Monday, 25 June 2018

What made me happy this week - 25/52

It has been one of those weeks with so many happy moments for me. But the highlights have been catching up with people. I have been out for lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

Yeah there is nothing quite like sitting down to lunch in a cafe with your girls.  Friday was me and the Webber Woman as we had a bit of a SuesDay.

Saturday I met these two, my cousins Jan and Annette.  We had lunch at the Cafe at the Hamilton Gardens.  After our catch up Jan had to bail on us so Annette and I took a wander around the magnificent gardens as the day was glorious. 

Today I met up with this bunch of lovelies and we had lunch then we went to see the stage show Sister Act that was on in our Cities Theatre.  OMG it was fantastic.

But earlier in the week this lovely young man was back in the country for a week, so I went and caught up with him at his grandparents home. He is a good mate of my eldest son and his family call me his other mum.  So awesome to see him after five years!!  And he is still the same.

So I have been feeling pretty good.  There is nothing quite like a good old catch up with people that make you happy!!


 A bit blurry but you have to sing it to the tune of 
'these are a few of my favourite things'.


Nancy J said...

Fav things, love it. Hamilton Gardens a beautiful place no matter what the season.and catching up, that is such fun.

chris. said...

Looks like you had fun with all your catching ups:-)

Kiwionholidays said...

Good on you with all the catchups.. always nice to have happy times on cooler days makes the winter whiz by lol

having said that,, going to HG area and having a lovely garden yourselves,, there's always a HAPPY SNAP to be had, all year round yeah?

Lovely to meet up with the "other son from another Mum" as well

awesome that you share the pics with us
Much appreciated !!

Julie said...

Wonderful to catch up with all your faves Sue.

Poppy Q said...

It is great having a catch up with good friends and family. Sounds like a perfect week.

Mim said...

It looks like a week full of love and fun. Here's to many more!

sallyhicks said...

Such a cheerful blog Sue. Leaves me with a smile on my face 😊.
You do look like your cousin. Have a great week.

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