Monday, 23 July 2018

Week 29/52 - Keeping busy all week!!!

It would appear everything is making me happy at the moment so thoughts of just a few photos have gone out the window folks.  Once more I am a DAY LATE.

This is a real post!!!

At the beginning of last week, lets call it Monday as it was, en route to catch up with Sue W for a spot of lunch out @ Whatawhata Village Cafe, I took a slight detour.  With an old ice cream container filled with my girls Chook Chow I went to the Taitua Arboretum to check in on the BIRDS.  They were well happy with my gesture of food, some even ate from my hand.

Lunch with Bint was lovely and the Cafe is pretty much the half way mark between our homes, so perfect!

On my way home I followed a Rainbow,
or was it following me?

A quick trip to the gardening part of Bunnings saw me fill my little boot with some much needed potted colour.  My Garden Bed was looking dull so now it is full of Spring Bulbs and Winter colour, that just needs to get growing. Nature has been watering it regularly for me!!

Toebee supervised from the top of the garden ladder.  Bit like Bay Watch without the Red Speedo!! His opinion on such gardening decisions is vital.

Very naughty I know but I took this photo on my way to work the other morning, it was a good old Waikato Foggy Day.  School holiday time so no traffic on the roads, blissful easy driving!!

Don't save things for good,
wear that necklace, eat of those lovely plates!
If you have it,
wear it, use it!!
ENJOY now.

Finally on Friday Sue W and I decided we needed A SuesDay, even tho those bloody School Holidays were on.  We had some real shopping to do before we scanned a few of our favourite Charity Shops.  I couldn't resist the 1970 McCalls book, I was a only 8 back then. Plenty of Crocheted clothes and colourful decorating ideas.
My Frida-esc head gear actually came from a cheapo shop, but the book, Spode plates and embroidered cloth came from the Charity shops.  They have been well picked over and slightly full of CHILDREN!!  This week will be better, school is back in session, life gets back to normal.

A few weeks back I found 3 balls of this wool in the Orphan Aid Charity Shop so I made me a scarf. I call it a Snood, but Sue W says it is an Infinity Scarf.  I really enjoyed knitting so with Spotlight not far from my home off I went for more Yarn.

Scarf number 2 got whipped up over the weekend and I got all excited and started making Pom Poms.
Number 3 got fringed and number 4 is the current work in progress.    I got obsessed with making them, but 4 is the final one in my series. A bit like dying clothes, I end up finding more things to add to the colour!!

Last night was cool,
I know this because the extra toed cat
decided to SNUGGLE up with me.

My parting advice:


Kiwionholidays said...

Fab to see you back on here Sue such a variety of pics .. Well done you!! and so neat the Suesday took place again .

Love all your scarves and snoods,,, You wear them well !!!.

Great reminiscing ,,,and all the best this week retro shopping

same here lil ones back in school (and the big ones at high school) so its RETRO TIME again here.. Yay..

take care all of you there...


chris. said...

cool pics Sue, I think you need more suesdays, love your scarfs, oh I remember those Waikato foggy days, stay warm and well. Chris xoxoxo

Polyester Princess said...

It certainly can't be a bad thing if everything is making you happy! My absolute favourite must be the one of Toebee supervising from the top of the ladder. Isn't he just brilliant? Love the necklace! xxx

Leeanne said...

Great photo's my friend! My pick and fav is the sweet embroidered doliey. Happy week to ya!

Julie said...

Gorgeous Sue ... love your scarves. Yes we have had the fog here too. Your post reminds me of the verse "don't save anything for a special occasion - being alive is a special occasion". I tell myself this when I use my good china, silver ware & fancy lace cloths for everyday use ... & the cats sit on the good cloths!!! Well, Lady Muck Pippi does.

Beth Waltz said...

Yay! You know how much I enjoy your visiting the fine fowl at Taitua! What a grand assortment of roosters there were to greet you (and eat from your hand!)!

When I was a kid our school bus stopped at a family's homestead, and while their kids scrambled aboard, we all craned our necks to see who was new in their poultry pen. They'd take any donations -- guinea fowl, Toulouse geese, Peking ducks, chooks of all breeds-- and some (the black Minorcas) could even fly!