Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Out and about in my little town.

We get a little mid week paper that is free and delivered that I always rummage through.  I find out all sorts of things that are going on in my little town.  Two things caught my eye so I just had to go check them out.

This new art installation is called 'Large Cloud'.  It was hoisted high up in the trees by some of the City Park Arborists down by the kids playground at Lake Rotoroa.  A group of 41 women called the 'Crochet Crew', from a face book group crocheted this amazing piece.

The white twine was donated, and at the end of summer when this gets taken down the twine will bio degrade as it is a twine used for gardening. 210 33x33cm squares make up this cloth, making it 10m long.  The day I went to see it, the wind was blowing like a bastard so it was floating about in the trees.  It looks amazing, so thanks to all those crocheting gals that put it together.

My next thing to check out was installed and unveiled on Armistice Day 11/11/2017 in Memorial Park. I love this park and ended up chatting to one of the gardeners for a while, thanking him for all the good work he and his team do at maintaining such a beautiful place.

This life sized 300kg Bronze horse statue was made by a former Defence Force Artist and commissioned by the Waikato Combined Equestrian Club.  I believe the raised the $220,00.00 it cost to make. The 'War Horse Memorial Monument' is in honor of the 8,000 horses sent to South Africa, and the 10,000 sent to WW1.  Only 1 from South Africa and 4 from WW1 returned. I hear that the Armistice Day service and unveiling was lovely, emotional, but beautiful.  I love the fact that the horse has been designed to be interactive as you can climb up and sit on it.  If I ever manage that I will let you know!!  Might need some steps!

Finally we have been getting some glorious days that end with stunning colourful sunsets.  This has meant more time outdoors enjoying the weather.

The girls have been doing their bit in the egg department so get to roam the garden in the afternoons as a reward!!

So much colour is flowering away, and the Sweet Peas are on overdrive.  I pick and they keep on flowering, the scent is divine.

 All the pets round here are living the dream.

You will find Big out the front of our place most days, happy to have his head scratched.  In the evening he retires indoors to the comfort of the couch.

My little old man Oscar basically mooches about and then sleeps.  He insists on being wrapped in a large towel after his bath!!

Sheba is happy as long as she has a toy and company, the most obliging dog ever who patiently sat while getting a make over into a tradesman dog!
Then of course their is Toebee, stalker of wild life and hammock lounging cat.

The garden is so green and lush at the moment.  I am looking forward to those summer days outside on the garden swing with a good book and a cold drink.

Quite a few years ago my dad built me an Avery that sits on the deck.  We haven't had any birds in it for a while now so I have filled it with potted colour.  I think he would approve.

Our front door is looking colourful, I have to water the flowers daily as they start to droop and I don't want to lose them.

 I collected some Granny Bonnet seeds today.

Work is busy, that end of year panic is starting to happen.  This time of the year the Festive decorations are in full swing.  I found these little beauties in a pre Christmas 50% off sale.  I am looking forward to bringing by pine tree indoors in December and decorating it. That is about as festive as I get, my tree!

 These two are still in love!

Big thinks it is such a Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh thing!!

I have been out to the movies twice lately, went and saw the film 'Maudie' which was really lovely.  I do like a movie based on fact, and she was quite the artistic character.  The second movie was 'Murder on the Orient Express', I rather enjoyed that to.  Of course there have been a few lunches out and some day trips.  Off on one tomorrow so you may well get another blog before the end of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Bye for now!!***

Some wisdom for all your Northern Hemisphere peeps....

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Poppy Q said...

Your post made me smile tonight Sue. Thanks for the update. I love the two art pieces, both moving in their own ways. Thanks for sharing them.

Your gardens are looking lovely and we are glad you are getting some sunshine. We have had such great spring weather here with more sunshine than usual. The evenings have been quite delightful.

Julie and Poppy Q


Vix said...

Some lovely photos here, Sue! Always good to see the animals and to share your sunshine when we're living through the short grey days of Winter. xxx

sallyhicks said...

What wonderful colours Sue. I enjoyed all your blog but the pets still rate no.1 How cute did Toby look after his bath. And darling mr. Big slowing down but so happy and as for the loving couple! Your hens must be very happy to lay so well. I can't remember the last time I had a fresh egg. In retirement my dad was given a bantam by a little boy who was not allowed to keep her. When she went broody a cousin gave him two eggs. They hatched and became 'the girls' and very big at that .twice the size of 'mum' but did she keep them in check and if they went on the driveway she would bustle round and peck at them sending them back. Pets give such joy.

Goody said...

I love seeing all your happy animals living it up in the luxury you provide. Your garden is looking wonderful.
The holiday madness has already started by us, but I pace myself and try to enjoy it along the way. I bought a quart of egg nog at the store today, but realised I don't like egg nog-I like whisky that you add to it. Now that's sorted I can enjoy all the holiday chaos ;)

Polyester Princess said...

I love the artwork in your little town! The equestrian monument is very poignant. People often forget these noble animals also suffered in the war ... Aren't your pets lucky to be living in a paradise like your garden! xxx

kiwikid said...

Love the crochet art piece, it would be great to see moving around in the trees. The horse is amazing too, wonderful to be able to climb or step up and sit on it. It is great to see thewe kind of things in the community. Your garden is looking great as are the pets

Bibi Maizoon said...

Your garden looks so green and gorgeous. Your pets have it made living in a garden like that! What a lovely little aviary your dad made for you- at first glance I thought it was an antique phone booth.
That horse and crochet piece are fascinating. No holiday madness here in Nepal but there's an election going on for te next 2 weeks so security is high.