Sunday, 27 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 21/52

Nothing makes me happier than being beside the ocean.  I am not fussed about what the weather is doing especially when I go out to Raglan, which is what I did the other day.  I enjoy the drive and spending time mooching about on my own, calling in to the shops I love, grabbing a coffee and some lunch to eat at the beach.  This time I sat in the car as it was wet and wild.  I shared the crusts off my sarnie with the bird life.

 Like this one footed seagull that swooped in and hopped about.

The waves were crashing and smashing onto the rocks
sending the spray of ocean into the air
getting me wet more than once,
while the sun tried to break through the stormy sky.

 I sat high above Manu Bay watching the rain getting closer and closer.

Because I know you will ask what did I buy, here we go with the show and tell.
Going clockwise: Recycled sari woven into a blanket from Zinnia, Faces from the seconds table at The Monster Company, A good old fashioned kiwi book full of fabulous tips from the shop next to Monster, and three pieces of Pottery from the seconds table at Tony Sly.

And some very naughty Pencils!!
Also bought from Zinnia.

I also ordered and paid for some very nice shoes at Soul
another of my favourite shops.




Polyester Princess said...

Being by the seaside makes me happy as well! Love your photo, especially the one footed seagull! xxx

Nancy J said...

A good time to be by the seaside!!! Raglan and also Kawhia were favourite places for us when we lived in Papakura. Not too far, and always that delicious salty smell even before you could see the sea. Hope TOF is doing well.

Natural Medley said...

We are leaving the seaside today after a two week holiday. Has been gorgeous!
I totally get it.
Love your pottery faces. You do have an affinity for cool pottery.
xo Jazzy Jack

chris. said...

omg love those pencils, always loved raglan, not that I got there much.
Have a great week. Chris. xoxo

Leeanne said...

Nice trips out and about......the naughty girl!

Goody said...

That's brave feeding the gulls-can't believe they were contenmt with crusts and didn't follow you for more. Great pencils.

sallyhicks said...

Really lovely photos Sue.

Beth Waltz said...

Your happy hidey-hole is a beautiful place, Sue, but to the eyes and ears of this land-locked lady I suspect the crashing of the waves and screams of the gulls would be reminiscent of "Ten Little Indians" (1945 version).

Mim said...

Poor old one-footed seagull! Still, it's a lovely beach to hop around on.