Sunday, 6 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 18/52

Remember the fish I made out of clay?

Well my Mermaid was ready to be collected this week so off I went to see how she turned out.  I was not disappointed either!!

From beginning to end I totally enjoyed the process of raw clay to colourful art.  Needless to say she came home and got hung on the wall.

Not the wall of Whimsy tho'
but here......

...where her sister-mermaids
are hanging out!! 

Something else that made me happy this week was finally getting to stop and take photos of some more Street Art in town.  This wall is in a car park so today being Sunday was the perfect day to go snap away.

 I could happily park my car daily in front of any of these.

Time for something to make you all SMILE! 



sallyhicks said...

That’s a really good one. ‘Love it !!!
You are so creative with the clay. You have a real talent.
By the way you don’t have Banksie in town by any chance do you ?

Leeanne said...

Lots to be happy mermaid.

chris. said...

Hi Sue, love your mermaids, super cute.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Love the mersisters!
Quite the art scene going on there in NZ1

Polyester Princess said...

Love how the mermaid turned out, and how wonderful that's she has joined her sisters! That sign made me laugh out loud: so true! xxx

kiwikid said...

Beautiful mermaid, looks wonderful with her sisters. Great street art too.

Beth Waltz said...

Love the colors on the mermaid's tail! So subtle!

And the re-phrased photo gave me a giggle. I still take shorthand when the occasion demands -- and it's funny to watch the young suits gaze in fascination as my arthritic hand translates their words into squiggles.

Goody said...

Oh Sue, your mermaid is lovely!