Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friday, Funeral and the future

On Thursday I decided to resign from my Grown Up job as I realised I really wasn't grown up enough or maybe I was too grown up??  The nasty gossipy woman got the better of me and I thought it was best for me to go.  They think I just felt the job didn't suit but one of the Surgeons and owners of the business knows the truth.  As I said to him, it was my problem not theirs and they will probably find another person that will be happy to work with these women.  So I am foot loose and fancy free and quite frankly, I LIKE IT!!!!

I finished on the Thursday and this worked well for me as I had the funeral of a dear old friend to go to on the Friday.  My old mate Dot passed away at the ripe old age of 96.  She had finally needed to go into a care home two and a half years ago and from then the gradual decline began.  Dot was an old friend of my Grandparents, they all lived in the same neighbourhood for years.  Years back I ended up becoming Dot's cleaner and when I went back to work I did her cleaning on a sunday morning.  It was more like a fortnightly catch up with some housework thrown in.  Dot was a lovely woman who was so interesting and quite the hard case.  Her husband had dies 20 years ago and they no kids.  The reason she lived so long I think!!!!  So it was good to be able to go and pay my respects to this dear old friend.  There was only 20 of us there, but I guess at 96 most of your friends have already passed.  

With time on my hand, being free of work and all I took in a couple of Op shops after lunch.  The two embroidered cushion covers were $3 each, the magazine wrack was $7-50, the ivory carved necklaces were $3 each, and the pile of books, a series of 5 were $7-50 the lot.  They are for my friend Dawn as she loves Medieval period stuff.  Big fan of wizards and crusades!!  Hence her pottery being quite mystical and whimsey.

These are the necklaces closer up.  Quite intricately carved and thinking quite old.  I would hate to think the barbaric practise of killing animals for their tusks was still going on.

Last night TOF and I went out with friends for dinner.  Dianne was celebrating a 50+ birthday so it seemed only reasonable that we all went out for a bite to eat, catch up and watch the rugby on a big screen.  Our beloved Chiefs were robbed of a win by a somewhat dubious call from the ref, but hey that's how it goes.  We went to a pub called The Speights Alehouse and the meals were humongous!!  Real man sized fodder, luckily I ordered a light meal.

Last week I went to an indoor skate park to take photos of Jak doing his thing.  I was invited when he was the only one there, the uncool factor may have come into play here, so off I went.  I am now allowed to attend when his mates are there tearing the place up!!  The artwork on the walls (Graffiti) was awesome, so of course here is a sample.

got to love the colours.

this beats tagging hands down, taggers could learner from this.

So my Saturday came and went, as I seemed to be quite knackered and spent a big part of the day sleeping.  This happens from time to time, I think it is me just catching up on the sleep I don't always get.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you are all well and happy.



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

RIP Dot, you've always spoken of her with great fondness ♥
You went opping without me again! ;-D Don't worry we went to the dump Saturday morning and I went in the shop and found two beach chairs I've been looking for, $4 each! Result!

Vix said...

PIP Dorothy. What a lovely looking lady, her smile was beautiful.
Great op shop scores as usual and loving the graffiti art! x

Misfits Vintage said...

HIGH FIVE SISTER!!! Good for you for quitting that crappy job - life's too short for that bitchy nonsense.

RIP Dot - and good for you Sue for maintaining that relationship over the years - I'll bet Dot really valued your friendship.

And yay for good street art - I love it too!

Sarah xxx