Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Silly Season is nearly here, and there is still things to do!

I have one more week of work before getting three glorious weeks off.  But it will be a massive week, so much to do before I can hang up my work clothes!!  All my Christmas shopping is done so I have been out playing.

On one of my days off I drove the familiar roads to Whangamata.  I haven't been there since last Summer for one reason and another.  So it was so lovely to get back to the golden sands of the East Coast.

My very good friend Leonie was back in the country and having herself a week at her bach (beach house).  We have known each other since we were born and time spent with is always enjoyable and fun.  How many people have a life long friend these days?

As kids we spent many an evening playing in the dunes with her brothers and my sisters.   They are smaller now and not covered in Lupins that we would make huts and tunnels in.

I had to buy a sunhat when we were in town as it was so hot, hot enough to dip my toes in the water.  Which was surprisingly lovely!!  So many Star fish were washed up on the beach, we wondered if we should rescue them all, but there were too many.  Hopefully they were saved by the out going tide.

Prior to our beach walk we  wandered the main street checking out some of the shops.  We purchased these very cute glasses book marks!  We also had a lovely lunch outside in the sunshine.  All very grown up!

We drove to the surf club where we sat and ate an ice block each while enjoying the breeze and that consistently gorgeous view.  I love this time of the year, before little Whangamata grows into a Tourist destination for summer.  I prefer the quiet time now.  I spent many a Summer as a teenager having lots of FUN!! As teenagers do!!!

(images borrowed off the net)
The following day Sue W and I took a drive out to The Garden Art Studio for a look and a coffee at The Lily Pad Cafe.  This is out Kaipaki, between Hamilton and Cambridge, and super nice.  My friend Dawn has lots of her pottery here for sale.

We had a table indoors with a Picture Window, I was hoping the cows would sneak into this paddock.  As we were close to Cambridge we went there and checked out the op shops with no  purchases being made.

We decided to surprise Chris and drop in on her.  Oh and to check in on her beautiful puppies.

It was females all round as the puppies and her dog Coco are all girls!!!

I love this time of the year,
everything is flowering and so colourful.

The bees are busy and the promise of fruit to come is on all our fruit trees.  All the berries are ripening so we are enjoying Raspberries and Strawberries now, with the Black Currents and Blackberries to come.

 My Hoya is looking stunning.

I think Hydrangeas are my most favourite of all!!

All my potted colour is flourishing,
but I have to water daily.
Last year I was given this wicked Orange hanging seat from my youngest sons girlfriend.  FINALLY I found a branch to hang it in.  It happens to be in the walnut tree down in the chicken zone.  So Joan got to try it out first and she liked it.

I went to The Mandarin Tree a lovely gallery in Gordonton last weekend.  I bought another wind wand for the garden, this time a Red one.  I think I may need another one as I quite like sets of three.

That same day I picked up this bloody gorgeous Orange Pouffe that I found on Trade Me for $20.

Apparently it is the perfect place for a small cat to rest on at the end of a long day.

He has also found the boys old hut a perfect place to rest in and watch the world pass by.

He lives such a busy life as you all know, even donned his Cricket supporters hat although he slept through most of the game.  Sorry Lads!

I have been out to Dawns a few times lately as I have been having a play with the clay.  None of the above, that is all her work.  Mine is a Christmas present so cannot be shared until after the main event.  All of the above work was about to wing it's way off to numerous Galleries.

I sat under one of the large old Oak trees (over a 100 yrs old) in Hamilton East on a hot afternoon eating the most delicious Ice Cream from Duck Island.  I had a scoop of each of these flavours, Orange Blossom with Chocolate chips; Salted Caramel with something fancy that I cannot remember; and White Chocolate and Macadamia with Pomegranate. Oh yeah, DIVINE!!!

With it being so warm I decided to get the dogs a paddling pool.  I put a little bit of water in it and was off to get more when you know who decided he would investigate.

