Saturday, 4 February 2012

Talk about early....

Yesterday I found and read this article in my local morning paper, the Waikato Times.  Decided that I would go check it out, discovered to my delight that it was happening around the corner from me.  So I got up really early (6am)this morning with TOF who was heading out on a fishing trip (mmmmm fresh fish for dinner),  had my breakfast, got sorted and headed out.  I was pretty much beside myself when I was the only car outside the house where this fabulous sale was going to be taking place.  I waited for a while then decided maybe I should check the article again. I was only one week early!!!!


Feeling like a complete tit I went home because I didn't feel I could sit in my car for a whole week. without the police coming and arresting me for loitering!!  Anyway dragged out the paper again and found the garage sale page.  Highlighted what was close to home and set off on my next mission.

The first one I went to I got a black petticoat skirt with a tulle hem on it for $2, not my size at all one of those kid sizes like a "10", but I am capable of adding in and making it fit.  Want one to go under a dress for my nieces wedding.  That was why I was going to the Operatic garage sale because I thought they possibly would have a crinoline petticoat skirt, hey but there is always next weekend!!  Next one I scored some wicked blue flowers for $1 and a Bromide for $5.

The other two garage sales I went to were just full of over priced crap.  My theory when having a garage sale is, "do I want to sell this stuff or do I want to put it all back in my house.?"  So bargin prices is what I do and I always clear out and make lots of lovely mulah!!. If something is worth good bucks then list it on Trade Me.

One garage sale had people milling around in the driveway more than half an hour before opening.  And I love how people park, well as Sue W says, abandon their cars, and they run!!!

But on another note me and the Webber (Sue) had a window of opportunity yesterday afternoon so we grabbed it by the balls and went with it!!!  She had found another Op shop that had opened recently, like before Xmas, and it took us that long to discover it??  Anyway it is for the SPCA and the prices were down right reasonable and the stuff was good.  We intend to sign up as helpers??!!  I went a little bit silly and got, shoes for me $4, T-shirt for my oldest son $3, Bali chess board case $3, china jug $3, chicken message board $2, beaded bag $3, turquoise earrings $5, and I think that was it.  Sue W got 3 gorgeous necklaces but hopefully she will share that on her blog.

On thursday I went to Red cross, Salvo  and Hospice in central city to check out what was on offer.  Not alot actually and some of those places are getting a tad on the greedy, considering it is all donated to them.  But I did find the following stuff all only $3 per piece.  Tea parties with the cafe feel to them here we come!!!

Last but by means not the least, I have a new sign for the kitchen.

Or should that be the front door!!!

Have a lovely long weekend to all of those in NZ!!


loulou said...

lol - you a week early in your car! still, we have turned up for dinner at friends a night early. i thought it was all a bit casual when we arrived. haven't lived that one down!

good thrifty scores. like the kitchen sign very much!

have a good weekend xxx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Bromide? Aren't they called bromliades! lmao! Bromides what they put in soldiers tea to stop 'em getting a stiffy! lmao! Hey I can come with ya next Saturday!! Whilst the cats away! :D