Friday, 6 April 2012

Pimping at Easter???

Well yes I have actually!!!   I got a plain grey cardy the other day for $5 and today I decided to pimp it out.

This turned into..............


I used some of the beaded thingies I got a couple of weeks ago and hand stitched them on to the dull old grey cardy. Now it is ready to be outed!!

Today was one of those glorious sunny days with a nice breeze, the sort of day I foolishly expected over summer!!  I quite liked the fact that everything was closed today so spent the day pottering about at home.  But me and TOF went out to get these wicked planter boxes complete with dirt and weeds that I won on trade me.  Both for $60, so I have an instant new garden bed.  TOF gets one side and I get the other.

My side faces into the patio area and I have already weeded my side.  I have sweet pea seeds that will go in this.  TOF has yet to tend to his side but thinking the strawberries may end up there.

Pretty good buying for $60 because the wood alone would cost that, and I quite like the instant-ness of it all. As luck would have it, its painted the same colour as our fence.  So it will look like it has been here for ages.

The people we got it off said they would deliver it as they had it on their trailer so the dude even help put it in place.  I must admit, I have met some pretty cool people through doing trades on trade me. 

Now for the Easter bit.  We aren't religious at all round here, I myself believe in some rather unconventional things.  But I feel each to their own when it comes to belief.  So Easter is really about CHOCOLATE and holiday time for us.  The other night when TOF and I were at the Supermarket, which I fondly refer to as Date Night, he got the lads their Easter Eggs.  He will want to do the whole chocolate thing forever for them as TOF is a dedicated chocoholic!! (and I am sure he is convinced the lads are still little boys).

I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend where ever you are and doing what ever it is that tickles your fancy.  With a bit of luck the good weather will continue.

♥  Toodles  ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Whooa! That cardi looks great! Well done! Love the planter! We bought our wounded soldier an Easter Egg today! Joe actually said 'This should be the last year cos he's 20 soon ya know!' I said! Wot! Yer never too old for Easter eggs! Are ya? :D

Helga! said...

O,YOWZA,pimped to within an inch of its life!!! Talk about injecting new life!I love it!Those beaded thingys are fab,can't wait to find the right thing to pimp up with the ones you sent me!!
Nice job on the planter!
The only choccie we've had a was a block of cilli and lime was ok.Nice and spicey,but the faux lime flavour didn't quite do it for me.I really wanted to like it,as it's NZ made...o well.........