Monday, 7 May 2012

Full moon......

...I saw you standing alone.......

Well actually the moon was just hanging about as she does most nights but she was so big and bright last night due to some phenomenon of some sort that I grab my camera and zoomed in on her!!!  Of course the moon is a she!!  Everything in the world that is gorgeous and fascinating is female.

The thing I love about the moon is that  where ever you all are in the world, we can all see the moon.  So we have something to share.

Another phenomenon is happening in the middle of this week.  I am finally having another BIG NUMBER birthday.  Woo Hoo!!!!!  Everyone keeps asking "what are you going to do".  I suspect I will get out of bed in my usual fashion and just carry on the day as per!!  Well I shall probably do lunch with Sue W (much more fun than relatives) and TOF and my boys are taking me out for dinner that night.  I have already found the mobility scooter that I want, it has ape hangers, comfy seat like a chair, and a box for your goodies on the back.  I told Sue W that we could attach a side car to it so we can still go op shopping together.

I already have a gift awaiting the BIG day from a very special old friend of mine that was down from Auckland on the weekend.  I am being so good and waiting til the real day to open it.  Such suspense!!

I have never had a problem with getting older, I just don't want to grow up and wear beige and powder blue, and sensible shoes!!

♥ Catch you all through the week ♥


Helga! said...

"I saw you standing alone...OOOO OOOO OOOO....." Love that song;Kim Wilde did a funked up version,I the late 80's...or am I confused?!Hmm.
Anyway,that moon was indeed a corker!I love how we're all looking at her,and she is indeed a SHE!
Beige and powder blue could be spectacular,doll,done with the right sense of humour!!! But sensible shoes?!NEVER!!!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

2 more sleeps!! The truck with the jars of anti wrinkle cream, pile cream and Tena Ladies should be at your first thing on Wednesday! Just in case, ya never know!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh happy birthday wekk, Sue! Hope you have a fab week - and NEVER GET SENSIBLE!!!

Sarah xxx

PS Would be fab if you included your email address on your profile so when your comments come to my inbox I can reply (as I have wanted to a couple of times) - otherwise the only way I can contact you is here in your comments... and what if I want to tell you that you have a booger? Or a bit of loo paper hanging off your shoes???? - And the same goes for Sue W - wrangle her into shape will you?

Vix said...

That moon was indeed fabulous and I love how we all get to see her despite living the other side of the world.
A big birthday? How exciting! I'm not into doing anything momentous either, far better to do the stuff you love (minus the sensible shoes and the pastel colours, obviously) xxxx