Monday, 2 July 2018

What made me happy this week - 26/52

After another busy week we have finally hit the half way point in this year.  So on Saturday as we had a beautiful sunny day TOF and I went to the Hamilton Gardens.

This is Turtle Lake and part of the walk around it is a board walk above the water. How beautiful are the reflections.  The white building on the left is a cafe, our destination.

I asked "are you smiling"
to which he replied
"of course".
We all know that means in on the inside!!

What a glorious Winter Day!!

But with Winter comes those dreaded BUGS!!  So I have welcomed July under a duvet for the last two days with Flu.  Fingers crossed it is gone by tomorrow as I have an incredibly busy week at work.


chris. said...

That's the one thing I don't remember about the old home town, Hamilton gardens, for the life of me I don't remember ever going there, maybe I need to ask one of my brothers Hmmm, so thanks for taking me along with you and TOF, looks like a neat place, hope you feel better soon, send some warm hugs and chicken soup to you. Chris xoxo

Polyester Princess said...

That photo of Turtle Lake is just gorgeous. Nothing can beat the light you get on a sunny Winter's day. Hope you feel better soon, though! xxx

Nancy J said...

Lovely gardens, I think Hugh's uncle was working there way back when the rose bushes were planted. Sunshiney days, few of those down here, another 3C this morning, but looks fine out there in the dark so far. Get well, after all TOF is still recovering, or so he might say. He is so like Hugh, who rarely smiles for the camera!!

sallyhicks said...

Lovely photos and so calm. You will have to teach Tof how to smile by looking in the mirror. Tell,him he looks like Grumpy cat.
Poor Sue do you not get flu injections? They really work. Xxx 🤒

Kiwionholidays said...

Lovely post and nice pics as usual ...You sure Put Hamilton on the map. All the times we have been there and never been to the gardens or lots of the place s you show us on here.

Have to put them on the "Must do" list for holidays in a few months time.

Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow and stay safe and warm you 2...

Fiona said...

Got bugs here too...the bastard keep biting me! Turtle lake is extremely picturesque...TOF's photo made me laugh! X

Beth Waltz said...

Hmmm. Methinks there is a twitch at the corner of his lips. Bless the man, he's looking well!

You've put Hamilton Gardens on my bucket list, Sue. Odd to think that such a faraway place holds corners that are now familiar to me: there's the boardwalk, and the xxxx Garden, and here's...

Blast the bugs, however. Time to curl up with the critters and get well in time for your work week. Try real sage tea!