Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Slim pickings on SuesDay

Yes today was SuesDay, but for the rest of you it was Wednesday!!  Me and Sue did a total of  10 op shops today and I came home with very little.  I did see alot of things that tempted me but some were a little pricey, so they are still in the shops for someone else to have.

I got this gorgeous Green boiled wool hat at Hospice for $4 which I ended up wearing as the wind was one of those nasty icey buggers today. 

The Anne Geddes book was from Habitat and I coughed up $7-50 for that, only because it is mint, signed by the author and, well, actually I just love it!!!  Best reason to buy something really.  The fabric is from Spotlight and they were having a sale and I got taken over by the fabulosity of fabric and went for a half meter of each of these.  Thinking along the lines of a seriously wicked apron, but I would quite like it to be worn as a over top sorta thing.  Have to see what I can come up with.

We went into this amazing gallery today.  We drive past it most SuesDays's but today we were walking so we headed in.  We go "oh look at that" to each other all round the place.  I am going to try to get TOF to come in with me, but that doesn't mean he will be as excited as me, but I did do the Bunnings tour so it works out even.  There was the most amazball sculptures, one in particular was of Calla Lilies made from copper and clay and seriously farkin great.  Only $1500!!!!   Might have to take my Potter mate Dawn in to inspect.  Speaking of Dawn, I was at her place playing in her Studio yesterday.  I was under glazing a sheep I had made which is going to be like a rainbow so I am calling it my Rainbow Sheep as in Rainbow Youth, so it is the wee gay one in the flock.  I also under glazed a dolly that will be called "Helga"  and when you see her it will all become obvious if you know the lovely Helga Von Trollope.  Photos will be blogged when I have finished these artistic delights off.   Such fun playing with clay!

Big thumbs up and thanks to Sue for another successful fun filled day of op shopping and laughing till I cry while driving.

Tomorrow I go to my real grown up job so you won't hear from me for a couple of days because it sucks the life out of me having to be so grown up and all.

So enjoy the rest of your week, and wrap up warm if you are experiencing the winter blast like me.

Take care and remember this:
Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened.

I saw that on a coaster the other day and like it so much I wrote it down so I could share it.  I am that type of person!!


Vix said...

I love that photo of you and Sue, you fabulous pair. Look at the pooch trying to get in on the action!
Great hat. Try not to work too hard! x

Misfits Vintage said...

You are THAT type of person! Love the pics of you two Sues together. Sarah xxx