Saturday, 10 March 2012

Why I love Hamilton - The Tron....

I have lived in this city I call home my entire life so nearly 50 years, and don't see me ever leaving.  Not saying that I won't but I actually love my city. It's a good size city, some days you see absolutely no one that you know, and other days you keep bumping into people you haven't seen for a while.  Not too big and not too small, just right in my mind!! So today when I left work I thought, I could do some housework, nah!!!  Far to nice a day to be doing mind numbing unrewarding jobs like clean the house!!  SO I grabbed my camera and went for a ticky tour round the Tron  to capture some of the reasons that I love this place.

I love that this very old cemetery is smack bang in the middle of my city.  I drive past this every week at least a couple of times so today I stopped and went in for a wander.

Our Rugby Stadium is right next door to the cemetery.  I wonder how many here like the rugby??  This dates back into the mid to late 1800s which ain't old in the world but here in the Tron it is.  Considering that our country is only a baby compared with our mother land - England.  I love the trees and the wild flowers that have taken over graves, it really was a peaceful place full of local history and I am so glad I finally stopped.

I love this fountain.  I can remember running through this with some mates when we were teenagers and thinking we were such rebels.  I see people under them all the time now in summer.  We used to be called Fountain City as we had loads of fountains, but some have now gone.

 I love that even our cricket ground Seddon Park is in the middle of town.  Both this and Waikato Stadium our rugby ground are a short walk from the city centre.  

They are set in park like settings and I love that.  Loads of big old trees and lots of grass.

And in between both of these is our Founders Theatre which has the NZ symphony Orchestra doing a gig there soon as is the NZ Ballet.  I can remember going to see local and overseas bands there when I was younger.  

 We have a lake smack bang in the middle of the city.  Lake Rotoroa, home to zillions of ducks and other birds.  The local yacht club has been going for ever and it is well used.  When the balloon festival comes next month this is where they do a mass take off, well not on the lake but next to it.  I love our Lake!!

And I love this house, always have, it is at the top of this insanely steep road where I took the photo of the lake.  What a view!!  What a price tag!

Across the lake is a cafe called the Veranda and it's a great  place to have lunch at.  Best views of the lake and has a huge playground for the little folk.

Some people, well lots actually walk around the lake.  Me I quite like to drive.  Sue W thinks we should walk round it but I tell her I am keen to walk half way!!??  There is a cool board walk between the Yacht Club and the Veranda, it is a fun place to walk along and have a peek into the wealthy ones that live lake side's back yards!!

From the Lake I headed into to town  I wanted to check  out the Rif Raf sculpture.  Hamilton is where Richard O'Brien lives now and he has a show on at the Founders.  Who hasn't seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

 I love that there is a gap in the main street and it has this covered walkway that leads to terraced cobble work of stairs and ramps with pockets for sitting in that takes you to the banks of the mighty Waikato River.  There is numerous stairs that weave their way down to pathways that lead you to the river.  But I got side tracked.

Our main street of our CBD backs onto the river.

Yep I met some interesting new people enjoying the sun and a few quite drinks that wanted me to take their photo.  Then this gorgeous chap felt we needed to be in a photo together.

He didn't half smell of booze I tell you, but he was a laugh!!! 


I love St Peters Cathedral which sits elegantly on top of a wee hill with the Court house behind it. I think I should take a peek inside, I haven't done that for years.

I love that the home to Waikato Beer sits up above the river.  Not a fan of the beer myself but it is iconic to our City.

We have six bridges that cross our Waikato River.  This one is on the end of Parana Park a big beautiful river side park full of gorgeous old trees and War Memorial stuff.

I love this Park!!

I love that these faces are painted on the pathway leading down into the park rather than some dipshit tagging a park bench or a tree!!

My next port of call was Hamilton Gardens, they too back onto our Waikato River.  I am considering becoming a "friend of the Gardens" where you get to do helpful things in this fabulous place.  I mean I am nearly of that age where one does consider signing oneself up for such fabulous things in ones City.

 The Piaster ? not sure if I have spelt that one correct.  I have a photo of my boys getting drenched as they flapped their tiny hands in the big bowl of water when they were toddlers.

During the February festival these gardens are a buzz with activity.  Theatre, bands, soloists, crafts, all sorts.

This is the Indian Char Bagh Garden.

The very beautiful Italian Renaissance Garden.  A wedding was about to take place in this when I was there.

Chinese Scholars Garden.

There are loads more but there was just so many people out enjoying them today so I didn't go to them all.  Hey but I live here so I  can go back whenever I want to.  I love these Gardens and why wouldn't I??   Met 3 hard case elderly Irish people at the gardens today.  Not one of them smelled of booze!!!  I love their accent.  With TOF being Irish I have got very accustomed to the Irish accent as his folks had very strong ones.  TOF came to NZ when he was 4 so he speaks fluent Kiwi!!

 This is Fairfield Bridge and the closest one to where I Live.  It is the fifth bridge if heading north and the second if heading south!!

I love the big arches.

There are walkways along the entire length of the Waikato River in town so you can wander along crossing over on any of the bridges.  People jog, walk or ride their bikes along this daily.  There are great paths, loads of stairs and fantastic views.  Most of the houses that back onto the river are pretty flash and having a gander into their gardens is great.  Usually landscaped within an inch of their perfectly manicured lawns.  Nothing like my home!!

So I love the Tron and totally enjoyed taking a wander about in the sun with my camera.  Hope you enjoyed the wee tour with me and are tempted to come check this beautiful place out sometime.  When I got home the dogs were both waggin' their tails and barking with joy that I had returned and as for Tex..................

...well he just looked up to me with a look that said "and where the fark have you been all afternoon"??


Vix said...

Sue, I'm blown away. Hamilton looks absolutely spectacular, so green and lush and look at the colour of the sky.
Those Italian & Indian gardens are so authentic looking, the fountains are wonderful, the house is gorgeous and so is your wildlife. I want to visit.
Two things that never change the world over, the local pissheads and a disdainful cat to welcome you home. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

So when are ya coming Vix?? :D It gets a lot of stick does Hamilton, but it's central to everything, isn't full of Dorklanders and doesn't shake at all!! :D