Sunday, 29 April 2018

What made me happy this week - 17/52


It is here, although we are experiencing some very mild weather.  I love Autumn and Spring the most out of the Seasons that we have.  So much Autumnal colour is around us in abundance too.  

Today  TOF and I went for a walk along one of the many pathways that are next to our Might Waikato River which runs smack bang in the middle of Hamilton.

Part of TOFs road to recovery is walking daily.  Now that he is able to walk  more than a few power poles down the road I have started to join him. We walked around part of Lake Rotoroa in town the other day.  I tell him to go as far as he is comfortable and then we rest and return to our starting point.

The River Cruiser boat went past and I love getting glimpses of my favourite old bridge, the Fairfield Bridge.

Even tho you are walking in the city it is so peaceful riverside.  Lots of native trees and birds, ducks on the river, and the odd bike bell ringing to alert you to cyclists coming along the shared pathway.  Someone had carved a face into the old tree trunk, some residents have stairs that lead up to their properties, and we just got to enjoy it all. 

Fairfield Bridge through the trees.

Autumn Colour!
Makes me happy.


Kiwionholidays said...

Lovely to see your blog again tonight. Fab walk you ones had. Thanks a mil for sharing those lovely pics so peaceful yet so close to the City

Well done to TOF out and about so quick .. Think back not too long ago and surgery probably wasnt even in the conversation .

Now its all behind you both and thats fabulous ,

Enjoy seeing your autumn colours,, fave time of the year for us as well while away from home

Take care and so appreciate your sharing with us all here


sallyhicks said...

Yep! Makes me happy too. Loved the pics and cheers to Toff for following instructions. He will better than ever in no time.
Autumn ismyfavourite month. War,m and gentle and beautiful. Sadly this year wet and windy.since I have been ill and had a gardener it is just not the same. I hope for better days. Thanks for your cherry blog. Always look forward to it.

chris. said...

Hi Sue, oh wow have they painted that lovely old bridge, I remember it being darker, use to go over that every day back when I was flatting with friends, before I moved to AUS. Good for TOF out and about getting better. I love autumn to, just as much as Winter.

Nancy J said...

So good to know you are both out there, walking as far as you can, slowly does it. Well done TOF, you are a winner in this race. Hope you don't get the torrential rain that hit Rotorua, our daughter said the roads are so dangerous, lots are closed, they need to detour from Lynmore into the city.

Julie said...

You sure do have some stunning scenery right around you Sue. I love autumn & spring the very best too!

kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful place to be walking Sue, good to see TOF is able to walk a bit further now. I remember that bridge..was a sign that after driving from Tauranga, Hamilton was not far away. Autumn and spring are my favourite times of the year too.

Polyester Princess said...

I love autumn walks, even though we're well into spring here! Thank you for sharing your lovely scenery, Sue! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

A lovely river walk in a beautiful SAFE green city park! This is literally walking in a dream for we dwellers in most American urban areas. Delighted to see TOF out and about enjoying it all. (Yes, we know he is smiling on the inside.)

Goody said...

Autumn walks in a beautiful place would keep me outdoors as well. Glad to see TOF being out and about and getting stronger each time.

Unknown said...

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