op shopping I have been plant and seed shopping, whatever spins your wheels I say.

First I need to apologise up front about the size of some of the photos.  The editing thing I was using is no longer free so I am experimenting with a new free one.  It will be trial and error I am afraid so be patient with me.  Technology is not one of my strong points.  

Bike baskets have had extra colour added to them all.

 The return of so much colour has had me in a spin.  Finally the garden is waking up, the birds, bees and insects are all on the return.  This stuff make me feel alive, nothing can bother me in my garden, no problem can not be overcome when I am surrounded by the things in the garden that deliver such pleasures. 

One of my regulars is back and very busy on the nest building part of life that continues each year.

Even dear old Big doesn't mind the activity of this bird.  I am pretty sure this is the one he lets eat his cat biscuits from his bowl out the front. Lucky bird, maybe they cut a deal, as old Tex was the very same.  By the way Big is well on the mend and so far has put his fighting on hold, for how long we do not know.  I guess when he decides to re claim his title in the street we will be off to the vet again!!

I found this hanging planter in a very good sale in a shop called Bed Bath and Beyond. I scored it for half price, my kind of shopping.  Then I went to Bunnings and got potted colour at .95c a plant.

I am pretty happy with the result and it is a welcome bit of colour at our front door.  With a bit of luck and some regular watering the Lobellia will cascade and the flowers will continue to bloom.

This Tui has been spending time in the garden but every time I grab for my camera is has flown over to the school next door.  Little did it know I have a ZOOM!!! 

BUBBLES!!!  You all need to set up a play date with your inner child and get some bubbles happening.  I love how these float around, land on plants and tempt the pets into playing. 

I have done this before but it never gets old.  Throwing treats at Sheba to catch while taking photos, making her look like she is flying, bahahahahaha!!!!

With glorious weather the lighter weight clothes get to come out.  There is nothing so pleasing as the warmth of sunshine on your bare arms. Note my little mate is always out with me, my constant companion.

Amazing insects!!

Be it a Daisy or Buttercup, a Granny Bonnet or a Gerberra, all are welcome at me place!!

If it is colourful, then I encourage it to grow!!

I puppy sat for a friend for an hour, well I went to her place and let the dogs out. You know the song, "Who let the dogs out.." well now you know, it was ME!!!

Such fun with three bundles of fluff.  Coco is the white one and the others two are Marley and Denim, they are the new babies. Tough gig I tell you!!

Not much can beat this beautiful boy tho.  He has stolen everyones heart that is for sure.  One crazy arsed cat he is.  Every day is another adventure and long may it continue.

I have just realised I have no photos of Oscar this time.  Never fear, my wee man is still about.  Living life in the slow lane these days which is all good with us.

There have been cakes baked and shared, and numerous outings to other towns on my days off.  I am enjoying driving little red to the small country towns near by and visiting their op shops.  I went out for dinner and a Cabaret Night with my Raglan ladies a couple of friday nights ago.  But alas no cameras were allowed, and it was such a great night out.  There have been visits and visitors, life has been busy, and of course there has been work.  I am so grateful that I love my job, maybe because my work mates are such a good bunch or maybe my whole attitude to life has a more relaxed and less stressed approach.

Books or people do what is right for you!


Leeanne said...

Absolutely fabulous photo's! I'm glad Mr Big is on the mend, lets hope he quits his Jake the Muss routine! Some very good words of advice my friend.......xx

kiwikid said...

Wonderful words of advice today..always good to read. Spring is such a lovely time in the garden isn't it, lots of colour happening here too. Good to hear Mr Big is getting better and great to see Toebee playing around too. Enjoy your garden.

Vix said...

Great photos, Sue! Lovely to see the nest building activity, a sure sign of Spring when we're going into Winter. xxx

Nancy J said...

Hmmm!! Us gals and our felines, they are so loved, we worry so much, and they makes our lives so much richer. Be content, wise words. All your pics show summer is round the corner, and winter has gone, spring is in its final moments, and bulbs almost finished, dianthus, they just hopped into the trolley today, 10 lovely deep red plants at 99c per plant, how could I resist. Then I drooled at the new flaxes, shrubs, perennials, and so much more. As quilting fabric had first go at the wallet, the others all stayed at Mega M 10!!!

Julie said...

Wonderful posts Sue & can always rely on you for the little verses that are so appropriate & perfectly timed!! Your garden is looking amazing & colourful. Its such a pretty time of year. Yes bloody Picmonkey has decided to charge us all .... what a bunch of plonkers !!! I am trying out some other free photo places too. Its a bit tricky because they say "free" but often they are not!

Poppy Q said...

Nice to see you back. Everything feels a bit better now we have some sunshine.


SAM said...

I love reading my NZ blogger posts, especially as you talk about the return of sunshine as we in the northern hemisphere are losing minutes daily. Keep sharing your stories of sun, gardens and furry friends. It will help me over the long winter to come.

Goody said...

It was nice to see all the flowers and nest-building birds as we're expecting snow by week's end. I had no idea Bed Bath and Beyond was a multi-national-must go have a look around as you found a very nice hanging planter.

Polyester Princess said...

Lovely photos, as always, Sue! Lovely too to see a bit of Spring, when we're well into Autumn. That planter was a great find, and I'm sure all will be blooming marvellously later in Summer. Love seeing and reading about Toebee's antics. He's such a cutie, isn't he? xxx

sallyhicks said...

That was such a lovely and relaxing read Sue. Big is such a big cuddle and there aren't enough words to describe Toebys little face. He looks just like my first kitten which was brought to our door one night only weeks after we married and I was just 19. Flook fitted the palm of my hand and was found dumped in a neighbours garage with a little broken tail. Looking at Tobee always breaks my heart.
You have it warmer up north so lovely to see the birds making their nests and so much colour. Our turn will come.

Jazzy Jack said...

With all the overseas blogs I read I keep doing a double take realising we are in Spring not Autumn! How crazy is that.
So you help me reset. As always, some gorgeous flowers. Your new collages are coming out a lot smaller on my screen and I'm missing some lovely detail. Just FYI.
We have been so dry this season until yesterday and today with a great deluge of a storm. Amazing how different our countries are, eh?
xo Jazzy Jack

Mim said...

That's a lovely photo of Big. And Toebee is such a cutie - I see the Prime Minister of NZ has a polydactyl cat called Paddles. Clearly it is the land of many-toed mogs.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Spring, glorious Spring!
Winters are so mild here in Nepal it's more like Spring so i need to get plantin' too!
Crazy arsed cats are the best kind.
All your critters look so happy!

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing these exquisite images! Your birdlife is amazingly industrious. Thanks, too, for sharing themes for meditating whilst counting the toes on one's cats...