Monday, 5 November 2018

Week 44/52- She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten!

So where did I trail my glitter over the last week? 
You know it is multi coloured
and very bright aye?

At the beginning of the week Hamilton had a mini twister, and believe it or not TOF got this photo.  We will teach him zoom on his phone next week! Baby steps with technology folks. Hope this isn't the new norm round here.

Seedless grapes are my new favourite fruit, who knew they were this good.  Thanks America, not sure we grow seedless ones here, but I am now keen to give it a nudge if it is possible. Feel guilty about buying something from overseas when I should buy local/seasonal.

Yes the op shops got visited and I found a few goodies to take home.  The basket will be great for taking baking to work or just here at home.  Russian dolls for our Xmas Tree, but NOT UNTIL DECEMBER!!!  The best table cloth put NZ as the best and biggest, most amazing place in the world.  Two small Masks to go on the Wall of you know what.

Now best buy of the week has to be my old gates.  These will go in my garden as walls/climber frames not gates.  I love re purposing things.

I found this trike at our Dump shop, and promptly bought it home, added a basket, planted and parked it up.

I was on a roll with baskets so added and planted a mini Fuchsia to my old bike.

Yeah I said I was on a roll,
my old trike got an additional basket too.

Actually I have been planting a lot of things lately but all is currently surrounded by protective netting to stop those girls of mine ruining helping in the weeding.

Thanks for the eggs but KEEP OFF the garden.  I should clip their feathers but I just cannot bring myself to do that, so netting it is.

So much is flowering at the moment it is hard to pick a favourite so I will admit to loving it all.  

All the fragrant flowers take some beating.

I love having a vase of them on my bedside table,
with the most divine smell 
wafting past my nose as I snore as I sleep.

Sue W came and got me on Saturday to go to a plant sale down at the Hamilton Gardens.  We were early so we went for a mini wander to kill some time.  We went to the Kitchen garden, the stuff of dreams, reminds me of my Grandparents vegetable garden when I was a kid. Huge!!!

Some of the Scarecrows were in place for the competition the following day, we again were too early for that!!!  I slotted in quite well I thought!!!

Back through the Tropical Garden to see if the Plant Sale was finally ready for us two.

And they were!!  Scabiosa, Mini Geranium, Love in the Mist and a few others found there way back to mine.

Because we all know I am lacking in plants in the Garden!!!

Kitten watch took place on Sunday, OMG so GORGEOUS!!!  Jaks girlfriend and I took the drive to visit the fur babies. Temptation, that is what kittens are.

But I have the dogs!

And Mr Big! 
And lets not forget Toebee the most Tobilicious cat of them all.
Apparently I have enough pets.

Call it Wisdom or a Funny:

Spotted on the wall in one of my local
Op Shops!



Poppy Q said...

Good photo TOF - we like it without a zoom as it adds perspective.

Sounds like you had a good week at the op shops. I dropped off two big bags worth at my local last week. I'm in clean out mode and try not to buy stuff, but I enjoy seeing your purchases.

Julie and Poppy Q

Bibi Maizoon said...

What a great idea to use those old gates as trelisses- super sturdy too!
Those are Thompson seedless grapes from my native California- delicious aren't they?
Oh I love sweet peas! I'm going to try to grow some here in Nepal!

Polyester Princess said...

Love the old bikes with the planted up baskets! Oh, and I agree you are very convincing as a scarecrow ;-) That kitchen garden looks absolutely delightful. xxx

Kiwionholidays said...

Fab pics as usual You make even a wee flower look awesome with your photography Sue,,, Well done you.. catch up soon

Trying to get out of travel mode and back in to routine!!!lol

Nancy J said...

Your op shop finds are a heap better than mine,maybe I need to come North. Love your flowers, where we are , temporary home for now, there are some new ones blooming, and old friends showing their colours.

Beth Waltz said...

I'd definitely award you first place in the scarecrow competition! What an interesting assortment of figures!

Goody said...

Those Thompson grapes are delicious frozen too.