Monday, 4 June 2018

What made me happy this week - 22/52

I've done it again, I'm a day late!!  Guess that is because we are on the last day of a long weekend in my neck of the woods.  NZ is celebrating the Queen having a birthday.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liz, and thanks for the day off work.

My last week has been full of happy moments,
and little day trips for me. 

On the Monday my youngest son and I went out to Raglan as we both had the day off work. We saw the cutest lost baby seal on the wharf, enjoyed lunch out at Manu Bay and watched dudes out surfing. The waves were pounding those Rocks we love to sit on.  My eldest son's girlfriend and I went back out to Raglan on Saturday, another lovely little trip which included visiting some SHOPS!!

It finally got cold enough to wear long sleeves and more layers,
so frolicking outside in the garden took place.

Well I was also celebrating the arrival of some BOOTS!!

More Boots??!!

Cool mum!
Boots are made for walking AYE??

We had a death in the coup but I am happy that I got to have some farewell hugs with old Joan before she gave up.  

The Blackbirds are happily feasting on the last of the berries on offer.

And on Sunday TOF and I hit the road and headed north to Auckland to catch up with his mother.  While he was in hospital she had a stroke and ended up in Hospital.  So now that he is well on the road of recovery we managed to get up to check in on her.  She is doing really well and managing back at home. Phew they are all on the mend!!!




sallyhicks said...

Sweet Joan I am sad for Sue but I am sure you had the best life possible.
Glad Toff is up and going again. Bless you both.
You look gorgeous in your blue boots.

Nancy J said...

Blue boots, fantastic, Joan, so loved, you will miss her, and surf, a trip north, and TOF and his Mum doing well, a huge bonus for the birthday w/end. Lots of honours, more of us than the men for a change, I wonder how they decide, and how long before the people accept the invite to be on the list and get a medal? Raining again down here, further south, way past Dunedin, frosts for days on end. -4 is common, -6 is happening too.Roll on to the shortest day up here, I say.

chris. said...

awww poor Joan, RIP chooky, love your boots, and what a cutie patootie baby seal. We have the Queens birthday this weekend coming, must be good to have so many birthdays hey, take care have a great week. xoxo Chris.

Leeanne said...

I read the last saying to my hubby he laughed! Blue boot wear your layers soooo well girl! Bye bye Joan you sweet old feathery chooken.

Mim said...

Sorry to hear your chicken has passed away.

I hope the dogs are enjoying the benefit of those cool boots and getting lots of extra walks.

Polyester Princess said...

What a relief that TOF and his Mum are on the mend! Sorry to hear about Joan, but at least you were able to give her the best life possible! Love your blue boots, I need a pair myself for next Winter! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

What a nice photo of you and Joan! RIP, dear old hen, knowing that you were cherished in the happiest of yards on this island.

It's good to see TOF back at the wheel. No doubt his mum felt that much better for seeing him up and about.

And blue boots! I do wish I could find such treasures locally!