Monday, 23 January 2012

Tea for Two

Today was one of those gorgeous sunny days with a crisp breeze.  Perfect for tea in the garden.  So being that it was a Suesday we decided to put the newly pimped garden swing to the ultimate test.  Grabbed my little wrought iron table, flung a crocheted cloth on it, got my flash cups and saucers (scored of trade me for $6 a set including plates) and set up out side.  I don't have a tea pot so settled for my rather lovely green enamel coffee pot, and Hydrangeas from my garden for decoration.
shall I pour??

bottoms up darling!!!

how lovely!!!


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

I didn't want to leave today, it was deliciously lovely just swinging! (Not the kind of swinging where car keys are put in a bowl on the table!)

Lea White said...

It looks like a lovely afternoon.

Unknown said...

How delightfully civilised! Sarah xxx

PS I hope you don't mind the suggestion but it would be awfully fabulous if you removed the Word Verification from comments - I promise you won't get any spam, it'll speed up the process for we commenters and I will love you long time!

Helga said...

Wacko!!! I'd so love to join you there,only I like my tea laced with booze!
yeah,Sarah's right,and don't allow nay anonymous comments,and Bob's your Uncle!