Monday, 18 June 2012

A Plug For My Monday Job

I don't think of my Monday job as a job really.  More like being a kid in a toy shop!!  I am surrounded with amazing things and the people that come into the shop are a bloody good bunch as well.  I thought today would be quiet as due to the weather being totally miserable, BUT NO!!!  Really good day and loads of fun. 

From a rather comfortable chair behind the counter this is part of my view of the inside of the shop.

If you have never been to Remains To Be Scene in Hamilton, then you jolly well aught to!!!

The shop is full of everything your heart desires if you love vintage, retro, or something that will remind you of going to grandmas, and especially if you don't want to wear what everybody is currently walking around town in.

The furniture and bits and bobs are fabulous also.

I actually love the changing rooms!!  You have to visit them to understand that one.

Nina the lovely lady that owns the shop made this amazball play area for kids, and it is used often.

All shops should have one of these, so nice for the big people to have a good old poke round the shop while the little people are happily in their little ultra cool space.

Even I would like to play in this space and would quite like one at home but in my garden!!

How fabulously cool would that be, actually a spa pool in one would be frigging great!!

Actually everything in this shop is great.

Do you like the big hand we use for displaying stuff on???

So come in on a monday and visit me next time you are in town!!!

Now I have two days off to do whatever takes my fancy until I go to my other job which is like a job.  I like the work but I'm not that interested in the office politics.  Why do a bunch of women have to be so bitchy behind each others backs.  It's not that I don't care I am just plainl not interested.  I will be doing a lot of reading in my lunch hours!!!  I live in a house full of blokes and spent the last 6-7 years working with only blokes so this is slightly foreign to me.  Silly me, I thought as women got older they gave that crap up!!

Anyway, YAY for Monday Jobs!!!


Vix said...

That shop looks incredible. I want that giant hand in my house, I could get all my bags on that!
Shame about the bitchy atmosphere. What is it about so many women together that makes so many of them vile? Yes, a gripping book and a packed lunch up the corner was my way of dealing with it, too! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I reckon women bitch cos they're not happy in their work! Nearly popped in yesterday as we were in town, but Joe was over shopping so we came straight home! :D

Misfits Vintage said...

That shop looks fabularsehole! I would definitely come visit you. More pics?

SOME women bitch - not all. And I just employ the smile and nod method of not getting involved.

Sarah xxx