Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SuesDay again!!

How fast do the weeks roll by?  Just seems like only yesterday it was SuesDay!!  Today was another fantastic day out with my wing-woman Sue who was on a roll in the shopping stakes today. She nearly filled up the entire back seat.  I only purchased a couple of things today, and I did try, and was tempted so many times.

I got this bright red Virtue dress which looks shit on a hanger but trust me its nice, has a fancy woven detail on the front.  Also grabbed this gorgeous aqua scarf with bobbles on and they look wicked together.

We did a total of 7 op shops on our SuesDay tour of duty today.  Lots of bits and bobs on offer but some of it is just too pricey for this non working bird.

Found all this lovely lace for 99cents, too good to pass.  Always good to have lace to frou frou up some sewing.  Speaking of sewing, now that I have ample time on my hands I think I need to get that sewing mojo into gear and attack the cupboard full of beautiful fabric.  No excuses now not to get into my room and play!!

I finally got a photo of  my granny mobility scooter today.  Complete with Ape hangers and chrome. Even has a case on the back for your shopping.  Think suitable clothing would be in leather with fringing!!!

I would have to put a basket on it somewhere so Oscar could go out with me tho'.

Guess who found a bunch of Leis and decided to treat me to an Island dance??  Due to being Rarotonga bound and very very excited it was a must!!

So next week I will be op shopping on my tod!!  No Sue for 10 days!!!  She will be missed :-(

This evening I could smell my Daphne bush from my deck, so I just had to go pick a bunch for inside.  I planted this bush when my dad died as he also loved the smell of Daphne.  It always reminds me of him so it is nice to have a bunch sitting on my dinning room table.

I love fragrant flowers.  I have daffodils popping up and have planted my sweet pea seeds. Also put in some of those wicked poppies, the opium sort.  I have been squirreling seeds and seedlings from friends and now planting them all.  Not so sure when to put my giant sun flowers seeds in the ground.

The dogs were having another one of their friendly wrestling matches late this afternoon.  Oscar nearly always ends up on the bottom.

Thursday tomorrow and NO WORK!!!!!  Crikey I could sleep in if I was a sleep in type of person.  I think I will just make it up as the day unfolds and do whatever takes my fancy!!  Hope the sun is out again, I do like winter when the sun comes out to play.

♥♥ Good night all ♥♥


dpksharma said...

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Vix said...

That red dress and scarf combo look fab together and get Sue being all tropical in her garlands, you can't take her anywhere!
Happy sewing! x

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Vix yoou CAN take me everywhere! Behaving is optional! :D lol! 10 whole days with no Suesday! Gulp! BUUUT there'll be sun, sea and sand and cocktails and Saturday market ...and..and... :D

Helga said...

Jaysus,I'm exhausted catching up on your doings!!!
I'm very bloody excited though,to congratulate you on being unemployed!!! Rock on!
Ack,I love daphne,and can't think why you can't buy daphne fragrant oil?!I must pester G to plant me a bush....oooer,that's heading to naughty land......
You tarts pimped up rather well,I must say,and I could just about puke over all the scores you've been getting!!! Makes me feel like opshopping.......only I have a serious pile of frocks all over my floor that I have no room to hang!!! ERK,might be time for a cull....but I can't bring myself to do it...o woe is ME!