Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tripod and self timer ..... this is a corner of my garden, and with the help of the two things mentioned in my title look what happened!!! magic I tell you, there I am!!!

The bright garden art comes from a dear friend of mine who is a potter and she sends me home with her rejects whenever I visit and take photos for her.  So basically I am standing in the "Rejects Garden".  I haven't ever felt like a reject although I guess I have been rejected in my time, like I care!!

Thought I may as well sit back and enjoy the Reject corner when Sheba who never ever rejects anyone turned up and tried to become a lap dog.  Trust me with my legs up like that, there ain't no lap!!

Now this is a lap dog, legs up or down, Oscar fits!!   He is my shadow, where ever I am he is there, and I love him to bits.  Now that my boys are past being constantly cuddled and smooched, Oscar is now the substitute.  How I used to scoff at people that got old and got small dogs.  OMG I am one of them now!!!  I promise not to wear beige!!

Ok so I guess by now you can see I have got into full swing of using the tripod and the self timer.  On a roll now, so used to being behind the lens I figured I would treat you all to me in front and it won't happen often.  My mirror tells me I am much smaller and my camera is telling me lies!!!

You should always take time to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own back yard.

And this is the back of my home from the back yard.  Nothing flash just your bog standard brick and tile, but its ours.  It's been a great place to raise our boys and have all their mates around to party in the back yard.  And it has a good size section that backs onto a school and we have one elderly neighbor.  I will only leave here for a spot in the country or a beach.

The truth is that today I am Nigel No Friends!!!  Sad but true.  And I am CARLESS!!  That is without a car not careless.  TOF has taken my car to go fishing, Jak has the other car at school.  So Jordan ( one of Max's flatemates) dropped me at work this morning and Michael (Sue Ws son and Maxs other flatmate) picked me up and bought me home.  So I am faffing about on my tod so to speak cos even Sue W is busy at her CRAFT.  But actually I don't mind being home alone and carless, I can just chill out.  I could CLEAN the inside of my house but that would be just silly and the thought of it makes me feel head achy!!  Lucky I have my furry friends and lots of frivolous things to entertain me until TOF gets home, like a tripod and self timer.  (Minds out of the gutter please!!)

Being the incredibly lazy bint that I am today I may well just stay in my nice chair in the lounge with Tex on my lap and watch the Travel Chanel on Sky!!  But whatever I do eventually get up to won't take much effort.

I love working part time!!!

♥ Hope you are all enjoying your day where ever you are and what ever you are doing ♥


Vix said...

Your garden is an inspiration! I love the wall art and the floral bower over the hanging seat. Want to come and help me with mine? x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great post luv! Oh we so need to have fun with that self timer! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your garden and I love your dogs.