Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So much done in so little time ( and it is Tuesday)

Just seen how my blog has me a day behind when I post, so today is really TUESDAY!!!  Still have my trainer wheels on at the moment so keep that in mind when checking me out.

Well I went to work at 8:50am did what was there to be done, tidied my desk, stared out my window at the beautiful weather, had morning tea with the lads, and left at 10:15am.  Really don't think I could legally call that Work!!  Anyway as I always say, some hours are better than none and lucky for TOF, I am cheap to run and maintain!!!

So a quick trip round the corner from my place of part part time employment is a Habitat store, and sorry Sue W, I just went with my car that drove itself into their carpark.  Todays scores are:
2 dark rust coloured Indian bedspreads $5 each, batik and bamboo fan 50c, 3 sets of bamboo bag handles 50c per set, set of 3 Russian Doll tins $2.

Flowers are from the Salvo yesterday.  One can never have too many flowers when one may not have quite finished pimping ones ride!!!

Forget to share that my gorgeous friend Louise, or Lou-lou-belle to me and her TOF were down on friday.  She has bees, so gave us a big pot of Honey and a bag of carrots.  Sent her home with eggs from my girls, garlic and shallots from my TOFS vege garden.  The sacred vege garden that I AM NOT ALLOWED to touch.  But I have sneakily got some things growing on the edge in what I call the nursery.  The Honey is divine, I had it on my sunflower and barley Vogels toast this morning.  Sue W suggested slicing the carrots and freezing them so that is what I shall be doing this arvo.

Toodles for now and remember its TUESDAY!!!
PS: just worked how to change things so it really is Tuesday!!


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

I can't believe you went with out me! **SOB** lmao! Good finds luv!

Unknown said...

Ooh those goodies look like fun - especially the fan! Sarah xxx

PS I'll pay you fifty bazillion dollars to remove the Word Verification from comments - I promise you won't get spam!

Helga said...

The tins!The fan!The bamboo handles!O!Great scoring!!Poor Sue W,how cruel!She's make you pay for that,I suspect!!!
I dreamt about you two all bloody night,something to do with trying to tweet with my phone that doesn't tweet...craziness!
yay,you sorted changing your time zone!
I'm still gobsmacked about those goodies......gonna post about it later..........XXX
O,and a gal can never have too many faux flowers!