Sunday, 17 June 2018

What made me happy this week -24/52

When you were a child did your mum, grandmother or even an old aunt have a tin full of buttons, carefully saved from old clothing?  Did you spend many a blissfully happy moment playing with them, lining them up or making patterns? Well I did, funny how discovering a discarded old tin of someone else's old buttons brought back that memory for me.

I wonder if small children are still doing this or has modern technology taken away such simple pleasures. I could still happily line up old buttons, how about you?

Another thing from my childhood memory bank was loving the intricate designs on my mother/grandmother's old thimbles.  I was super stoked to get these three off Trade Me the other day and rather enjoyed cleaning them up to their former glory.  So much nicer than the ones on offer today.

Last week in the Waikato it was Feildays, which is like 'Big Day Out for Farmers'.  For you non New Zealanders it is a huge Framing Expo that is held annually and the weather always falls apart and RAINS.  In honor of this Farming get together Toebee and Oscar donned the checkered flannelette.

I have a re-newed interest in Crystals and very happy with a selection of New Zealand ones I got the other weekend at a Spiritual and Wellness show I went to. (it was amazing and I had the most incredible reading done to)

Above are: Jade or Greenstone, Citrine, and Amethyst.  I love them in their raw form better than highly polished, but that is only my preference. 

Going clockwise: New Zealand Quartz, a very cool book, Rose Quartz and the most amazing pendant.  Fossilized shells in stone, it is like wearing the earth and the ocean all at once!!

After an incredibly busy week at work and play me and TOF had one super lazy weekend which has been wonderful.  Big is outside somewhere being a Big Cat while the others have all had their pre sleep snuggles.



***Enjoy the coming week***


sallyhicks said...

Love crystals. They are so beautiful. Tobee would be too if I could find him in his rather enormous overcoat. 🙀Those quotes are lovely and sooo true.

Poppy Q said...

I love crystals too - so beautiful and magical. I like that all the family need a snuggle before bed.

We have had a nice day here with dry and warmish, although it has just rained tonight. Apparently there will be another week of rain due - I'm sure it is the same for you guys too.

Vix said...

I turn my thimbles into doll's house plants pots!

Nancy J said...

Our Rotorua family went, and thought the entry fee was a bit high!!! Love the coats, and thimbles, I have my Mum's, mum-in'laws and grandmas, They are all such tiny sizes.And buttons from Mum's too. I cannot manage to throw them away.

Natural Medley said...

Loving those thimbles, the beautiful crystals and that necklace.
Glad you didn't get stuck in the mud at the farmer's day.
xo Jazzy Jack

June said...

My granddaughters bought me some raw crystals for my birthday, just beautiful and this week my great-granddaughter, aged two and a half spent ages fossicking through one of my old tins that is full of odds and ends; buttons, badges, little tins, even a broken lighter! Hours of fun there!

Goody said...

As a devoted fan of agricultural fairs I just know I would love your fieldays. I still have my mum's tin of buttons and sewing items. Tucked away in it was the wristband she wore in hospital having me in the 60's. How it ended up there, I'll never know, but I've left it all together.

Bibi Maizoon said...

We had old mayonnaise jars full of buttons. I used to collect rocks of all sorts as a child, especially agates on the beach. Your animals are so adorbale!

Leeanne said...

I love the sayings Sue.....silence is my favourite! Yes I have my Mum's button collection that I use to play with as a child, then my children played with them and now my grandkids do to! Funny cat & dog coats.......I could not see Simon wearing one of those, after all he thinks going through the cat door is degrading enough! Hugs from the winter less North xx

Beth Waltz said...

Of course I still have mum's button, and her mum's as well. Little visitors still enjoy sorting them by colors into muffin tins!

Oscar is very handsome in his farming expo gear -- just the thing for a lad short in the leg and long in the tooth.

I live in a farming are that was a sea bed 300 million years ago or so. So, yes, we do collect sea shells by the sea shore on our excursions into the wild. There's even gold in them thar hills if one knows where to pan!

chris. said...

hi Sue, Oh I have my own collection of buttons, in a huge box and are always adding to it, hopefully if I get any grand kids they might love to play with them, but not liking my chances:-) Love love love your thimbles. Stay warm like toebee and Oscar. Chris xoxo