Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Got pimped on SuesDay

Well pimped is a slight exaggeration, we got hair cuts!!  But before we left we thought "Photos", I set the self timer and I ran, and.... well yes, didn't quite set it long enough so you get me back on in full flight!!!

So after a few more minor mishaps in the art of self timing, finally we managed to get one of us together all dressed up ready to face some shops and my hairdresser.

I am saving the close ups for later on so you get the before and after effect.

Look even Oscar was wearing Red, talk about colour co-ordination!!!

We had 1/2 an hour to hit Habitat before we went to be beautified.  So we headed off round the corner to Habitat and basically slid into a car park, abandoned the car,  and dashed inside.  Oh and I dropped off a bag of magazines and things also.  Made Sue go through it before we went there so she scored some jewels.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Sue is just taking the piss out of Op shopping!!!


She is a bit of an old scrubber so was delighted to come across a cleaning ladies caddy and a mop!!


I was test driving one of the old lady shopping trollies but opted for the rather cool basket instead for $4!!

With 5 minutes to evacuate the building and get over the River via one of the bridges on offer, we headed off to Deb my hairdresser.  I was first to be pampered as I only needed to be trimmed and then it was our Sues turn.

That's the gorgeous Deb attacking, I mean pruning, no I mean styling our Sue into a visual symphony!!  Even Deb was colour co-ordinated with us!!  Pleased to report that Sue was so well behaved that she is allowed to go back for future haircuts.  Well done Sue!!  Back into my trusty Red wagon (good grief even my car is colour co-ordinated) and we were in desperate need of lunch, it was after all 2pm now.  It was sod Jenny Craig and hello Jenny-lunch-bar-lets-get-a-filled-roll.
Doesn't Sue look farking gorgeous!!!!  I think Deb did good!!

 After we had eaten our healthy filled rolls and gulped down a steaming hot cuppa we were good to go again.  We only went to  couple more Op Shops.  I got nothing at the Salvo but at the SPCA shop I got this Circle of Friends $5 and this very cool stretchy belt $2 that I will adapt because I seriously doubt it will go anywhere around me apart from a thigh.

Just as I was about to leave I discovered these two hand knitted doggy jerseys for Sheba.  We put her in the one on the left this afternoon and it looks hilarious, but good.  I will have to put a bit of elastic around the neck because it is a bit loose.

We mucked about in a retail shop for a bit and then decided another cuppa was in order and someone needed to use the lav AGAIN!!!!

I have to fess up to going to four Op shops this morning while Sue was at JC weighing in.  I had gone out to register the dogs, $64 fricken each, and had time to take in the  Frankton Op Shops.

This reversible bag I picked up for $4 and it is rather sweet.  All pink and white gingham on the reverse side.  I got a fake silver and paua silver fern brooch that also doubles as the lid to a wee container for $4 as well.  You might see it just above the bag if you look real careful like.

The skirt didn't photograph well, but trust me its quite cool, a real textured fabric with a double ruffle at the hem for $6.

I couldn't resist the bright little ethnic bag, Nepalese I think for only $2-99 and some wicked Balinese batik fabric for $2-99.

Then there was this awesome fur coat that had some cat fur on it and just needed to be de-fluffed.  It is mint and I paid $14-99 for that.  

I am gonna be so toasty warm in that bugger I tell you.

Another SuesDay bit the dust and again it was humor filled and I am sorry I cannot tell you what had me laughing while driving today apart from the fact that the conversation got quite X-rated!!!   My parting photo for you all is us hamming it up in the Mickey Mouse ears Sue bought today for our sons.
taking the Mickey!!!

 ♥ Good Night All ♥

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Vix said...

That first shot is distinctly like my virgin attempts at the self-timer on Tuesday! Love your new hair cuts, you both look ace. That fake fur was a right bargain, a girl can never have too many! x