Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Week 43/52 - State Highway 23 will take you to the sea!

Another week has passed by in a flash.
The older I get the faster those week go by,
I'm not sure that is exactly fare!

In that week that was gone in a flash I found myself once more over those hills and on the coast.  The weather was grim, all grey and storm like, but I love it like that.  The sky was for ever changing and I needed that positive fresh unpolluted sea air in my lungs!

I had lunch this time high above the main beach, just look at that view!

There was time for a look in my favourite shops and have a wee spend.  Zinnias was my first port of call.

Then off to Monster and Tony Sly!!

Back home I rescued a baby from
a wild cat 

But I could not save this baby mouse
that I found on the kitchen floor the following morning!

TOF and I went to visit Max, we took the back roads where the traffic is MANIC!!

You are always met at the gate with a SMILE and a WAGGING tail.

I of course had my Kitten FIX again!!

I love the view from the front door,
nothing like a paddock full of farm animals.

The Waikato countryside is

I keep picking this off the side of the road
whenever I go country.

I did the rounds of my local op shops and found a book by Aunty Acid.  This was the page it fell open at which made me buy it!!




Beth Waltz said...

Me, too, Sue. The farmers are harvesting soybeans and corn, thus driving the mice from the fields to the houses -- and into the open maws of overfed house cats. My felines wouldn't know how to eat a mouse if it came with a butcher's chart and cookbook attached. I watch where I walk in the morning. Nothing like crunching a mouse corpse under a barefoot!

The white stuff is as gorgeous as florist's "baby breath" is supposed to be! Has it any scent? Will it dry like hydrangeas?

Polyester Princess said...

Oh, poor baby mouse! But well done on saving the baby bird. I once saved a bird from Phoebe, or rather, she put it down in front of me, but it was still alive and flew off. Love those frothy flowers you're picking from the roadside. I'm not sure what it's called but it's everywhere here in Spring and I love it too. Those seascapes under the grey skies are quite dramatic! xxx

Julie said...

Lovely photos Sue. Love your new christmas dec's . We went to Raglan last week & I bought something from Zinnia too! Those kittens ... Oh MY! How gorgeous.

Julie said...

P. S Forgot to say ... I think that white flower is wild yarrow.

Chris H said...

I've been checking blogs today... and I only ever got some old blog post coming up!!! For some reason I wasn't getting the newest ones... derrrr. Will try and sort it out so I know when you have posted a new one now. We must get together again soon babe!

Bibi Maizoon said...

A grey & stormy day by the ocean is my fave too!
Critters are coming out everywhere with the rice harvest here- our kitties aren't allowed outdoors anymore so no corpses strewn about our entryways.
What fabulous finds- love that silvery star & heart from Zinnia's!

Goody said...

I don't miss the mice that came with country living!
You find the coolest stuff when you're out and about.

Melanie said...

Your post is a welcome balm for my soul, Sue. Big big contented sigh. Beautiful critters, vistas that never end, wonderful style, and big dollops of humour. Thank you!!