Today Sheba and my sons dog Stella
enjoyed the pool,
seriously funny stuff.

Last Friday I took a drive out to Sue Ws place, she has BABIES!!!

Her garden is thriving and we took a walk around it after I had checked out her new kitchen and curtains and things!  Mighty nice too I must say.

That old barn down the road is still standing, now in a paddock full of Maize that was waving about in the wind.

When finishing off my Christmas shopping I made a few purchases for myself.  Do you do that?  So the Diffuser is Vanilla and makes the lounge smell better than dog, almost heavenly!!  I could not resist the festive dude either, pretty cute little fella.

(Photos borrowed off the net)
We had two nights out last week with my work do at The Wayward Pigeon and then TOFs work do out at Villigrades.  Both super nice, and we didn't have to do the dishes!!!

Poor wee Oscar is feeling the heat and found the perfect place under the garden swing, away from Sheba and Stella today.  We were all busy in the garden and he escaped through the open gate which had TOF and the lads off to find him.  He was carried home and the gate was closed.  Rather a pain in the butt when you are moving gardening crap from the back to the front to a rubbish skip.  But they did!!

Do you like the Santa mask I found for TOF to model for you all with a seasonal message?  I am taking it to work for one of the lads to wear, he is mad and will do it.

**Well this may well be the last post until after the BIG DAY, so to all of you out there where ever you are and whatever you do on the 25th, have a wicked day.  We will be taking the dogs for a swim out at Raglan then having dinner with our lads and their partners at our place.  Enjoy the Festive Break and do what makes you happy**

 I think I need this sign!!




Nancy J said...

I so enjoy reading your out and about trips, and then the at home things too,beautiful blooms, what a perch in the hammock, and other goodies you found. Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy those 3 weeks, they go by all too fast. Many Happy Greetings to you and TOF too.

Polyester Princess said...

Amazing photos like always. Especially of all those cheerful Summer flowers, which I miss very much on this side of the world. Oh, those poor starfish though! Love the glasses bookmark, that's so cute. Speaking of cuteness, Toebee has it in abundance. I so love seeing his antics. Joan in the orange hanging seat made me smile too! Oh, and the icecream looks and sounds delicious. A happy Christmas to you and your family, Sue. xxx

sallyhicks said...

Your photos are a real,joy. Thank you Sue. Merry Christmas to,you all. Xxxxxx

Julie said...

Gorgeous photo of you with those puppies Sue. Your garden is looking beautiful. I think we got some rain here today .... about 6 drops!! Hello to Toebee :-) Have a wonderful festive season Sue Xxxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Merry Xmas! Is that Wind Wand a kinetic sculpture or does it make noise? Beautiful flowers & artwork! Love the new pouf & glasses bookmarks too! xox

Leeanne said...

great pics..........Toebee sure is handsome. Wishing you a happy restful break........take care.

chris azzopardi said...

hi Sue, lovely pics of your outings, ice-cream looked yummy, where's the hokey pokey:-) think I put on a few pounds just looking at it. Enjoy your time off, have a lovely Christmas with your family. Chris xoxo

Beth Waltz said...

I'll be coming back to enjoy this delightful escape from our winter's grays and browns. Thank you, Sue, for the amazing close-ups of the flowers: they seem as close as my nose! (And does the hoya have a fragrance?)

Your furry and feathered housemates never fail to entertain us with their calm acceptance of the gifts you bestow -- a hanging seat for a hen, a splendid pouf for a tomcat.

But I shall cherish and share your happy remark about the defuser making your lounge "...smell better than dog." Bless you, Sue, for keeping it real, as the kids say. May you and your loved ones enjoy the holidays and find health and happiness in 2018.

kiwikid said...

Another wonderful post and photos, enjoy your 3 week break and Christmas with the boys, ours are coming home for a few days too and we will do the roast in the evening after being over at the beach. Very Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

Goody said...

A very happy Christmas and wonderful new year to you and yours. Enjoy your break and have a splash in the ocean for me.