Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Summer is Frocking well here and it's great!!

Apologies to you Northerners but also thanks for sending Summer down to us.  We have been experiencing some gloriously hot days, how long it will last, no one knows but I for one intend to enjoy it!!

Today we got to 29* although it felt like someone had left the oven door wide open at times.  The thought of some rain is great to as the garden will be keen for a good drink.

So the FROCKS have been dragged out of storage and being worn a lot.

I still need to swap my Winter clothes to my Summer ones, our bedroom has exploded with clothes!

Me and the Webber woman took a drive out to Wairere Nursery last week.  She was picking up some Roses and some how I ended up with my own trolley and purchasing some fragrant plants.

The owners have the most amazing Garden that you are allowed to take a wander in, so as we had not done this we took a stroll.

These two guys have designed and nurtured such a beautiful lush garden with a pond in the middle so the path is around it.

Tall trees with under planting, 
and seats to rest on and enjoy the moment.

Statues, Archways and Bridges, it has everything and turning every corner brought to view a new welcome sight.

So next time you need plants you know where to go and remember to take a leisurely stroll in the garden.

Potted and safely installed on the deck
with the other pots.

We also went to Captain Compost where Sue got hands on with some very large Balls, and more plants were purchased.

My assistant gardener is always near by to fluff about give suggestions and be helpful.

Eggs, Lemons, Strawberries and Sweet Peas, what else could I want!

I visited my dear friend Anne who has the most beautiful house and garden, and came home with a couple of clippings and some pots she was going to through out.

This is what I did with the  pots and some potted colour picked up from Bunnings.

Dandelion Cat and how useful is that extra toe?

"You may dress me up mum but
I will have the last laugh
when I claw your new couch when you are out!!!"

I rather like Hydrangeas and when visiting my eldest son guess what was in the garden.  So I picked a bunch of flowers for my jug and took some pieces to grow.

Frilly Granny Bonnets and Large Red Poppies have started to bloom. 

Finally our Magnolia Tree is smothered in flowers!!  It has only taken 3 years!! 

You could say it is Blooming lovely in the garden right now!

Our little Pine Tree has come indoors.  I have only placed non breakable things on it this year due to the climbing extra toed cat!!  I made the little elves years ago with my good friend Louise

Angels and animals is the theme,
some gifted to me,
and some new,
some old.

I went out to Sue's to check out her new kitchen etc and did a surprise Christmas installation at her gate, let us call it The Rural Christmas Tree!!  I think she is still laughing about it.

All the pets are dealing with the heat in their own way, I am thankful for our ceiling fans that is for sure.  I didn't want to pick my Hibiscus flower but you get an idea of the size, not sure if I have made myself available with the positioning!

I found this brand new hat the other day in the St Johns Op Shop for $3, perfect for gardening time.

I will leave you with my JibJab mash ups, the videos were hilarious!!  The silly festive season is upon us all.  Take a deep breathe people, you will survive!!




chris azzopardi said...

Hi Sue, wow the weather has gone mad, we have had nothing but rain, and your getting heat, I prefer the cool, but to much rain isn't good either, our garden is loving it though, I love hydrangeas, especially that nice purple colour. Stay cool. Chris xoxo.

Polyester Princess said...

I'm trying not to be envious of your weather, do enjoy every minute of it! What an absolute treasure of a garden, so lush and green! Toebee does have me in stitches every time. What a cutie. Oh, and I must have some frilly granny bonnets next summer, they're divine! xxx

Fiona said...

27 degrees! You are so lucky. I think the mercury reached that temperature about twice in the UK this year. Your garden's looking lovely. Xx

Nancy J said...

Too hot here for us and the felines too, they try and find a coolish place outside. Love your garden goodies, and YES, summer gear is in order from now on. We had 31.1 yesterday and it was even more later on!!! Doing firewood is thirsty work, friends all helping makes such a difference, we are so thankful for ALL their help. and looking at the growing pile, I am hoping ( what a silly idea in this heat) that we get some cold winter days next year, and see it heating us up beautifully.

kiwikid said...

Your garden is beautiful Sue, so much colour. The nursery you visited looks wonderful. Great animal photos.

Natural Medley said...

So many lovely flowers and gardens. As Chris said we are having rain in Canberra at the moment. Not that we are complaining!
I've left the washing on the line three days straight waiting for a dry day. Maybe today...?!
I love all your frocks...such a gorgeous old fashioned word.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Julie said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous Sue. WoW - those hydrangeas from your sons are beautiful. When yours grow, I will get a cutting from you :-) Glad to see you have your garden helper with the extra toe which always comes in handy. Its so stinking hot here - yesterday we got to 32!!!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

O my! It's rather chilly up here in Nepal so thank you for a look at sunny NZ! Love that pic of Toebee's tail sticking out of the greenery. What a lovely garden at that nursery & your's looks gorgeous also.

Goody said...

Captain Compost is the best name for a garden centre-ever!
I adore that patchwork dress of yours-you look summery and joyful in it. I hope you continue to have lovely warm weather-your garden (as always) is looking magnificent. I can only imagine how astounding it is in person.

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your gorgeous garden (and the other fellows') with us. I especially appreciate the close-ups of the flowers and pot gardens!

Winter is upon us and grinches are among us, so your words of wisdom and jibjabs are also welcome. Yes, we do know TOF is smiling inside.:)

Kiwionholidays said...

As usual Sue a fabulous load of pics and what you have been up to .. So many positives and each photo is a wee gem...

Hope you post this weekend sometime cos annual hols for all of us and may be techno free for a few weeks of R&R lol

Keep retro shopping and sharing .Enjoy your family time while off work...

.We so appreciate your site here,, while on our late OE lol

Swami Ratnamurti Saraswati said...

Hi Sue, so lovely to "meet" a fellow kiwi blogger! I haven't been to the Hamilton house, but next time that I go to The Tron (Hamilton)... it's on my list. I have a coolie hat just like yours! from a $2 shop. And your pots with wee plants look beautiful Nice to meet you xxx